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Bring buildings into the 21st century with the aid of a smart interior technologies supplier. Find a home automation system manufacturer - with products suited to new constructions or to update existing buildings

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  • Wiring Accessories
    Wiring Accessories
    Be Smart

    BE SMART company is a dealer of all major brands of wiring accessories, which are distinguished by harmonious combination of reliability, quality , functionality and design. In our showroom on Kamennoostrovsky, 12 you can find samples of all electrical manufacturers.

  • KNX Compact Room Controller
    KNX Compact Room Controller

    Lighting control with KNX. Can be integrated into the intelligent building control system.

Find everything needed to make your construction project smart. Here you'll find the kind of wiring accessories supplier or smart interior technologies supplier which stock the products needed to set up climate control, lighting systems, multi-media sound and entertainment systems, and even the drivers for automatic curtains. You can...

Find a home automation system manufacturer - with products suited to new constructions or to update existing buildings

Buy a compact room controller wholesale - or, for the refurbishment of a hotel for example, you could even get a built-in TV wholesale deal.

Smart Room Controllers and Systems

Your chosen room controller supplier will offer units designed to make the adjustment of lighting, temperature, or other home comfort elements simple and seamless:

Compact room controller - this unit is designed for the control of light, shading, and temperature, and has an illuminated digital display. They must conforms to the KNX protocol, and can be tied into an existing intelligent building control system.

KNX systems - KNX offers convenience, security, and economy, and is suited to both private dwellings and commercial constructions. On WorldBuild365 you'll get the best start when you need to find a home automation system supplier who sells all the components needed for a complete intelligent home. Get your sensors, display units, control panels, drivers, and actuators from a dedicated room controller manufacturer to be sure of total compatibility between the different elements. You could even add in a weather station or energy consumption sensor.

Smart home security options - CCTV that can be viewed via the internet, presence detectors, and sensors that will alert occupants to gas or water leaks, as well as the presence of intruders. Most smart home automation also allows settings that simulate the presence of someone being home when the building is empty. Curtains can be set to open and close, lights to go on and off, and music or other audio can be set to activate and deactivate at appropriate times.

Connecting Components

The accessories needed to make the individual units work together:

Wiring Accessories - find all the wiring accessories needed to install or expand smart home systems. Get everything from power outlets to computer and phone jacks, HDMI, sockets, and outlets for local network with WiFi repeaters too.

Wireless Systems - switches, sensors, and panels designed to work in a wireless smart home, some based on the Z-Wave wireless technology system.

Products for Smart Homes

Top of the range televisions, audio set ups, and entertainment systems, for use in any or every room of a cutting edge dwelling are all available from the sellers showcasing their products in this product directory:

LED televisions - come in a broad array of makes and models, offering a vast array of additional features and screen dimensions.

Mirror televisions - one of the latest trends is this dual purpose piece of electronic furniture. Switched off this is an elegant mirror, when switched on it's a high quality LCD television. The TV will operate on mains 12 or 24 volt systems and meets all protocols for moisture resistance, and so can be installed in any room in the house, including the bathroom.

Follow the links to the sites of suppliers advertising here to discover much more about the world of smart home entertainment. It's quick and easy to discover top of the range audio systems from first rank manufacturers such as Bang & Olufsen, home movie systems, and multimedia control systems to enable networking and control of all devices from a single point.