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Search for a crockery manufacturer producing the sort of high quality items you need today, with one quick glance at WorldBuild365's ever-expanding directory of products.

Purchase Restaurant Crockery Wholesale

  • Alt Luxemburg Tableware Collection
    Alt Luxemburg Tableware Collection
    Villeroy & Boch

    At the end of the XVIII century, the Boch brothers founded the production of earthenware in Luxembourg. One of the distinguishing features of the porcelain dishes of the Boch brothers was the image of a blue flowering branch.

  • OKZ Ceramic products
    OKZ Ceramic products

    Ceramic souvenirs will be a wonderful decoration of your living room, kitchen or bedroom and will find their more practical application.

  • Dish-dryer TE-766
    Dish-dryer TE-766

    Dish-dryer TE-766 will be an ideal addition for a suspended kitchen cabinet with a standard width of 600 mm. The upper tier is intended for plates, the lower one for cups.

Get all of the restaurant crockery supplies you need in one easy-to-search place - WorldBuild365. Here it's easy to peruse the product list of a wide range of dinnerware manufacturers, meaning it's just as easy to buy a complete restaurant china supply as it is to get wholesale elegant plastic plates. You'll always be able to find tabletop items which are...

Matched to the decor and cuisine of the restaurant in question, with many options in terms of styles and materials.

Suitable for inside and outside dining, depending on the durability and methods used in their creation.

Available in large quantity for better value - it's always worth checking if your tableware manufacturer offers wholesale deals.

Search for a crockery manufacturer producing the sort of high quality items you need today, with one quick glance at WorldBuild365's ever-expanding directory of products:

Crockery, Tableware, and Dinner Plates

Source a dishes manufacturer who can provide just the right sort of tableware for your establishment, or the establishment that you're outfitting. This directory is the place to start when you're looking for...

China and ceramic dishes and plates are amongst the most commonly sought-after items stocked by most restaurant dinnerware suppliers. When professionals need to purchase restaurant dinner plates wholesale, it's usually this type of item that they are looking for. The term "china" originally meant ceramic dinnerware that originated from the country of China, which was known for its pure whiteness and quality. Since then, it largely refers to any high quality dinnerware made from natural ceramics. Ceramic plates, dishes, bowls, eggcups, mugs, and more tend to be available in a truly staggering array of styles and dimensions - perfect for any eatery.

Searches for this type of product usually include terms such as china plates, ceramic plates, china dishes for restaurants, ceramic dishes for restaurants, and where to buy restaurant plates.

Porcelain dinnerware manufacturers stock high quality crockery made from the frequently highly valuable porcelain. Easiest to identify by its comparative thinness compared to china and ceramics, porcelain is partly translucent when held up to the light. The term "porcelain" is usually used to refer to the highest quality ceramics.

Polypropylene dinnerware is most often purchased in bulk to cater for corporate events or other events happening outdoors, as well as for kitchens which are looking for quality dinnerware available at a lower price point. It is durable and easy to clean, but does tend to look less impressive than stainless steel or ceramic alternatives.

You might also be looking for plastic plates for restaurants, polypropylene plates, or even disposable plates.

Polycarbonate glassware is not true glass, but a toughened - and frequently colored material - that is indistinguishable from the real thing. It offers significant advantages over true glass in terms of being dishwasher safe, robust, shatterproof, and highly resistant to impacts. This type of dinnerware will most likely be available from your flatware manufacturer in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shades.

Other linked search terms include glass plates, glass dishes, glass bowls, and fake glass dinnerware.


Though in other parts of the world "flatware" also includes plates and other relatively "flat" tabletop items, in North America it refers specifically to cutlery...

Stainless steel cutlery is some of the most popular flatware, and is currently in use in diners, cafes, bars, and restaurants across the world. Most cutlery and crockery suppliers will stock at least some type of this sort of dining utensils,

You might also like to search for stainless steel flatware, restaurant silverware, or stainless steel knives and forks for restaurants.

Plastic cutlery is often in demand by eateries which offer a takeaway menu, or which are purely fast food in nature. Most types of cutlery, often including plastic sporks and splades, can usually be purchased en masse.

Chopsticks for restaurants can often be purchased in large quantities from your chosen flatware manufacturer. Many offer traditional designs, while some companies stock novelty versions.