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Discover the easiest way to source high quality wholesale garden furniture. Search the WorldBuild365 product directory for wholesale outdoor furniture quickly & easily. Find outdoor manufacturers which offer exactly what you need!

Outdoor Furniture Suppliers For Every Need and Occasion

  • FORT GRAND Swing
    FORT GRAND Swing

    To provide conditions for comfortable and joyful rest the garden furniture from metal from brand Grand will help you.

  • Garden Sofa FORT CUBE
    Garden Sofa FORT CUBE

    Garden furniture made of metal from the brand Cube will allow you to arrange an open-air cozy corner.

  • Platon Bench
    Platon Bench

    The bench is an important element of landscape architecture. The main advantage of the Platon bench is its beauty and comfort.

  • Quartz Garden Furniture
    Quartz Garden Furniture
    Azbuka Kamnya

    Garden Furniture - an important element of landscape design. Our furniture is made of agglomerate - connection of natural mineral quartz, high-quality polyester resin and color pigments.

  • Barbecue Grill Green Glade 11090
    Barbecue Grill Green Glade 11090
    Lex Group of Companies

    Grills of any shape and size with the ability to move and transport. The portable grill is easy to move , allowing him to hide from the weather , or remove the room for the winter. This grill can be taken along for the ride . Barbecue Grill necessary attribute of each summer resident . Surprise your guests with an unusually tasty food.

  • Pot Artemis
    Pot Artemis
    Farbet Gruppe

    The modular and monolithic flowerpot Artemis, made of white granite and conglomerate of marble stones. He secured a supply of water and drain the water system. He is the foundation of a self-leveling system. It is ideal to create a combination with a bench Demeter in different versions.

  • Garden Barbecue "Mill"
    Garden Barbecue "Mill"

    Garden barbecue "Mill" is a furnace, which becomes a favorite gathering place for your family and a bright ornament of your garden landscape.

  • Barbecue "Forest"
    Barbecue "Forest"

    Feel the touch of the good fairy tales, taste surprisingly delicious with fragrant smell smoke, feel the atmosphere of a family holiday with the barbecue oven"Forest".

  •  GardenTable Bench seating area
    GardenTable Bench seating area

    GardenTable Bench a robust design of solid wood and metal . Total single hand movement is enough to comfortable, wide bench turned into a dining area and a great area for board games with the kids in the shade of garden trees .

  • Bench 0689
    Bench 0689

    All products have metal supports. Some models are equipped with forged elements, which greatly increases their service life.

  • Bench 1006
    Bench 1006

    All products have metal supports. Some models are equipped with forged elements, which greatly increases their service life.

This catalogue represents the easiest way to source high quality wholesale garden furniture. Using WorldBuild365 you'll always get items which are:

Ideal for private homes and public places, so you can quickly match your requirements.

Of the material to suit any aesthetic, especially when it comes to wholesale benches.

Weatherproof and durable, which lets them retain their original appearance for many years.

We list a large number of bench suppliers, and companies through which you can acquire a vast range of garden furniture and other items suited for outdoor construction and decoration...

Benches and Seating

Here you'll find seats suitable for domestic gardens, ways to buy wholesale benches for green areas on commercial properties, and those suited to public spaces too...

Wooden benches feature in the ranges of many bench manufacturers in this directory. The most popular version are probably classic fixed benches made from wooden beams with wooden or metal legs, delivered in kit form. You might think of this type of bench as being banquette style. They can be ordered and delivered pre-assembled in some cases. They can also feature moving parts to become slide benches or hammock-style benches.

Natural stone benches offer an elegant alternative to plastic and metal benches. Materials like granite offer incredible durability, lasting literally centuries. They are perfect additions to both parks and private gardens. These stones are available in light or softer tones, as well as darker grays.

Garden furniture comes in plastic, artificial rattan, and many other materials. Plastic is durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. While artificial rattan requires zero care, and is a great substitute for natural calamus stems. The garden furniture manufacturers you'll find here in the WorldBuild365 product list provide full ranges consisting of chairs, tables, and more.

Coffee table sets feature smaller tables and sets of chairs. Many garden furniture suppliers offer these in wood and forged iron, all wood, and some plastic alternatives.

Barbecues and Cooking

Buy a wholesale barbecue and get the best value on high quality outdoor cooking appliances, including:

Brick built barbecues are available from many of the barbecue suppliers you'll find in our product list. They're durable and supremely functional, and come with additional features like smokehouses, as well as in a variety of both efficient and novelty styles. These include triple stacks, semi-circular roofs, and even "Windmill", which features actual rotating blades!

Bins and Miscellaneous

You'll also find items linked to wholesale outdoor furniture here...

Plant pots are available as part of the ranges of many outdoor furniture suppliers. Many pots are of modular design, and so can be fitted together to suit any space or circumstances. Some come with the correct fittings to be hooked up to automated water systems, while others are straightforward containers for holding all kinds of plants. They are available in various depths and sizes, as well as a broad range of materials, from granite and marble conglomerate to wood.

Litter bins suppliers are very much part of the product directory at WorldBuild365. They offer a wide variety of metal and plastic bins, including customizable options featuring optional frontage cuts of any image.

Fountain sets makes installing garden fountains easy. They come in a wide range of sizes, pressure ratings, and styles.