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With so many design options available, wallpaper now adds an extra dimension to any interior space. The choice of decor wallpaper suppliers, wholesale wall murals, & wallcovering manufacturers is extensive on WorldBuild365 - here it is easy to source and purchase from wholesale wallpaper suppliers, PVC wallpaper suppliers, and décor wallpaper suppliers.

Discover Wallpaper Suppliers at WorldBuild365

  • Wallcoverings Paperweave
    Wallcoverings Paperweave

    It is 100% Wallcoverings produced by backing on paper fabrics manufactured by weaving in different patterns with paper yarn twisted by painting in various colors on drawing paper.

  • Liquid Wallpaper "Victoria"
    Liquid Wallpaper "Victoria"

    "Liquid wallpaper" - a cellulose-based wallpaper with color additives. Finish: Smooth or embossed. Easy to use, applied with a trowel and can be easily removed with water.

  • Devore Ribbon collection wallpaper
    Devore Ribbon collection wallpaper

    English wallpaper Devore Ribbon present on the international market for over 10 years. Wallpapers presented various collections with a distinct elegance of design and high-end quality. Wallpapers Devore Ribbon created in order to bring into your home a unique flavor of England.

  • Cavalli Damask collection wallpaper
    Cavalli Damask collection wallpaper

    An exclusive collection, which incorporates the ideas of design and color, from classic to contemporary, combines quality and durability, making the wallpaper Cavalli Damask ideal finishing material not only for residential but also for commercial premises.

  • Tessuto collection wallpaper
    Tessuto collection wallpaper

    Collection of textile wallcoverings «Tessuto» is a harmonious symbiosis of fine materials with superior design and subtle color combinations verified.

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With so many design options available, wallpaper now adds an extra dimension to any interior space.

Durability of wallpaper from trustworthy commercial wallpaper manufacturers is guaranteed.

Versatility – add texture to any walls with ease – buy wallpaper from wholesale wallpaper companies.

Longevity of the wallpaper also provides a protective layer to the wall itself.

Source and purchase from wholesale wallpaper suppliers, PVC wallpaper suppliers, and décor wallpaper suppliers through WorldBuild365’s online directory. The variety of wallpapers our suppliers offer are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms. 

Washable Wallpapers Wholesale

Meeting the needs of hectic lifestyles.

PVC wallpaper, or decorative sheets as they’re sometimes referred to, are made from PVC. This wallpaper is tougher than coated wallpaper, and impervious to water. As it can be washed, it’s ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. PVC wallpaper suppliers can be sourced through WorldBuild365. Washable wallpapers are suitable for both residential and business use.

Vinyl wallpaper introduces bold colors and interesting patterns at a reasonable price. The vinyl coating gives a water-resistant finish making it suitable for kitchen and bathroom areas. It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth, and stains won’t soak into the paper itself. It’s also durable, low-maintenance, and perfectly safe, as there are no harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. Hiding problem spots is also one of the benefits this type of paper offers.

Sanitary wallpaper is unique in that it can be carefully wiped clean with a damp cloth, making it perfect for children’s bedrooms. Drawing with markers, felt tip pens, and paints can all be wiped off without a trace. Adult themes are also available, with stylish motives that create unusual and interesting moods. Choose from nature, flowers, landscapes, and panoramas.

Décor wallpaper from the wallpaper suppliers we work with comes in a huge range of styles and colors, enabling elegant and traditional decoration of any room. Non- woven types are made from a special blend of natural and synthetic fibres, and are breathable and tear-resistant. This makes then user and eco-friendly. Easy to clean with mild soap and a sponge.

Hi-Tech Printed Wallpapers

Stunning printing in a number of grades and textures.

Wall murals are pieces of artwork applied directly onto canvases and then easily installed. Styles vary from kids collections to retro scenes. All wholesale wall murals are made with certified and high quality materials using modern latex printing technologies.

Digital printing is a revolutionary new field of wallpaper creation which can be used in interior design and renovation work. The digital file can be created with a scanned or photographic image, and then electronically prepared. Superior high definition printing is both water and fade resistant, and is very durable.

Photo panels create designs most suitable for restaurants, bars, and offices. Using vinyl panels with hot embossing processes, the panels can mask uneven walls, and have a slightly reinforcing effect to prevent micro cracks. Simplicity and quality make these panels a popular choice that can also be easily paired with one of the many wallpapers we have on our online directory.

Luxury Wallpapers Suppliers

Inspirational quality and design.

Handmade wall papers have a high degree of light fastness, and very good dimensional stability. The use of different techniques and materials creates a unique and extraordinary finish – any differences in texture are natural and intended. Wallpapers are washable with a mild soap, are durable, and transform walls into beautiful scenes.

Bamboo wallpaper brings the wonderful look and smell of bamboo into the home or office. One of the main advantages is the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the bamboo. The paper is durable and doesn’t fade, and with special treatments can be dust and insect repellent. The versatility of the paper gives any interior a sense of originality. Take care of the wallpaper with gentle brushing, or use a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Liquid wallpaper creates a soft, embossed effect. The wallpaper is made of cotton fibres with the addition of fine gold thread or mica particles. It’s easy to apply, and covers any small cracks or imperfections on surfaces. It also improves thermal insulation and sound proofing. Suitable for both home and work environments – colors range from grey tones through to pretty pastels. See wall covering manufactures for more details on this business platform.