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Get in touch with a reliable picture frames manufacturer, or buy frames wholesale, via the huge WorldBuild365 platform. Connect with top frame suppliers.

Connect With a Huge Selection of Wholesale Picture Frames Suppliers

  • Portal lux
    Portal lux

    Standard: 4 pcs to 2100 + 2 pcs 1000 Mezhstoevye plate - 3 pieces (2 sheets of hardboard and 2015 + 1 sheet 1700 fiberboard 4 mm) Locks Corner - 2 sets (4 pieces) Installation, rail

  • Velatura

    Texture Velatura technological breakthroughs of our specialists makes precision reproduce color images while maintaining the depth of color and vibrance of colors. It has a graceful relief, simulating the broad brush strokes of the artist. Fabric thickness of 1 mm.

  • Pietra

    Pietra - material stone character. Material Pietra - is volume texture with pronounced rocky terrain, ideal for simulating drawing on a stone fault.

  • Craquelure

    The main feature of the invoice Craquelure - a surface that perfectly simulates an old wall covered with cracks. Texture made Affresco craftsmen hand.

  • Profile and molding (leather and MDF) Elegant
    Profile and molding (leather and MDF) Elegant
    Premier Profile

    Size range: * Leather profile: 55, 70 mm (width), 2400 mm (length), quarter (configuration). * Leather molding: 32 mm (width), 2800 mm (length). quarter, docking (configurations). * MDF Profile: 55, 70 mm (width), 2400 mm (length). groove (4,8 mm), quarter (configurations). * Molding of MDF:30 of mm (width), 2750 mm (length). quarter, docking, groove (configurations).

  • Posters Grafis
    Posters Grafis

    Standart collection posters

  • Decorative frames for large pictures
    Decorative frames for large pictures

    Our company has a long and rich experience in the manufacture of decorative frames. At your choice we offer a variety of shapes, colors and patterns of decorative frames that will suit different types of interior.

Select from a large number of photo frames suppliers, and get access to a whole range of wholesale picture framing supplies with one quick search. WorldBuild365 lets you connect with the leading names in the arts supply world, providing you with the right companies to contact when you need:

Frames and mountings for artwork of any dimensions.

Whole pieces of artwork, including prints, tapestries, and vast range of others.

Specialty stylings, featuring stone frescoes and much more!

Make your choice from a huge stock of picture framing supplies - moulding, stock prints, and the materials needed to create your own, as well as ready-made items from the experts...

Frames and Mountings

This is the category to be searching when you need to buy frames for paintings wholesale, or the stock materials to custom fit your own - or your clients'...

Picture frames moulding comes in a vast range of materials, and is generally available designed to fit any dimensions required, or as high quality stock for picture fitting shops. Most manufacturers will offer mouldings in quantities of single stick on upwards. Oak, Ash, Pine, and Beech are popular types of wooden picture frames, while plain black and white are also heavily supported choices. There are also generally a huge range of stock colors of picture frames available.

Popular searches in this category include wooden picture frames moulding, plastic picture frames moulding, colored picture frames, and polystyrene core picture frames moulding.

Glass picture frames without borders serve as a protective layer for the piece in question without having actual frames edging the work to distract from the impact of the piece itself. They're almost always available in a broad range of different sizes, and so can be easily matched to almost any artwork.

Whole Pieces

As well as being a great way to consult the ranges of a number of wholesale picture frames suppliers, WorldBuild365 also lets you buy complete pieces. Choose to buy a tapestry wholesale, or get any number of custom prints of your chosen piece or pieces...

Leather texture profiles may be an alternative to traditional poster framing supplies. They consist of a profile of MDF covered in a high quality, textured leather. These can be smaller blocks used for decorative effect, or might be on offer from your picture frame wholesale suppliers in large formats, for use as decorative screens, or furniture or kitchen facades. Some companies even supply decorative leather clocks for interior decoration.

Tapestries can be made to order by a specialist tapestry manufacturer. Your tapestry supplier will almost certainly have a stock range of images readily available, as well as offering custom-made reproductions of whatever design or image you provide.

Prints and other reproductions are broadly available, and are a great way to buy posters wholesale. Most modern suppliers can produce pictures that replicate a level of detail down to the individual brush stroke of the original artist, and even beyond.

Specialty Style Whole Pieces

Get frames wholesale with ease via this directory, and get them filled with equal speed! WorldBuild365 often features a number of specialist companies providing prints, tapestries, and other artwork with unique stylistic effects...

Craquelure styling turns any artwork into something resembling the work of the old masters! Craquelure describes the cracked, aged style of the paint or varnish in a piece. Deliberately using this technique on a modern print or painting gives it some real character. If you're looking to buy paintings wholesale, your picture frames manufacturer may well offer this technique as an optional extra to give the items you purchase some gravitas.

Pietra stone frescoes may also be available from your frames manufacturer. Pietra stone has a pronounced, rocky surface that gives any image printed upon it serious depth and character. Scenic images, including underwater and nature shots, are particularly impressive when set on a contoured surface such as this.