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When the construction is over & it's time to think about decor, check the furniture fittings manufacturers here. Buy furniture, fixtures & fittings online. Look to WorldBuild365 for those final touches, find wholesale interior furniture for large-scale projects like hotels or office spaces, and stockists and suppliers for remodeling work, commercial or shop fitting briefs.

Buy Wholesale Interior Furniture for Home, Office, and Commercial Properties

  • Columns (pilasters)
    Columns (pilasters)

    The pilasters of polystyrene can be seen today in many interior design made in different styles and directions.

  • Corner elements
    Corner elements

    Corner units are ideal for corner joints ceiling moldings and ceiling give the finished look can be used in any style of interior.

  • Wallpaper "V'yun"
    Wallpaper "V'yun"
    Permskie Oboi

    Single-layer wallpapers - "simplex", with improved color reproduction pattern are made by flexographic and gravure printing. A variation of this type of wallpaper is collection with latex coating with increased resistance to abrasion (washable wallpaper).

  • "Troika" panel
    "Troika" panel
    Mart Gallery

    Wall panel made of composite material, metallic color.

  • Radiator enclosures
    Radiator enclosures

    Color range - 13 SKU; Dimensions: 300х300/300х600/600х300/600х600/600х900,1200/600х1500,1800mm; Qty. in pack: 1 pcs; Packing with barcode

  • Plaster moldings Artistic Stucco
    Plaster moldings Artistic Stucco

    Italian stucco gypsum Artistic stucco. Fretwork environmentally friendly, does not deform during operation, does not crack, it has a good fire resistance, provides excellent traction. All items are further reinforced filament and glass. Plaster decorative elements Artistic stucco reliefs different detailed study. Collections have a wide range.

  • Perforated Sheet (HDF, veneer, plastic) Presko
    Perforated Sheet (HDF, veneer, plastic) Presko
    Premier Profile

    Application Area: • Interior decoration of residential and office premises; • Production of screens and boxes for radiators; • Production of exhibition equipment; • As a sound-absorbing panels for studios, theaters, conference rooms, theaters, etc .; • Production of office partitions; • Decoration of furniture facades and others.

  • Veronese Wallpaper Collection
    Veronese Wallpaper Collection

    The Veronese collection is an unusual collection of wallpapers from the famous brand Victoria Stenova. The collection is represented by the wallpapers on the verge of neoclassicism and constructivism.

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Look to WorldBuild365 for those final touches, find wholesale interior furniture for large-scale projects like hotels or office spaces, and stockists and suppliers for remodeling work, commercial or shop fitting briefs. Here you'll find:

A central product directory - That saves you hours of research when you're looking for furniture fittings suppliers.

Cost effective solutions - When you buy direct from furniture fittings manufacturers you'll stay within budget without compromising on quality.

All the extra touches you'll need - From battery boxes and radiator grilles suppliers to vase manufacturers.

Home and Commercial Furniture Fittings and Fixtures

Preparing a space for living or working doesn't have to take an age or cost a fortune when you purchase online.

Wholesale furniture fittings - Tables tops, mattresses, chairs, couches and divans, storage units, and everything needed to transform a room from an empty box to a functional space. Garden furniture and furnishings are also on offer, and you'll find a wide choice of materials and finishes to suit both modern and traditional properties.

Glass tiles - A modern, stylish, and practical alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. Glass is a durable, hygienic, and easy care material. Both floor and wall tiles may be made of glass and suppliers offer a wide range of colors.

Cabinet pulls and knobs - Changing door furniture on cabinets can be a way of making run of the mill units look a little bit special.

Radiator enclosures - Grills, panels, and screens to conceal radiators. Materials available include wood, glass, or metal, and there are a range of colors and fittings to choose from, so the enclosures can be selected to coordinate with the decor.

Battery boxes - Leather boxes and screens to conceal home battery systems. More than 30 different sizes and designs are offered.

Warehouse, Commercial and Office Storage

Storage and display units, generally intended for commercial usage. Some are also suited to modern home interiors.

Store rack systems - Strong, affordable shelving that can be adapted to a variety of goods. Suited to warehouse or storage rooms.

Market shelf units - Flexible enough to allow display of a range of goods, with both solid and lattice designs available. You'll find both general purpose shelving and dedicated units for specific products including bread, vegetables, and non-food items offered within the product directory.

Shelving systems - Designed for strength, durability, and stability. Steel pipe exterior frames make this shelving suited to heavy loads, while the modular design and option of metal or wooden shelves, and metal, wood, or glass doors make this a superbly flexible system. Designed for office, library, or commercial purposes, the system would also look good in a modern home.

Decorative Elements

The finishing touches and details that turn a construction project into an attractive and welcoming space.

Finishing Profiles - Decorative beams designed to conceal ugly wiring and cables, polystyrene pilasters, tile profiles, and plaster moldings can all be purchased directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

Wallpaper - Single layer wallpapers for quick redecoration, available in plain finishes or with a latex coating to render the paper washable and abrasion resistant.

Room dressing materials - Connect with vase suppliers, buy your bamboo placemats, candlesticks, salt cellars, or even tooth-pick holders online. No detail is too small when you're aiming for a perfectly finished room.

Artwork - Pictures, mosaics, and collages to decorate the walls of homes, offices, or other properties.