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Use WorldBuild365 to find everything needed for a beautiful and functional garden, yard, or other recreational space. Design attractive & functional outdoor spaces using products from leading manufacturers. Buy artificial hedges wholesale or find a water garden supplier.
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Furnish the Outdoors - Buy Benches Wholesale

Use WorldBuild365 to find everything needed for a beautiful and functional garden, yard, or other recreational space:

Outdoor Furnishings

Comfortable seating and places for outdoor dining enhance outdoor areas. Choices include...

Classic wooden benches - look for impregnated or treated wood for a longer life. Typically the legs and supports of wooden benches are made of metal for added strength.

Architectural benches - seating areas that are striking to look at, as well as comfortable to use. Some of the designs available in our directory include seating runs of over six meters in length.

Arbor benches - find the right garden bench manufacturer and you'll gain a multi-functional piece of furniture produced from high quality polypropylene. These benches feature planters to either side of the seat and a lattice work back and side through which plants can be grown.

Outdoor tables - often made of hardwood to ensure resistance to temperature and weather extremes. Teak is a typical choice for outdoor wooden dining tables.

Wood and polypropylene are by no means the only choices of materials when it comes to outdoor furnishings. You may also choose stone tables, concrete benches, metal seating, or other options.

Architectural Features

Products to improve the appearance and functionality of gardens or other outdoor spaces...

Concrete landscaping products - an economical alternative to stone, delivering the benefits of the natural material at a more modest price. The concrete is as strong as granite and a wide variety of finish effects and colors are available. Facades, paving tiles, stairs, fence sections, and other landscaping products are all available in this frost resistant material.

Concrete litter bins - these are attractive and functional, produced from molded concrete, and so are extremely strong and stable. At 105kg weight for a single unit, the bin is safe from thieves too! The manufacturer of these bins also offers a range of urns, vases, benches, fountains, and much more besides.

Balustrades - made in stone with a choice of stone types available. Standard sizes will be quick and simple to order, while custom sizes and designs will take a little longer but introduce a unique feature to your project. At ground level, balustrades will break up a space and create a focal point. Used to edge a terrace or balcony, they're an essential safety feature.

Artificial hedges - no maintenance, watering or cutting required! An artificial hedge is a great way to screen unsightly views or create privacy cubicles. The hedges are made from a high quality PVC and are available in a range of standard sizes.

Ornamental ponds - introducing water to a garden transforms the atmosphere. It's both decorative and an affordable way to create a different microclimate and environment. Starting from the basic plastic form to hold water, you can design a pond, a habitat for marginal plants, or even a waterfall in miniature.

Outdoor Speakers - bring a garden to life with sound. To do this you'll need all-weather speakers, safe for use in the outdoors and configured to offer high quality sound reproduction in the open air. One option is even designed to look like natural stone to harmonize perfectly with your garden design.


Maintaining a garden will always require the ongoing use of some materials, many of which are offered by sellers on this directory. Check out PVC covered welded metal mesh or pine bark mulch.