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Choosing the right paving materials is an important decision, to add color, texture, and pattern to outdoor space. The numerous types of premium paving slabs on this digital platform WorldBuild365 are of the highest quality & can be sold wholesale if so required by users

Paving Products from Experienced Manufacturers

  • Paving Old Town
    Paving Old Town
    Farbet Gruppe

    A hit of the season in 2013 can be considered a paving slab "old town". The surface of the tiles "old town" will blend well in both urban and in the rural landscape. The form consists of three elements has a maximum similarity with cobblestones old European city.

  • Paving "Riviera"
    Paving "Riviera"
    Farbet Gruppe

    The form consists of three elements (large, medium, small) of regular geometric shape, 60 mm high. with rounded corners. "Riviera" in the colors of "Palette" is ideal for paving pedestrian zones or areas of suburban areas both in itself and in conjunction with the forms of the "square", "Belpasso" and "rectangle".

  • Floors

    Perfectly fit for gardens, villas and squares. Supplied with evidence of saw cut. Easy and quick assembling.

  • Pavers

    Paving is a high quality and reliable modern material, which is designed to pave streets, sidewalks and paths. Color and figure diversity tiles reinforce its excellent performance. Size pavers 200h100h40

  • Strip of board
    Strip of board

    Full-bodied Plank of wood-polymer composite, is a versatile building material. Suitable for garden tiles, decoration and finishing of suburban areas. Made in Kazakhstan. Warranty 10 years.

  • Sidewalk curbs
    Sidewalk curbs

    Sidewalk curbs are used for separation of pedestrian zones and lawns. In addition, curbs are used for decoration paths, flower beds, avenues, playgrounds, parks and green areas. Certainly curbs protect paving tiles from deformation and destruction.

  • Paving tiles
    Paving tiles

    Hard to imagine streets, squares, parks without the beautiful paving tiles.

  • Paving Slabs
    Paving Slabs

    Hard to imagine streets, squares, parks without the beautiful paving tiles. Thanks to paving tiles the homely street turns into a corner of medieval Europe, the courtyard and garden of the modern house into old English park.

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Choosing the right paving materials is an important decision, to add color, texture, and pattern to outdoor space. Consider:

Ease of working with the chosen resources.

Stability of products.

Durability and long-term appearance.

For details of wholesale pavements, paving slab suppliers and manufacturers, paving stone suppliers, and more use the WorldBuild365 online directory.


Pavement suppliers will offer:

Granite pavement tiles that help to create a unique landscape – these chopped granite paving tiles are perfect for yards, roads, and entrances. The tough composition has an infinite amount of finishes, colors, and textures, and is perfect for works of art in contemporary gardens. Granite is more durable than concrete, and can handle all weather conditions with minimal wear and tear.

Plastic pavements that are made of high quality polypropylene – modern and durable. These pavements have a high resistance to weather, and extremes in temperatures. Features include an anti-slip factor, color fastness, and easy assembly without specialist tools.

Sidewalk curbs which are used for separation of pedestrian zones and lawns. They can also be used as a decorative feature for flower beds, parks, and other green areas. Colors range from grey, red, and brown, to wild cherry and amaretto. These raised sidewalks can increase pedestrian safety and comfort, and discourage parking.

Paving bricks that can be used for pedestrian walkways and parking. They’re quick to install, and instantly transform the look of the property. Bricks are available in a range of colors, textures, and finishes, suitable for both traditional and contemporary surroundings. This type of paving is also extremely durable and takes little maintenance.

Paving Stones

Reputable paving slab manufacturers produce:

Tactile paving stones that assist blind or visually impaired pedestrians. Trusted paving suppliers understand that a distinctive pattern of domes, cones, or bars underfoot can alert the visually impaired of approaching streets and hazardous surfaces. Tactile patterns include blister, lozenge, and corduroy – see details on this digital platform.

Decorative paving stones from paving supplies infuse personality into the landscape. They also provide a clean walking surface when placed appropriately, and can keep the grass from being down trodden. Stones are incredibly strong and hard wearing.

Standard paving stones that come in simple forms, and a variety of colors including grey, red, light and dark brown, yellow, green, and orange. Finishes will retain their special character for many years, and special shapes can be cut on request.

Concrete paving stones that are full of character and high quality, yet still affordable. The material is made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement and water, before being poured into molds to form a mass on hardening. Performance characteristics include sound insulation, and low carbon construction.

Sandstone paving stones that are durable and versatile. Sandstone is very hard wearing, and can last a lifetime. The pavers are porous, meaning they can store large amounts of water. They can be applied to create walkways, patio flooring, or swimming pool surrounds. Maintenance and cleaning is routine.

Limestone paving stones that have a great advantage – they’re a natural product with a durable ambiance. They can be installed indoors or out, as they’re incredibly attractive. The versatility of limestone pavers means they can be applied to driveways, pathways, courtyards, and verandas. Available in a vast range of colors which are casual with neutral tones.