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WorldBuild365 is the comprehensive online directory for sourcing many electric fire suppliers, gas fire manufacturers, & fireplace inserts manufacturers.

Buy A Wholesale Fireplace Via WorldBuild365

  • VIRTU Fletcher Fireplace
    VIRTU Fletcher Fireplace

    Thanks to simple forms and smooth curves perfectly fit into any decor and will be the main value of your home. Named in honor of the fireplace Fletcher Falls, named in turn after John Fletcher - English playwright, creator of the genre of tragicomedy. This waterfall flows into Lake Kootenay, region Kaslo. Fletcher Falls waterfall is relatively not large, but very picturesque.

  • NunnaUuni Hestia Solo 180 Fireplace
    NunnaUuni Hestia Solo 180 Fireplace
    Ladny Dom

    NunnaUuni Hestia Solo 180 Fireplace - bilateral (through) furnace-fireplace of the second thermal class, for big rooms.

  • Oven Mona
    Oven Mona
    Monte Flame

    Multideck oven with the original design. Perfect for heating small premises 35-70 m2.

  • Fireplace insert Eland
    Fireplace insert Eland
    Monte Flame

    Fireplace insert Eland is developed according to European standards and is certified on norms of the EAC. The design of the furnace used modern engineering and design solutions.

  • Model SUN
    Model SUN
    Arriaga Stone

    Model SUN is a chimney integrated to the wall and that combines with flat modules about its round mouth that though to the first sight evokes naturalness and simplicity. It nature is exceptional and distinctive for what possesses a great projection in view of spectacular design. The chimney can stand out or lie flush to the wall, acquiring great originality so much of horizontal as vertical form.

  • Fireplace Wave
    Fireplace Wave
    Arriaga Stone

    Beauty exposed to heat and demonstrated as centerpiece.

  • Fireplace Leda
    Fireplace Leda
    Arriaga Stone

    Matter in perfect balance with the environment where the stone suggests a sign of naturalness. Nothing is random in this fireplace but in seemingly way, manages to achieve the right proportions.

  • Stone fireplace
    Stone fireplace

    "Novyy Inter'yer" company offers its customers a variety of products for every room: Fireplaces made of natural stone, marble fireplaces, granite fireplaces.

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An open structure designed to contain a fire can be sourced from a fireplaces supplier, electric fireplace manufacturer, or a gas fireplace manufacturer listed in WorldBuild365’s comprehensive directory. Trusted electric fire suppliers will ensure that their products have:

Long lasting quality.

Individuality, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Beauty and appeal.

Central Fireplaces

Designed to draw and hold focus in a room, WorldBuild365 makes buying central fireplaces wholesale easy...

Japanese fireplaces are designed to assist in the appreciation of the natural simplicity of the home environment, and reign where space and light is minimalist. This type of fireplace offers gentle, radiant warmth and the luxury of watching a live fire safely. The materials used here are metal and fire resistant glass. Occasionally on request the model can be decorated with marble. You'll find it simple to find details of where to buy a wholesale fireplace on this site.

Waterfall fireplaces have simple forms and smooth curves, and are designed to act as a focal point in any home. This picturesque style is trim and neat, and has heat resistant glass. They tend to be available in many different colors.

Wave fireplaces are a beautiful example of a centerpiece. The unique form captures attention with its soft, eye-drawing motion. The leading gas fire manufacturers ensure their designs create a stunning interior landscape for any domestic or commercial property.

Mallorca fireplaces have a one-of-a-kind design that allows viewing of the fire from any angle, making it ideal as the center of the room. Sliding windows are operated by rotation of the base, and when the fire isn’t burning, there’s a built-in lighting system that provides a cozy atmosphere. This type of fireplace is usually ceramic-built, and will have self-cleaning glass and a removable ash pan.

WorldBuild365 will make it easy to find listings for a gas fireplace supplier.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Ethically sound and sourced natural stone...

Marble fireplaces sourced from a trusted marble fireplace supplier can be decorated and designed to suit any décor. With its luxurious and elegant appearance, marble is one of the most popular types of stone chosen to create the most beautiful fireplaces. These fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain, and are durable and diverse – the stone isn’t affected by heat, and is also water resistant. Marble can provide a majestic and timeless beauty when fitted in any room.

Fireplace Inserts

Devices inserted into existing masonry supplied by a range of fireplace insert manufacturers...

Moon fireplaces are mounted on four sides and at two heights, giving them an extraordinary but wonderful appearance. Material permutations are many and varied. A wide variety of models from different reliable gas fireplace suppliers are all listed on this site.

Wood burning fireplaces inserts and boilers provided by the wood burning fireplace inserts manufacturers found on WorldBuild365 are produced with water based boilers as well as boiler casings and accessories. Find wood burner manufacturers details here too.

Cast iron fireplaces, fireplace sets, and fireplace portals are all readily available in this online directory. Get details of where to buy fireplaces wholesale, and get the best value for money when you buy wholesale gas fireplaces through WorldBuild365.

Electric Fireplaces

Mimic a real fire with a variety of electric models...

Electric fireplaces with real fire effects are sometimes designed to mimic classical styles, such as Victorian. In this instance, carved decorative elements on the columns and top panel give the fireplace both sophistication and elegance. High quality electrical fire suppliers will provide the most realistic looking flame effect fires.

Alton Castle fireplaces are made of imitation natural stone. Electrical fire manufacturers which supply this sort of model provide a product which gives a showy bright flame, and a pretend wood burning furnace. This model has an extremely pleasing design, and brings warmth and comfort to any living room.

3D log fireplaces are the new generation in living flames. The flame intensity can be adjusted in three steps due to a dynamic flame generation mode. Firewood flicker function and sensor automatic shutdown are another two popular features, and the unit will often come with a remote control. See details of the much sought-after Oxford 3D log fireplace on this digital platform, and find the availability offered by any electrical fireplace manufacturer which stocks it.

Compact fireplaces, traditional fireplaces, multi-deck ovens, integrated chimney modules, classic fireplace portals, pipe heating fireplaces, and heat storage stoves can all be found on this digital platform.