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From the largest project to the smallest details, furnish gardens and recreational spaces with the assistance of suppliers and manufacturers who advertise on the WorldBuild365 platform. Choose your wholesale plant pot suppliers from the sellers represented on WorldBuild365. Compare a range of garden pot manufacturers & buy online today.

Discover a Garden Ornaments Manufacturer Online

  • Red Bridge
    Red Bridge

    metal construction made by Idea

  • Rou Compe Fiberglass Planters
    Rou Compe Fiberglass Planters
    Credo Lifestyle

    Design, round-shape fiberglass planters "Rou Compe". High-quality, durable & light. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

  • Geotextile Nanoizol 80 GEO
    Geotextile Nanoizol 80 GEO

    It is a non-woven material of endless fibers of polypropylene, providing high physical-mechanical properties (in particular isotropy) and resistance to various chemical compounds (alkalis, acids).

From the largest project to the smallest details, furnish gardens and recreational spaces with the assistance of suppliers and manufacturers who advertise on the WorldBuild365 platform.

Here it's possible to pay flower pot wholesale prices, connect with a leading garden ornaments manufacturer, or work with innovative companies capable of producing large scale projects to your exact specifications. Use the product directory to:

• Find wholesale plant pot suppliers

• Buy garden ornaments wholesale

• Purchase fountains, vases, sculptures, and much more

Large Scale Projects

Innovative garden design options from manufacturers - some of whom will work with you to fulfill complex client briefs...

Garden bridges - There are several different types and models of garden bridge available. A popular form is bolted metal construction. This can be reproduced, adapted, or used as a jump off point for your own design.

Illuminated paving stones - Manufactured to the size and style of your choice and containing LED lights, these units are noted for their long life, safely, and environmental friendliness. Use the stones to outline a path, provide under-lighting for plants, to illuminate stairs or steps, or for any other purpose your imagination suggests.

Stone, Concrete, and Composite Garden Ornaments

Beautify any garden using classic stone or modern composites. Get everything you need from the wholesale garden suppliers or garden pots manufacturers featured here on Worldbuild365...

Granite statues - Available in a range of standard sizes, or in some cases custom made according to your requirements. Many companies stocking this product will also be a flower pot manufacturer, and supplier of wholesale garden pots in materials such as granite or marble.

White marble statues - As with the granite option, white marble statues can be ordered from your chosen manufacturer's catalogue or custom made. Either way these are handmade, high quality products that will enhance any garden.

Stone urns and pots - In many sizes, a variety of shapes, and with something to suit both modern and traditional tastes.

Vases and pots of composite materials - Urns, pots, and even balusters or concrete fences made of a concrete resin which resembles stone in strength but costs a fraction of the price. Choose pieces which resemble stone in appearance, or select a plain finish which can be painted to match the garden color scheme

You may also be seeking stone pots, concrete garden planters, stone planters, granite flower pots, concrete flower containers, or outdoor vases.

Budget Friendly Garden Accessories

It's not necessary to have a big budget to produce a beautiful garden...

Plastic flower pots - This directory features plant pot wholesale suppliers who work with plastic, offering an inexpensive, cheerful way to introduce many pots into a garden. This wholesale flower pots option is generally available in white, green, pink, blue, or yellow.

Plastic pedal bins - Use these near seating areas in public or private gardens to encourage users to dispose of rubbish responsibly and not litter the garden. Available in white, brown, cream, or beige.

Just Add Water!

Most landscapers agree that no garden is complete without some display of running water...

Marble or granite fountains - Choose a classic design or a contemporary one. Specify a miniature water feature for a tiny courtyard or a full size fountain for a municipal park, hotel grounds, or another outdoor space.

Tuff fountains - Tuff is a volcanic porous limestone rock used by several fountain and plant pot manufacturers. This characteristically warm looking stone works well in any garden. Both classic and modern fountain styles are available in a range of sizes.