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When you don't want real grass, use the WorldBuild365 online platform to connect with an artificial turf manufacturer or an artificial turf supplier. Get synthetic grass for exhibitions or sport venues. Wholesale synthetic grass looks good in places where natural grass won't thrive, and offers a host of advantages.

Find Wholesale Synthetic Grass or a Flower Pot Manufacturer

  • FieldTurf artificial grass
    FieldTurf artificial grass
    Great Sports Infra

    FieldTurf artificial grass is the most preferred choice for Football fields for its safe, low-to-no maintenance and all-weather playability aspects. Unlike natural grass, FieldTurf synthetic turf Football fields do not become patchy, boggy and uneven.

  • Yell Sport Turf for tennis
    Yell Sport Turf for tennis

    Yell Sport turf for tennis is a high-quality tennis court, which has the highest properties. CCGrass produces an artificial turf, which is recognized by the International Tennis Federation, with specialization for medium-slow courts. Our products have attractive external characteristics and are very convenient to use.

  • Artificial landscape grass
    Artificial landscape grass
    Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet

    An artificial grass by Easy Decorate company will be a wonderful alternative to expensive and short-lived natural lawns. The Easy product is useful for the equipment of the adjacent territory, lawn of the backyard, children's parks, loggias and other. It is extremely resistant to wear, does not fade and is quite practical.

  • Artificial grass for playgrounds
    Artificial grass for playgrounds
    Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial

    If you choose for your children's playground artificial grass by Bellinturf company, then you shouldn't worry about your child. Our product is equipped with a soft lining, which protects the child from injury. Artificial grass is made of a soft non-abrasive material, which protects children from abrasions, bruises, fractures and other injuries.

  • Artificial Grass for Golf
    Artificial Grass for Golf
    Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial

    The artificial Bellinturf grass for golf is the result of a high-tech process, in which fibers of various types were used. Due to this, Bellinturf coatings are characterized by high quality, naturalness and durability.

When you don't want real grass, use the WorldBuild365 online platform to connect with an artificial turf manufacturer or an artificial turf supplier. Once the green is laid down check out a flower pot manufacturer or two as well. Wholesale synthetic grass looks good in places where natural grass won't thrive, and offers a host of advantages...

The Advantages of Artificial Turf

Get your grass from a synthetic grass supplier and you'll never have to worry about...

Maintenance - no cutting, weeding, seeding, watering, or repairs. Just a one-off process of arranging artificial grass supply and fit and you're good to go.

Light - fake grass needs no sunlight. Buying synthetic grass wholesale to cover the playing area of an indoor sports arena is quick and simple.

Recovery times - synthetic turf manufacturers offer a product that can be used far more intensively than natural grass.

The weather - properly laid on a suitable surface, artificial turf drains quickly, there's no danger of water logging, compaction, and root die off.

And of course, artificial lawns can be laid down, lifted, moved, and reused, making them invaluable to exhibition organizers.

Turf Manufacturers Produce Different Products for Different Purposes

Just as with natural grass, false grass suppliers produce a range of turfs, with different characteristics and appearances.

Lawn, Park and Exhibition Options

35mm grass - this long variant looks less formal than some of the other options, suited to parks, poolside, rooftops, and exhibition booths.

20mm grass - can be used for any of the purposes of the longer grass but will give a more formal effect.

10mm grass - once again suited for parks, rooftops, or exhibition purposes, this short grass is also suitable for an artificial putting green.

When you're seeking artificial grass for shows or events, check out exhibition grass, artificial lawn suppliers, and plastic grass supplies.

Products From Sports Grass Synthetic Turf Suppliers

When you're purchasing artificial turf wholesale for sporting purposes, it's really a question of quality and cost. Use a product from cheap artificial grass manufacturers and you'll save money in the short term but the lifespan of the product you install will be greatly reduced. Some options include...

Monofilament yarns - even at the low budget end of the market, expect this to be offered with a warranty of 5 years.

Fibrillated yarns - more popular for hockey fields than football, fibrillated yarn may be offered with a warranty of 7 or 8 years.

Top end monofilament yarns - these grasses are the most suitable for football. The artificial grass manufacturer may guarantee this option for up to 8 years.

You may also find artificial sports turfs described as polypropylene grass, long fibrillated grass, or ultra monofilament turf.

Supplementary Artificial Lawn Supplies

Whether being used for sport, garden, or exhibition purposes, a patch of grass on its own will tend to look a little lost. Dress it up with other products from leading artificial grass suppliers, or other sellers represented on this platform. Consider:

Conglomerate marble flower pots - large stylish planters that will look good in any setting, use them for artificial plants or real flowers. Buy your garden pots direct from a flower pot wholesale supplier via this product directory.