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Browse WorldBuild365 to discover quality wrought iron railing manufacturers, metal gate manufacturers... and if you're looking for a door handle wholesale, you'll easily find a supplier to help you out with that too.

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  • Wrought iron scrolls
    Wrought iron scrolls

    A coil- shaped iron rod is commonly called “curl or spiral”. The curl has always been thought of in connection with wrought iron. In fact it is difficult to think of an object made of wrought iron that has not curls.

  • Wrought iron fence
    Wrought iron fence
    71 Cekh

    The fence looks stylish and protects the land from penetration of the uninvited guests.

  • Modern Forged Gates
    Modern Forged Gates

    This model is suitable for those customers who appreciate the quality, durability and design, combined in one product.

  • Metalldecor Forged Balconies
    Metalldecor Forged Balconies

    Forged balconies are most often used for decoration of facades, balconies and windows of country private houses. Unique forms and embodiment of any design solutions.

  • Decorative Forged Elements
    Decorative Forged Elements
    Storozhuk (uaStal)

    Today, decorative forged elements are the most in demand metal products. Forged elements have long become an integral part of our interior, they emphasize the elegance, stylistics and personality of the owner.

  • Decorative table
    Decorative table

    Decorative table is the original work of the master Alexei Danshin. The table is made of high-quality steel, has an attractive appearance, "golden" style.

  • MegaStroy Artistic Ironworks
    MegaStroy Artistic Ironworks
    MegaStroy Resurs

    LLC Megastroy Resurs offers high-quality artistic casting of non-ferrous metals in Moscow, in accordance with the requirements and sketches of the customer, which ensure the implementation of a fairly fast and high-quality casting.

The days when every village or town had a blacksmith are past, but in this digital age it's not hard to find wrought iron fencing suppliers or decorative wrought iron components suppliers. Companies advertising in this product directory include those offering:

• Wholesale ornamental iron supplies

• Wrought iron balusters wholesale

• Metal railing supplies

Browse WorldBuild365 to discover quality wrought iron railing manufacturers, metal gate manufacturers... and if you're looking for a door handle wholesale, you'll easily find a supplier to help you out with that too.

Wrought Iron For Outdoor Use

Fences and Gates

Within this section of the WorldBuild365 directory you'll find wrought iron manufacturers who specialize in the two most classic uses for this material. Check out the iron fencing supplies available from a wrought iron gates manufacturer, as well as the ranges of several metal railings suppliers...

Solid wrought iron gates - any iron gate manufacturer offering this product combines high security with a high quality of finish. Gates are built to order, and many companies use a specialist paint to protect against corrosion.

Wrought iron railed gates - an open railed design allows light in, and means that visitors are visible. Gates can be made to order according to the exact dimensions required. There are a number of different designs to choose from to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Budget friendly wrought iron fences - when you want the quality and durability of wrought iron there are a number of price options. Choose a simple yet classic design and purchase your iron fence panels wholesale to gain an affordable product that will last for decades.

Ornate and bespoke wrought iron fences - your fence can be as beautiful as it is secure. More ornamentation comes with a higher cost, but when choosing something that will last for so many years there is an argument for getting the best your budget allows. Standard size fences are in the region of 2 meters high, while bespoke orders for fences up to 5 meters in height or more are possible.

Window Protection and Balconies

Wrought iron is a beautiful and secure material from which to produce balcony railings. There are two major balcony designs - the wrought iron components suppliers represented on this site produces balusters for both:

Classic balcony - a concrete decking with a surrounding fence. This is the kind of balcony used for sitting or standing on.

French balcony - there is no deck on a French balcony, simply a door or window with a balcony railing immediately in front of it.

In either instance, balcony railings are produced to order by most metal fence manufacturers. An anti-corrosive paint finish is generally included in the price of the piece, and there will most likely be a range of colors and finishes to choose from.

Decorative lattice -to protect windows or glass panels in exterior doors. These units increase security and are also an attractive architectural feature. The wrought iron wholesale suppliers featured on WorldBuild365 will offer a wide choice of designs.

Wrought Iron For Indoors and Out

Find beautiful ironwork suitable for the interior decor of properties, and practical, attractive furniture that can be used indoors or out. Search the entire WorldBuild365 directory for other wholesale ornamental iron supplies quickly and easily...

Wrought iron furniture - tables, beds, chaise longue, or patio table and chair sets are just a few of the items offered by sellers featured here. These pieces are proof that ironwork can be delicate as well as hard-wearing. All furniture intended for outdoor use is finished with an anti-rust primer and a high quality finishing coat.

Stair rails - formed of mild steel and available with a wide range of finish effects, including brass, satin brass, and nickel, or painted to match the interior decor. These are designed for interior use only.

Furniture door handles - buy handmade furniture door handles made from wrought iron materials wholesale, to complement solid wood furnishing.

Other wrought iron goods available from suppliers on this site include curtain rods, fire grates and fire irons, candlestick holders, handrails, and much more besides.