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Landscaping & Urban Design Urban landscaping is another name for urban open space. Its main goal is to create, utilize and maintain green spaces in populated areas. The concept traditionally encompasses public spaces, parks, natural parks, boulevards, abandoned industrial or urban areas, and so on.
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Landscaping & Urban Design Products

  • Horizontal euro fence
    Horizontal euro fence

    At the moment, there is nothing more innovative than evroshtaketnika fence. But if you are not satisfied with the vertical fence, we can install a metal fence horizontally.

  • Euro fence UNIX - a metal fence
    Euro fence UNIX - a metal fence

    Euro Unix fence - a metal fence - a fence made of metal shtaketin, which in turn are made of metal, 0.5 mm thick, which is significantly greater than the thickness of the sheet of cheap corrugated fence.

  • Rabitz

    As they are made. Inexpensive type section - is cooked in a square shaped tubes and inside the stretched mesh netting. Expensive and stronger sections are made of 32. Inside corner and is welded mesh netting.

  • Grid wattled decorative Openwork
    Grid wattled decorative Openwork

    Wicker decorative mesh Openwork is made of metal wire coated with a polymer (configuration wire twinned and bound), according to TU 1275-016-00187205-2005.

  • Panel fencing "3D"
    Panel fencing "3D"
    Kalita i K

    Metal fence sectional "3D" - a modern, strong and durable type of fencing. The leader in its class! The optimal price-quality ratio.

  • Panel fencing "2D"
    Panel fencing "2D"
    Kalita i K

    This type of fence has high rigidity and safety, as is made of double metal rods arranged in the finished structure horizontally. The pillars are made of galvanized steel.

  • Gates SWING
    Gates SWING
    Kalita i K

    Modern and beautiful metal gates and swing gate types. They will be a good addition to any type of fencing. Galvanized and coated with a protective-polymer composition.

  • Floors

    Perfectly fit for gardens, villas and squares. Supplied with evidence of saw cut. Easy and quick assembling.

  • Balustrades

    Available in standard or custom sizes and designs, in all stone varieties.

  • Fencing "Sequoia"
    Fencing "Sequoia"
    Sequoia Group

    Reliable and durable decorative fence SEQUOIA give your yard a unique harmony. System decorative fences operated in the open air and due to its protective properties decorative fence resistant to UV and temperature extremes. The top layer profiles of high polymer gives another important property is resistance to staining, so care does not require you significant money and effort.

  • Barbecue Grill Green Glade 11090
    Barbecue Grill Green Glade 11090
    Lex Group of Companies

    Grills of any shape and size with the ability to move and transport. The portable grill is easy to move , allowing him to hide from the weather , or remove the room for the winter. This grill can be taken along for the ride . Barbecue Grill necessary attribute of each summer resident . Surprise your guests with an unusually tasty food.

  • Paving Old Town
    Paving Old Town
    Farbet Gruppe

    A hit of the season in 2013 can be considered a paving slab "old town". The surface of the tiles "old town" will blend well in both urban and in the rural landscape. The form consists of three elements has a maximum similarity with cobblestones old European city.

  • Paving "Riviera"
    Paving "Riviera"
    Farbet Gruppe

    The form consists of three elements (large, medium, small) of regular geometric shape, 60 mm high. with rounded corners. "Riviera" in the colors of "Palette" is ideal for paving pedestrian zones or areas of suburban areas both in itself and in conjunction with the forms of the "square", "Belpasso" and "rectangle".

  • Decking "Sequoia"
    Decking "Sequoia"
    Sequoia Group

    Terraced decking SEQUOIA is a modern system outdoor flooring segment PRO standard, ideal for application on commercial terraces, patio, operated roof, piers, marinas, decks, swimming pools. Decking SEQUOIA — this is an aesthetic appearance, comfort and ease of use. The high-end product segment Pro standard (Premium) made by a unique technology for increased strength and durability.

  • Column

    The column is used to set the welded mesh, panel fencing, used in conjunction with fasteners.

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Urban Landscaping

Urban landscaping is another name for urban open space. Its main goal is to create, utilize and maintain green spaces in populated areas. The concept traditionally encompasses public spaces, parks, natural parks, boulevards, abandoned industrial or urban areas, and so on.


Cities structured using planned designs that convey positive human intentions applies to the concept of urban landscaping. It can include the planting of greenery, in accordance with scientifically based standards and principles.


Urban Landscaping as part of Modern Construction

Urban landscaping is an intrinsic part of modern urban construction, as it relates to green spaces as part of a city’s overall layout. Metropolitan parks and gardens, small or large, are an indispensable element of today’s modern cities. 


Green areas serve to create a healthy recreational environment for working people, families and children. Various colours, plants, and tree growth can be observed in the modern dynamic urban landscapes. In general, landscaping in urban areas helps improve the sanitary conditions, the microclimate, reduces wind velocity, limits the spread of dust, smoke, and silences down the urban noise. 


The Wide Range of Urban Landscape Products Available Today

There are 2 main types of urban landscaping products – hard and soft landscaping. 


Soft landscape products such as plants, shrubs, trees, grasses, any vegetative material in general, can be provided by most landscaping suppliers.  Designers, architects and similar professionals can enjoy near unlimited possibilities utilising these products. Any number of attractive green flourishes can be added to many metropolitan masterplans.


Conversely, hard landscape products are construction materials used to improve landscape designs. Common hard landscape materials include brick, rock, gravel, concrete, timber, natural stone, metal and glass. Outdoor furniture items could also be included in this product category.


Hard urban landscape products provide attractive options for architects, planners, building owners and so on. Often, they are rugged, hard warring and require relatively low levels of maintenance.