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Top carpet manufacturers advertise their wares on WorldBuild365, Order online & pay carpet wholesale prices for your rugs, tapestries & floor coverings. Find wholesale carpet dealers who also work with a tapestry manufacturer - so the walls can be as beautifully decorated as the floors

Find a Floor Mat, Rug, or Tapestry Manufacturer

Dress a show home or outfit an apartment block with products from the expert rug suppliers and commercial carpet suppliers you'll find here on the WorldBuild365 site. Within this directory you can:

Compare products from top carpet manufacturers - buy in bulk and benefit from carpet wholesale prices.

Find wholesale carpet dealers who also work with a tapestry manufacturer - so the walls can be as beautifully decorated as the floors

Classic and Contemporary Carpets

Any rugs supplier featured in this online directory will most likely deal with a number of different producers, including inexpensive floor mat manufacturers and a tapestry supplier. By acting as wholesale carpet distributors they offer you rugs at wholesale prices. Choices of wholesale rugs online include:

Oriental carpets - pure wool oriental rugs are tough enough for the floor but so beautiful you many want to hang them on the wall. A range of sizes are available.

Contemporary rugs - bold geometric patterns and abstract designs are available. When you need to buy mats wholesale for modern apartments or offices, you'll find options including cubist inspired prints, monochrome swirls, or even a rug portraying the London skyline.

Rugs for children's rooms - Featuring bright colors or cute animals. These floor mats are a perfect way to make sure a child's bedroom is just as stylish as the rest of the dwelling,

Different Shaped Rugs

The wholesale carpet suppliers advertising here deal with top quality British carpet manufacturers such as Sanderson, who offer a range of pure wool luxury carpets...

Rectangular carpets - in a range of sizes, and in a variety of classical and modern designs.

Round rugs - these are available in a variety of patterns, many with a complementary edging and differently colored center. Size options vary.

Oval Rugs - some oval rugs, like the round rugs mentioned above, feature a contrasting edge and centerpiece design. A wide variety of sizes and designs are available.

Other Materials Used for Carpets

Like most wholesale carpet stores, the companes featured on this site work with many producers. As you browse the suppliers site you might find:

 Silk carpets

 Tibetan wool rugs

 Felted rugs

 Wool and silk mixes

 Synthetics such as polyester carpets and acrylic rugs.

So there's sure to be a mats manufacturer with a product that suits you, and which you can buy at wholesale carpet prices.

Wall Carpets

Tapestry wall hangings soften sound, improve acoustic insulation, and look fabulous...

Classical tapestries - traditional oriental designs fit formally decorated rooms or create a fascinating contrast in a contemporary minimalist decor scheme.

Floral tapestries - reminiscent of classical French interior design.

Modern designs - wall hangings may be an old idea but modern designers have taken them up and given them a 21st century twist. Whatever your decor and style, you'll find a pattern and design that suits it.

Furs and Skins

The wholesale carpet dealers on this site also work with furs and animal skins. These can be used as floor coverings, wall hangings, or bed covers. A few of the options available include:

Cowhide - in natural colors, dyed to any shade you can imagine, or printed with modern patterns or to resemble leopard, giraffe, or zebra hides.

Rabbit fur - plain or printed, or in various dyed shades.