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See some examples of the wide ranging items the furniture upholstery fabric suppliers on this site can offer.

Find Manufacturers Who Can Sell Designer Fabrics Wholesale

  • Collection of fabrics "Сara"
    Collection of fabrics "Сara"
    Teatr Tkani

    This supertkan consists of a unique yarn Starlight® UV Guard, developed by the world's leading nanotechnology Swiss company RADICI GROUP®. The fabric is designed for the production of furniture for homes, streets, water and land transport, as well as curtains.

  • Collection of fabrics "Lipanium"
    Collection of fabrics "Lipanium"
    Teatr Tkani

    Gorgeous softest texture, the original colors and impressive strength - these are the three key characteristics of jacquard Lipanium unforgettable Moroccan producer PIF, which fabric appreciate throughout the world as experts and consumers.

  • Collection of fabrics "Tradisia"
    Collection of fabrics "Tradisia"
    Teatr Tkani

    Jacquard collection Tradisia - another novelty of the Moroccan factory PIF. The fabric breathes Tradisia moods of classical Chinese miniatures.

  • Printing Foil
    Printing Foil
    Far East Yu La Industry Limited

    It is applied with synthetic leathe (pvc/pu) and textile for decoration and ornament. The max color could be six color . We glad to develop the new designs according customer’s idea or picture.

  • Acrylic Line
    Acrylic Line
    Sibu Design

    Patterned, high-gloss surfaces made from first class ABS/PMMA in an especially abrasion-resistant quality.

  • Artificial leather cover
    Artificial leather cover

    The variety of models and equipment presents us daily with the challenge of implementing innovative and creative ideas and gaining new technological knowledge.

  • Interior films
    Interior films

    Boring furniture is a thing of the past. With surfaces and structures by skai®, you can create living environments full of warmth and style.

  • Exterior films
    Exterior films

    With their innovative designs and superior material characteristics, our films for outdoor use are setting new standards in the areas of look, feel, and use.

  • Leatherette DOMUS
    Leatherette DOMUS

    DOMUS - is amazingly effective remedy against melancholy and bad mood. If you want to gain a sense of lightness freedom - DOMUS will dive you into the world and will stop you being serious, indulge yourself to be a fun, cozy, ironic and brilliant in its ... foolish.

  • Bamboo canvas COSCA Vanil 17
    Bamboo canvas COSCA Vanil 17

    Light beige bamboo fabric made from the outer part of bamboo, and it is not intended for the further coloring. Such canvases have antimicrobial properties as bamboo is not subject to decay.

  • SIBU decorative plastic
    SIBU decorative plastic

    SIBU Decorative plastic can be found in many different countries around the world. The variety of designs and ease in the processing creates almost unlimited possibilities for the use of these products in various fields.

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The upholstery fabric manufacturers, leatherette fabric suppliers, and other providers in WorldBuild365’s massive directory can produce products which are...

Appropriate for not only traditional furniture, but items like car seats, and even doors too.

Designed with care, and as a result are very aesthetically pleasing.

Made with quality materials to ensure they’re strong and will last for many years.

See some examples of the wide ranging items the furniture upholstery fabric suppliers on this site can offer below:

Designer Fabrics

Get the following designer fabrics wholesale:

Chinese style fabrics are ideal for upholstery, as well as curtains, bedspreads, and tablecloths. These soft, durable – many designer fabric manufacturers use special weaves – and beautiful fabrics will give a shiny metallic effect regardless of whether the temperature in the area in which they’re located is hot or cold.

Moroccan style fabrics are extremely attractive as well as surprising amounts of strength. They’re perfect for decorating furniture and can come in a variety of stylish floral designs. While possible finishes include those with scaly textures, as well as design strips. Most wholesale upholstery fabric suppliers can provide this specific type of material in four different bright saturated colors only – the specific colors depend on the particular company that’s chosen.

UV resistant fabrics are designed for the production of furniture. As their name suggests, these fabrics have excellent resistance to solar radiation and are also environmentally friendly. Buy them from trusted upholstery material suppliers today.

Universal furniture fabric coverings have soft piles, are easy to clean, and can be supplied in both straight and complex shapes. These upholstery materials supplies are made of modern fabrics of many different colors. They can be delivered as part of wholesale home décor fabric orders.

Bamboo canvas fabric coverings are made out of traditional materials, with the outer layer consisting of genuine bamboo. Wholesale upholstery fabric distributors can provide these in stacks of slats.

Other items that can be found on this site include: striped upholstery fabric wholesale, ways to buy upholstery supplies wholesale, chair upholstery supplies, upholstery fabric and supplies, wholesale designer upholstery fabric, printing foil coverings, woodgrain transfer foil coverings, and fluorosilicate release foil coverings. In addition to this, upholstery equipment suppliers and upholstery thread suppliers can both be easily identified and contacted.

Imitation Leather Coverings

This category includes:

Artificial leather coverings for car seats always meet the strict standards set by the modern automotive industry. However, this wholesale upholstery leather isn’t only suitable for cars. It can in fact be used on motorcycles, in airplanes, and on ships too.

Leatherettes perfectly imitate leather, and are used for haberdashery, furniture, and for upholstered doors. They have a PVC coating on one side, and come in rolls in a wide range of different colors. A leatherette manufacturer would say that they’re appropriate for all forms of furniture – even those that will be required to handle heavy loads.

PVC free synthetic leather coverings are available in numerous designs and the latest colors. The leather fabric suppliers on this site can provide them in smooth leather versions, reptile and fur styles, as well as in shimmering metallic colors.

Comparable products to the ones above also available on WorldBuild365 include leather upholstery supplies, imitation leather rolls for upholstery, imitation leather upholstery, artificial leather upholstery, imitation leather coverings that contain no PVC, artificial leather rolls, car upholstery, airplane upholstery, ship upholstery, and motorcycle upholstery.

Decorative Films and Sheets

This section covers:

Decorative films have heat-resistant and heat-reflective properties, and generally imitate wood grains. They’re ideal for upholstered doors.

Decorative sheets are made of high quality materials which provide incredible durability. They normally come in plain colors, and will be suitable for both domestic and commercial environments.

Interior decorative films, exterior decorative films, decorative sheets for doors, and decorative films for doors can also be purchased via this digital platform.