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Whether you need reliable wallcovering suppliers, velour suppliers, or wallcovering manufacturers, simply use the complete product directory WorldBuild365! Interior design projects need cohesive and well-planned schemes. In order to create rooms full of inspiration and vision, you’ll want wallpapers and fabrics with superior design, durability, and options for easy cleaning.

Buy From Quality Wallcovering Manufacturers

  • Base paper for non-woven wallpaper
    Base paper for non-woven wallpaper

    It is used for the production of high-quality non-woven wallpaper with modern printing and plastisol, as well as for the production of paint (repair) nonwoven.

  • Omexco Capiz Exclusive Wallpaper
    Omexco Capiz Exclusive Wallpaper

    Omexco Capiz exclusive wallpaper is the embodiment of elegant exoticism. These wallpapers will make special any interior.

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Interior design projects need cohesive and well-planned schemes. In order to create rooms full of inspiration and vision, you’ll want wallpapers and fabrics with…

Durability means saving on money and energy.

Design and texture will ensure any wall imperfections are hidden.

Easy to clean options, as these coverings and fabrics require less maintenance.

For comprehensive lists of wallcovering suppliers, velour suppliers, and wallcovering manufacturers, visit the online directory right here at WorldBuild365.

Wallcoverings From Trusted Suppliers

For every-day to extravagant.

Wallcork products come in a wide range of colors and patterns characterized by innovative textures and forms. Cork coverings are a naturally decorative and modern alternative to traditional wall and ceiling covers. They’re ideal for offices, children’s rooms, and any other space that benefits from using the cover as a pin board. Cork is a natural insulator of both temperature and sound.

Wall linings are a form of non-woven wallpaper, and can be used to cover cracks and small gaps in walls, hiding a multitude of imperfections. Lining papers actually help to reduce shrinkage when the wallpaper is applied, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. This extra layer will also act as an insulator, helping to keep the room at an even temperature.

Wallcoverings for children are available in ecologically friendly textiles, including those designed by a famous Russian artist. The collection depicts funny figures and has actually been approved by a child psychologist! See full details on wallcovering manufacturers here on our digital platform.

Natural wallcoverings are all made by hand, and don’t contain any harmful components. Some of the collections signify Japanese temperance, elegance and youth. Silk and mica are a popular choice for wallcoverings. As silk is a natural fiber, it needs to be gently cleaned, and drying in direct sunlight should be avoided.

Decorative fabrics

Hand and machine woven, distinguished by ornamentation and colou.

Jacquard weaving perfectly retains its original design and offers a classic, inspirational fabric at a competitive price. The intricate patterns have strong characteristics, and are colorful and dense. To keep the fabrics in pristine condition they should be gently vacuumed with a brush attachment. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Velour is a dense fabric with a short pile that resembles velvet. It’s extremely soft to the touch, and has a luxurious feel. Velour textiles are normally solid in color, but the texture and rich hues make up for any lack of pattern. A regular brushing with a soft brush will maintain the plush appearance, and the fabric can also be vacuumed, and gently washed with a mild liquid soap. Source velour suppliers here through our online directory.

Rotary print textiles have a basic design printed onto fine cotton velvet, and are associated with many varied cultural traditions. Choose from paisley, floral, or geometric patterns, to name but a few. Special dyes penetrate deeply into the fabric to create a clean and saturated finish using durable colors. Classic colors and seasonal trends incorporate blues, lemons, pinks, and greens. Clean gently with a soft fabric cleaner.

Allied Products

Modern design concepts.

Digital printed fabrics are available in a range of nine core designs. Each one displays light and airy images on different materials such as organza, crepe, linen, and taffeta. The effect of the process is enhanced on the thin, transparent fibres as the dye directly bonds. Digital printing has a great light and rub fastness, making it most suitable for homeware.

Metal bronze fabrics are inspired by artists, and are designed for high-quality table linen. The acrylic coating prevents any absorption of liquids, and any beads will remain on the top of the cloth. The fabric has a protective coating of Teflon.

Wallpaper printing inks are wash resistant, lightfast, thermally stable, and suitable for hot-embossing on vinyl. Different print finishes create diverse patterns, depending on desires. All inks meet the colour-fast criteria of relevant regulations. The pigment content ranges from normal to high.