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The art and practise of designing outdoor environments is provided by professionals. For details of many commercial landscaping companies, fencing supplies, & garden fencing supplies, take a look at WorldBuild365, an online product directory.

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  • K-MAT Anti-erosion geomats K-MAT
    K-MAT Anti-erosion geomats K-MAT

    The KMAT anti-erosion geomat is an excellent solution to prevent soil erosion on the slopes of roads, river banks, vertical inclined surfaces, dams, slopes. The geomat will become a convenient alternative to stone, asphalt and concrete structures.

  • DPC Fences
    DPC Fences
    Azuma-Group TH

    The Azuma Group trading house presents fences made of wood-polymer composite. Wood-polymer composite (DPC) is a modern material made of wood and monomers.

  • Geotextile Nanoizol GEO 80
    Geotextile Nanoizol GEO 80

    It is a non-woven material of endless fibers of polypropylene, providing high physical-mechanical properties (in particular isotropy) and resistance to various chemical compounds (alkalis, acids).

  • Steps Oval Kavalas
    Steps Oval Kavalas

    Handmade Steps Oval are produced from polygonal Kavalas Slates after special processing. It is suitable for garden decoration and is installed easy and simple. Used for steps in grass, garden decoration with stones, paving etc

  • Pebbles Dark
    Pebbles Dark

    Surface: Rounded-Antique Colour: dark green-black Dimensions: 1-2cm, 2-4cm, 4-8cm and 8-13cm

  • Shakhmatka Horizontal Fence
    Shakhmatka Horizontal Fence

    The effect of solid fencing is achieved by mounting the metal fence horizontally on both sides of the lag, overlapping each other in staggered order. An equally attractive appearance allows to obtain a double lining and an inner frame.

  • ST-002 Statue
    ST-002 Statue

    Glass-fiber statue in classical style. Ideal for a classic interior or landscape design.

  • Grid wattled decorative Openwork
    Grid wattled decorative Openwork

    Wicker decorative mesh Openwork is made of metal wire coated with a polymer (configuration wire twinned and bound), according to TU 1275-016-00187205-2005.

  • Panel fencing "3D"
    Panel fencing "3D"
    Kalita i K

    Metal fence sectional "3D" - a modern, strong and durable type of fencing. The leader in its class! The optimal price-quality ratio.

  • Panel fencing "2D"
    Panel fencing "2D"
    Kalita i K

    This type of fence has high rigidity and safety, as is made of double metal rods arranged in the finished structure horizontally. The pillars are made of galvanized steel.

  • Gates SWING
    Gates SWING
    Kalita i K

    Modern and beautiful metal gates and swing gate types. They will be a good addition to any type of fencing. Galvanized and coated with a protective-polymer composition.

  • Horizontal euro fence
    Horizontal euro fence

    At the moment, there is nothing more innovative than evroshtaketnika fence. But if you are not satisfied with the vertical fence, we can install a metal fence horizontally.

  • Euro fence UNIX - a metal fence
    Euro fence UNIX - a metal fence

    Euro Unix fence - a metal fence - a fence made of metal shtaketin, which in turn are made of metal, 0.5 mm thick, which is significantly greater than the thickness of the sheet of cheap corrugated fence.

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The art and practise of designing outdoor environments is provided by professionals who...

Achieve aesthetic outcomes.

Understand the balance between built and natural environments.

Create spaces of outstanding beauty.

Use WorldBuild365 – our digital platform – for finding a patio enclosure supplier, garden design companies, commercial landscaping companies, and more...

Garden Design

Creating plans for layout and planting.

Designing gardens with trusted garden design companies makes making your vision a reality much easier. Services include design and construction, custom made furniture, wood flooring, irrigation systems, lighting systems, and many other elements. All designs will be created with the style of the house and garden at the forefront of the project, All landscape arrangements will be exclusive and visually impressive.

Green walls are used as an eco-friendly covering for buildings as part of modern landscape architecture. Contemporary buildings can be strongly characterized by plant-covered walls – both creepers and trailing plants. The advantages of this covering are: ventilation, fast rooting properties, and UV and bacteria resistance.

Pocket planters are built by fixing watertight material to a frame that’s secured to the wall. Felt or textile layers are then added, with the plants being inserted between the layers. Over time the plants will root into the pockets cut on the outermost layer. This system doesn’t require any soil. Planters can be placed in lines one above another, and pots are made from metal, wood, and plastic, in a wide range of designs.


Surround and protect.

Decorative fences are supplied with support rods, plugs and pins, and come in a range of styles and colors. These fences are durable, pleasing to the eye, and work well with a variety of landscaping designs. They don’t rust, and there’s virtually no maintenance required. Many decorative fences are completely recyclable. Prefabricated fences are supplied with pillars, rails, and pipes, with a universal beam.

Panel fencing in 3D can be installed very quickly, and is very budget-friendly. It’s the perfect choice for a perimeter fence in a home environment, or for warehouse and factory complexes. Anti-corrosion galvanized metal surfaces extend the lifespan of the fence, followed by a coating of plastic or polymer composition. Accessories supplied include panel mount pole and plug. 2D fencing is rigid and safe, made from double metal rods fixed horizontally – the pillars are galvanized steel.

Stone fences are sturdy and permanent – defining property lines, and resisting extremes of weather. They don’t rot, and insects won’t affect the stability or the durability of the fence. There’s a wide variety of rock and stone available as fencing supplies – stones come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Metal fences are constructed from rolled wire, cut and welded. Metal fencing panels are usually 2.5m high and 2.5m wide. Wires are galvanized to prevent corrosion, and can be curved as required. Color can be added with powder paint baked on. Bollards, supports, clips, and mounting parts are all supplied.

Modular fences have been designed for speed of installation, and a low cost. The galvanized panels with matching posts are available in 2m length strips, and are ideal for corner installations. These fence panels are the easy way to get a sound barrier, privacy, and security.

Swing Gates and Patio Enclosures

Openings and closings.

Swing gates are robust, and designed for quick and easy installation. These modern gates are galvanized and coated with a protective polymer finish. Swing gates for driveways are aesthetically pleasing, as well as being cost-effective. Fewer moving parts means less opportunity for wear and tear breakdown – so maintenance costs are low. Swing gates also operate very quietly.

Patio enclosures from a reputable supplier offer a unique option for your patio – the lean-to structure with vertical walls lets you maximize the interior space and increase its use. One rail is mounted on the house, and the other on the ground, so the sections slide in both directions. The model has separated segments designed in an arc shape, made from polycarbonate. An ideal sunroom for terraces, patios, balconies, and pools.