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Invest in quality furniture and be assured that the product will perform as it should, confident that it will withstand years of use and still maintain its original look. WorldBuild365 is a digital platform for bedroom furniture suppliers. living room furniture manufacturers, wholesale furniture, nursery suppliers & more!

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  • Living room Furniture Тopaz
    Living room Furniture Тopaz
    Gvarneri furniture factory

    Living room in Art Nouveau. On the one hand living room furniture in the Art Nouveau style is characterized by simplicity of shapes and high functionality. Design living room includes original furniture solutions that are easy to fit into the modern interior.

  • Bedroom Furniture Modern
    Bedroom Furniture Modern
    Gvarneri furniture factory

    Bedroom furniture - like the elegant cut of expensive jewelry, not only emphasizes the beauty and sophistication of the interior, but also carries a high functional load.

  • Office furniture
    Office furniture

    Our room furniture - it's easy, functionality and elegant design - it's the furniture you are looking for. We have created a high-style room furniture for homes and prestigious office.

  • Interior. Luxurious Furniture.
    Interior. Luxurious Furniture.

    It is quite a challenge, but on the solution of problems of this kind (creation of an exclusive and elite furniture, interiors) and professionals involved in the group of companies "LOGART." Over the ten years of activity we have gained considerable knowledge, techniques and technologies that have become true tradition and style of work.

  • Carved furniture
    Carved furniture

    The furniture in the style of the palace, which is strongly associated with aristocratic interiors of royal residences and 17 yards - the 18th century, popular and in demand these days than ever before.

  • Making wine cellar
    Making wine cellar

    Create original interior of the boutique wine cellar or wine, to make it practical and exclusive collection of carved decoration will "Vine" from the "Stavros".

    Lang Hwang Corporation

    We have a large range of decorative tubing in a variety of lengths, diameters thicknesses andfinishes.  They are perfect for use in wardrobes, closets and kitchens. The fittings and accessories can be used to improve storage space and are a cost-effective way to make a visual impact in your home. 

  • Conwork - conference swivel chair
    Conwork - conference swivel chair

    ConWork makes sitting natural again – simply. The innovative mechanism provides superb sitting in any position. It is really easy to use and features outstanding material properties with its flexible wooden seat shell. The technical invention follows the minimalist design principle


    Mera fits in well with modern office layouts with its transparent, lightweight styling. The point-synchro mechanism and the flexible backrest encourage dynamic sitting. With its generous dimensions, distinctive high backrest even on the entry-level chair and patented quick-set adjustment to the body weight, the range is ideal for healthy, customisable use.

  • Moteo style
    Moteo style

    Moteo epitomises tailor-made lightness of motion. Flowing forms embody a harmony of body and movement. They follow minimalist logic to create a valuable innovation on a human scale.

  • Armchair 1890 SYN Infinity WHITE
    Armchair 1890 SYN Infinity WHITE
    Antares International

    Modern office chair with a white plastic, synchronous mechanism with multiple locking and ergonomic setting counterbalancing force, depth-adjustable lumbar support, modern pyramidal base, upholstery cold foam. Moulded foam armrests adjustable for height and angle adjustment mechanism for the seat depth, optional headrest - PDH, wheels Ø 65 mm, capacity 130 kg, 60-month warranty.

  • Armchair 8200 Boss
    Armchair 8200 Boss
    Antares International

    High backrest, synchronous mechanism ZEP setting counterbalancing force, polished aluminum base, castors Ø 65 mm, 3D armrests with soft touch surface and an aluminum profile (Configurable in height, width, angle and depth).

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Invest in quality furniture and be assured that the product will perform as it should, confident that it will withstand years of use and still maintain its original look.

Resilient and strong means longevity without needing to replace.

Easy to keep clean, with durability as an added benefit.

Outstanding décor where furniture is the focal point.

WorldBuild365 showcases furniture manufacturers, bedroom furniture manufacturers, and bedroom furniture suppliers right here on our business platform.

Sofas and Chairs

Find the best seat in the house - and office!

Sofa manufacturers that we work with have huge ranges, including two seat varieties in a classic design with wooden legs, suitable for the home or work environment - or opt for the luxury two seater with chrome legs. Other styles are both modern and sophisticated. Browse through the living room furniture manufacturers listed in the WorldBuild365 product directory.

Swivel chairs fit into the office environment well with transparent, light styling, and flexible back rests. Quick adjustments allow for different weights and body sizes, and the upright sitting mode supports a healthy posture – all benefiting well-being and productiveness.

Armchairs from trusted manufacturers deliver modern office chairs with molded foam armrests which are adjustable for height and angle. Depth-adjustable lumbar support makes for extremely comfortable seating. An alternative option is a high backrest armchair with 3D armrests that have a soft touch surface and an aluminum profile.

Workplace Furniture

For functionality and comfort

Office furniture has been designed to create an optimal and comfortable space for work, even at home. The package we offer comprises side tables, chairs, meeting tables, cabinets, and shelving. Fixed and mobile pedestals, and optional desk chairs can also be provided. Some of the elements in the cabinet are handmade. Designers can make the dimensions fit according to requirements.

Library furniture manufacturers feature fittings handmade by professional craftsmen. Units are equipped with desktops, ladders, panels, and columns. All items are made of solid birch, and come in four colors – cherry, winter cherry, Italian walnut, and bleached birch. Furniture can be built into the interior if preferred, and adapted for prints and engravings, as well as books.

Classroom furniture complies with all health and safety requirements. Materials used in production of tables and chairs are high pressure laminates. Properties include flame resistance, and antibacterial features, making them a great choice for the school environment. Rounded edges add to the safety factor. Available in a variety of colors.

Computer desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all available from manufacturers listed on this digital platform.

Bedroom Furniture

Get beauty, quality ,and luxury.

Beds from wooden bed suppliers have a rigid base made from softwood. They have protective and decorative varnishes applied, and a lacquer coating to preserve the natural colour of the wood. The headboard is often upholstered. Luxury beds can be lacquered and gilded with Mecca finish, whilst wrought iron beds from specialist manufacturers offer beds with two hand-forged backs and supports alongside orthopedic wooden slats.

Wardrobes are divided into different categories to meet all needs. Choose simple, fashion, classic, and distinguished styles when you buy a wholesale wardrobe. Flexible spaces ensure units are convenient to use, with flexible structures and optimization functions. They’re dust and damp proof, and open and close silently.

Nursery furniture suppliers guarantee low prices for all kinds of custom made items. The range of furniture is modern, and meets the highest standards of safety and comfort. See comprehensive listings in the WorldBuild365 product directory.

Storage unit manufacturers will provide packages with sliding door systems. Cabinet doors have an aluminum frame, with rollers positioned above and below the inner side of the door. The panel door can be mirrored with chipboard or rattan. Most systems come with a 25 year warranty, providing for thousands of door opening and closures.