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Providing a safe, challenging environment for children's play is one of the most rewarding of construction projects. Find high quality children play area equipment suppliers & wholesale playground equipment. Choose play park equipment that meets high safety standards.

Trustworthy Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers

  • Flexible suspension swing
    Flexible suspension swing

    All the kids equipment are made of high-quality imported materials: Finnish plywood, laminated veneer lumber from softwood calibrated boards.

Providing a safe, challenging environment for children's play is one of the most rewarding of construction projects. There's a lot at stake so to be sure to get it right:

Find children playground equipment manufacturers and children play area equipment suppliers - who're committed to working to the highest of safely standards.

Consider the whole space in consultation with your outdoor playground equipment manufacturers - from safe containment and soft surfaces through to robust, wholesale playground equipment suitable for a range of ages and abilities.

Defining the Space

An enclosed area keeps the little ones safe, allows parents to relax, and excludes animals which might foul the space. Some possibilities include...

Modular galvanized fences - simple to install, long lasting, and can be adapted to any size or shaped enclosure. Look for units without sharp edges or points to reduce risk of injury in the case of falls.

Timber fencing - an eco-friendly choice that's easy to paint in bright colors that will make the space feel more like a playground and less like a cage!

A Safe Landing Ground

A suitable surface that's soft enough to fall on from a height is one of the essential elements of safe playground equipment. Consider...

Rubber mats - interlocking puzzle-shaped plates which can be moved, or mats fixed into place with a suitable adhesive. Rubber mats are slip-resistant, waterproof, suitable for wheelchair access and, depending on the composition of the specific piece, may be rated to offer protection from falls from up to 2 meters.

Loose fill rubber mulch - produced from recycled rubber and available in a variety of colors. Depending on depth this option can be suitable to protect against falls of up to 4 metres but it's not indicated for use in areas where very young children are unsupervised, as it could be a choking hazard.

Poured rubber -a recycled rubber base and upper coating of rubber and polyurethane. Poured rubber is available in most colors, and has the slip resistant and wheelchair access advantages of rubber mats.

Engineered wood fiber - a popular choice with a low initial installation cost. EWF is formulated to contain a minimum of bark and no twigs or leaf debris. The result is a smooth surface that will knit together, allowing wheelchair users or walkers access. Wood fiber does require periodic raking and topping up to counteract compression and decomposition.

Time to Play!

With the safe space prepared it's time to fill it with all the fun stuff that kids love. Play park equipment suppliers offer ranges for all ages from tots to teens, and many also feature installations designed for those with physical, emotional, or learning challenges...

Swings - generally the first place the children run to when they get to the park! Swings can be metal, wooden, or plastic. Those for young children will generally feature a safely harness or bar while older children will enjoy a swing that offers a wider range of movement and more excitement.

Slides and gliders - another long-standing favorite, available in a variety of materials, sizes, and inclines. Select slides according to the age range of the children who will use them.

Climbers - rope or netting climbers are popular with all ages, and especially suitable in grounds where a natural looking effect is desired. Play area equipment suppliers also offer hard wearing metal options which are still designed with safely in mind.

Sensory play - sensory play equipment can be incorporated into a playground to meet the needs of children of all abilities. Musical features, mirrors, sand or water features, and many more options can all enhance a play area or structure.

Soft play -a safe space to play, a soft place to land, and fun stuff to do are all important. Round things off with benches for parents, picnic tables for the whole family, and don't forget shade covers to protect against the harmful effects of too much sun.