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Quick and simple to work with, attractive to look at, and reasonably priced, garden decking continues to be a popular choice for commercial and residential outdoor areas. Find a hardwood or composite decking manufacturer in the WorldBuild365 product directory. Get all your composite decking supplies in a single day's shopping!

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Quick and simple to work with, attractive to look at, and reasonably priced, garden decking continues to be a popular choice for commercial and residential outdoor areas.

Composite Decking Options

Wood-plastic composite is made of wood fiber or flour and thermoplastics such as PE, PP or PVC. WPC is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood which is resistant to rot, water, and pest attack. You'll find several options for wholesale composite decking in the directory, along with all the composite decking supplies you'll need to install your flooring.

Economy decking - a budget range that still delivers good quality. 140mm wide by 25mm thick, and supplied in 3 meter lengths. Available in a range of colors including embossed or polished pine, coffee, and wenge.

Standard decking - this WPC decking is 150mm wide and 30mm thick. Available in wenge, coffee, brown, or pine effect, amongst others. Suitable for the construction of terraces, balconies, porches, sidewalks, garden paths, and patio areas.

Composite decking using high-density polyethylene - a variant from a different composite decking manufacturer. Available in 3, 4, or 6 meter lengths, and three color options.

Decking with an anti-slip surface - all the properties of WPC, including fire, water, and pest resistance. The corrugated surface makes these board especially suitable for use in saunas, around swimming pools, at wharves, or near any body of water.

Tangential cut effect decking - available in 4 meter lengths, with a width of 155mm and thickness of 25mm. This is a composite wood with a finish that resembles the wavy pattern of annual rings that result from a tangential rather than radial cut of natural wood.

Garden tiles from WPC - while WPC is most often seen as planks or boards. At least one of the composite manufacturers on WorldBuild365 offers a square variant. The tiles are easy to transport and install, and offer the possibility to use a wood composite option in small or irregularly shaped areas.

Solid Wood Decking

Traditionalists, or clients seeking a luxury finish, may well prefer solid wood to a composite material. Some of the wood decking suppliers featured here specialize in hardwood wholesale decking materials...

Narrow hardwood planks - solid hardwood planks with thickness of 19mm and width of 90mm. Suitable for terraces, pool decks, or stair steps. This wood is certified for the sustainability of its growth and production process, and has been dried in a temperature controlled environment to ensure stability and resistance to cupping or shrinkage.

Wider hardwood decking planks - available from the same hardwood decking suppliers as the narrower version. The boards are available in widths of up to 140mm and, as with the narrow planks, in a wide range of colors and finishing options.

Softwood decking - this is produced in many places, including in Russia by a company with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This timber has been carefully dried and prepared to be suitable for a variety of outdoor uses such as pavilion and terrace flooring, and is also suitable for use in saunas or around poolsides where high temperatures or humidity are expected.

When you're looking for your decking check out WPC decking boards, marine decking planks, timber for outdoor flooring, patio decking, garden decking, and yard decking.