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Compare ranges from different mirror glass manufacturers - you'll find both decorative mirror manufacturers and bathroom mirror manufacturers. Purchase wholesale wall mirrors - or mirrors for centrepieces wholesale. See more here.

Select Looking Glasses from Wholesale Mirrors Suppliers

  • Glass Techm straight mirror
    Glass Techm straight mirror
    Glass Techm

    Performed in the company "Glass Techm" on the individual sizes of mirror to order, extend and modify the visual space, increase the height of ceilings and perform the function of the decorating element in interior design. Additional edging mirror facet c allows you to create visual appeal created interior.

  • Univer Mirror
    Univer Mirror

    Univer Mirror is for bathroom.

  • Mirror HB 604
    Mirror HB 604

    Products made of mirrors are manufactured according to advanced production methods.

Use mirrors to reflect light, add to the style of your chosen decor, and to provide an essential grooming aid to the users of any building. Within this product directory you'll find antique mirror glass manufacturers and wholesale mirror suppliers amongst many others. Browse the site and:

Buy mirror centerpieces wholesale - check out suppliers of contemporary pieces, and buy classic Venetian mirrors wholesale too.

Compare ranges from different mirror glass manufacturers - you'll find both decorative mirror manufacturers and bathroom mirror manufacturers.

Purchase wholesale wall mirrors - or mirrors for centrepieces wholesale.

Wall Mirrors

Practical mirrors from leading mirror glass suppliers, suited to bedrooms, hallways, and offices. Buy wall mirrors wholesale from an online retailer for the interior decor of hotels, commercial centers, or other large scale projects.

Classic wooden frame - produced by both modern and antique mirror suppliers, this type of mirror is a perfect choice for bedrooms or living rooms with formal decor.

Frameless mirror - this modern looking option offered by many commercial mirror suppliers. It fits the brief of clean lines and simple forms favored in contemporary interior design.

Frameless mirrors with engraved and colored detail - this range comes in a variety of rectangular sizes, and a choice of detailing which can include silver, gold, burgundy, or malachite. It is suitable for hallways, offices, or lounges.

Beveled mirrors - square or rectangular may be the most usual shapes but there are other options. Many glass and mirror suppliers also offer oval, round topped, circular, octagonal, and other shapes of mirrors.

Other popular wholesale mirrors for sale include full length mirrors for dressing rooms, bedrooms, or clothing retailers fitting rooms, free standing mirrors, and wholesale mirror centerpieces, perfect for table decorations for weddings or other functions.

Backlit Mirrors and Other Bathroom Options

Back lit mirrors are especially suited to bathrooms, but also for dressing rooms, public restrooms, or beauty salons. Choose from a selection of different sizes and styles offered by the bathroom mirror suppliers who showcase their goods within this digital platform:

Frameless mirror with back lamp - a moisture resistant finish makes this a good choice for public restrooms or bathrooms as well as dressing rooms or bedrooms. The incorporated back light makes it suitable for cosmetic salons or other areas where maximum visibility and accuracy are essential.

Framed back-lit mirror - larger mirrors of this type can be used comfortably in any situation. Available finishes for the frame include black, white, or gloss.

Mirrors with shelves - perfect for smaller bathrooms, this option incorporates space to store soap, glasses, toothbrush holders, or other bathroom supplies exactly where they're needed. Available in a range of contemporary and classic shapes.

Decorative Mirrors

When you want mirrors which will be a design feature as well as serving a practical purpose, choose pieces from a wholesale decorative mirrors supplier. Options include:

Geometric designs - mirrors with a single centerpiece and a frame of squares, offset squares and circles, or pieces composed of small rectangular mirrored pieces.

Circular mirrors with decorative frames - flower effects, sun mirrors, or knotwork are just some of the designs offered.