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Installing window blinds and shutters can instantly transform the appearance of a property. Use the product directory at WorldBuild365 to source components manufacturers, roller blind manufacturers, venetian blinds manufacturers, & so much more!

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Installing window blinds and shutters can instantly transform the appearance of a property.

Countless styles, colors and patterns can be selected to create the desired effect.

A variety of materials makes choosing a suitable blind simple.

Enjoy complete privacy that blinds and shutters provide.

Find the perfect components manufacturers, roller blind manufacturers, and Venetian blinds manufacturers in WorldBuild365’s comprehensive directory.


Enhance security and privacy.

Wooden shutters have a turning and lifting mechanism with separate control options. This mechanism holds the cords via an intermediate rail which rotates. Wooden shutters have a high degree of light control, and sound insulation. They’re also versatile, flexible, clean, and stylish, and can be adapted to fit different window shapes.

Protection shutters are innovative due to the optimized openness of the weave. This new screen features transparency and design, combining strength, lightness, durability, and dimensional stability. The shutters are also 100% recyclable!

One sheet shutters are colored plates of steel designed to be rust and scratch proof. The shaped door panels, suitable for industry and larger buildings, make no noise as they roll up and down. This type of shutter needs to be tested every six months to ensure any regulations are adhered to.


For practical or aesthetic reasons.

Venetian blinds are designed to control the light input or output of any room. New convenient control methods make them easy to operate, and the safe function combines lifting, lowering, and turning the slats. The reinforced aluminium structure is technically innovative yet still stylish. Horizontal blinds are reliable, easy to use, and available from top Venetian blind suppliers.

Roller blinds are available from manufacturers that now use high quality fabrics and mechanical systems which are practical and easy to operate. Manual blinds use a chain, while motorized blinds have a switch or remote control. Additional extras feature light and wind sensors, black out blinds, dim out, and sun screen fabrics.

Mini roller blinds are mounted directly onto the inner window walls without drilling, so they’re easy and non-invasive to install. The mounting systems can be adjusted to frames of varying thickness, and there’s an automatic braking system too. The fabric is 100% polyester, and comes in six appealing shades.

Pleated blinds are modern and elegant. Vertical pleats are specially made in a wide range of colors and textures, with the benefits of non-flammable and water-repellent fabrics. The product is designed by manufacturers for rectangular, as well as tilt and turn windows. Installation is simple, and there’s a choice of mechanisms to allow the most convenient way of operation. No special maintenance care is needed.

Roman blinds use a simple and reliable lifting mechanism which opens and closes easily. There are a wide range of shade styles and materials available through the roman blinds manufacturers we work with. These blinds provide a large amount of privacy and light blockage, and the blinds remain attractive even when they’re fully open.


Add versatility and make more use of:

Glass film from reputable suppliers is decorative, with an attractive pattern that can be used to cover glass panels on walls, doors, and in the kitchen. If normal glass is shattered, the film will retain the shards. It can be applied to tempered glass, and is extremely flexible. The film is produced in a wide range of attractive colors and patterns, and is easy to maintain.

Mosquito nets are high quality innovative webs that let more light and air into the room. They keep out all unwanted insects, and are robust, waterproof, and easy to apply. The web width is 1600mm.

Components can be bought from components manufacturers and wholesale components suppliers – see complete listings here on our digital platform.