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WorldBuild365 is a comprehensive online directory that lists the perfect blinds & curtains supplier for you - everything needed to dress windows perfectly.

Locate a Reputable Window Blinds Manufacturer

  • Opera Curtains Collection
    Opera Curtains Collection

    One of the best-selling Espocada - ideally in a noble design. The basis of the collection of seven color trends - beige, mint, blue, green, gold, purple and white.

  • Curtains

    Color Bianca-S art.123304620 Boragy-S art.123324620 Boragy-S art.123324620 Caravella-S art.123046140 Clivia-S art.123329615 Clivia-S art.123329630 Clivia-S art.123329660 Filippa-S art.123051160 Fubuki-S art.123450615 Minor-ST art.123053615 Minor-ST and

  • R010
    City Decor

    R010 - Standard roller blind without a mounting plate and a chain-management

  • R011
    City Decor

    R011 - Standard roller blind with mounting strap and chain-management

  • Decofest Roller Blinds
    Decofest Roller Blinds

    In the assortment of Arttex company there are more than 100 different designs of fabrics for roller blinds in a wide range of colors. Roller blinds will protect the internal space from the sun's rays, but with this slightly lightly pass natural light.

  • Decofest Portiere Blinds
    Decofest Portiere Blinds

    We offer to your attention the complex solutions developed for us for window and room decoration. Curtain drapes Decofest - a one-color double-sided satin fabric, smooth and silky to the touch.

  • Fabric roller blinds
    Fabric roller blinds

    Fabric blinds on the windows can be lowered to any level so they provide a soft dispersion of sunlight in the room or a completely isolation from the daylight.

  • Multicolor strings
    Multicolor strings
    Mardom Home

    A new selection of traditional strings. Thin strings of fabric made in a few shades of the same color. Like the classic version, the product ensures wide arrangement possibilities. Strings can be used as a net curtain or curtain or an independent element of interior arrangement applied to divide the room. They can be used as a bed canopy, drapes, or to replace a traditional door.

  • Tulle Odri
    Tulle Odri

    Tulle net with embroidery is presented in our store, corresponding to modern high quality standards. It is made from natural materials, has passed the sanitary-hygienic control and can be freely used in any living rooms.

  • Roller blinds
    Roller blinds

    Roller blinds (Standard) (Belarusian-German "Delphi") are not only used as protection from the sun, but as a general interior decoration of any premises (offices, apartments, etc.).

  • Arcodoro Curtains
    Arcodoro Curtains

    High-quality curtains from the company DDA, presented under its own trademark Arcodoro.

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High quality curtains and blinds define the interior of any home. Listed on WorldBuild365 are a whole host of options for buying wholesale curtains online, blind wholesale suppliers, window blinds manufacturers, and more.

When choosing the type of window dressing, consider:

Function – get the best from your blinds.

Privacy – to ensure no-one can see in.

Light blocking ability – to protect furniture and reduce glare.


Shades fitted on rollers.

Roller blinds have space-saving and decorative dimming functions, the latter to help protect the room from sunlight. Traditional blinds have steel or aluminum tubes equipped with two arms. The design of the brackets allows them to be mounted to the ceiling, wall, or directly onto the window frame. There are a large range of colors and fabrics available from almost any window blinds manufacturer you'll find here on WorldBuild365. Roller blinds can also be used as a decorative feature in offices and apartments.

Day-night blinds have fabric strips that alternate with the transmission of light - moving the strips can regulate the flow of light into the room. These systems are equipped with a ceiling mount, and are likely to be available from whichever roller blinds manufacturer you select in a variety of double layer fabrics.

Fabric roller blinds can be lowered to any level to provide a soft dispersion of light into the room, or completely isolate it from daylight. These high quality and stylish products from leading blind fabrics suppliers offer comprehensive solutions for window decoration.

Interior Curtains

Get window curtains wholesale.

Shower curtains and bathroom curtains with patterns can be purchased along with your wholesale curtains and drapes. Fabric curtains are machine washable, and virtually maintenance fee - many fabrics are naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Vinyl and plastic shower curtains can be washed, or quickly wiped down. Good quality materials ensure durability and long lasting transparent or translucent designs.

Take a look at bath rugs, bathroom carpets, bath compartment curtains, segmented shower curtains, and aqua mats too.

Children’s room curtains can be the focal point of the room. Specialist curtain suppliers will use a vast array of colors, embroidery, ribbons, and pockets to make the curtains as decorative as possible.

Kitchen curtains made from linen are ideal for the kitchen environment as the light flowing fabric provides a soft touch to the room. Linen is also appreciated when used in kitchens because it’s well suited for heat insulation, and for keeping rooms cool. Despite its insulating qualities, linen is still relatively weightless, providing a gentle and subtle feel.

Fireproof Curtains for the Workplace

Textiles resilient to fire.

Anti-fume curtains are designed to protect from fire and the harmful effects of smoke. The curtains are hidden on top of an aperture, and so don’t spoil the indoor space. When drawn, they provide time for evacuation, prevent the spread of smoke, and have a lengthy opposition to the fire itself.

Fireproof curtains are a highly effective and reliable way to protect premises against fire. The composite screens are made of a special heat-resistant fabric which is wound tightly onto a shaft mounted in the upper part of the aperture. The shaft is invisible, and will be triggered in an emergency by a button or a keychain with the remote control operation mode. These curtains can be used in warehouses, factory premises, railway stations, shopping centers, malls, and many other environments.

Flame-retardant hospital curtains are 100% flame retardant. Every curtain in this series meets the strictest of International standards due to the extreme high quality of the product.

Made to Measure Curtains

Specifically made to fit.

Roman curtains from a reputable curtains supplier will provide sun protection in the warmer months, and keep the heat in during colder months, making them a great money saving purchase. They also give the maximum amount of privacy. Curtains come in a wide range of styles and colors to suit individual needs.

Alternative products are Roman blinds with various control functions.

Rectangular curtains are designed specifically for the ceiling, and are fitted with a proper mounting facility. Production time and delivery from a curtains manufacturer can be within three days. The fabric is pleated, and the frames are available in color options of white, silver, dark brown, or brass.

See classic curtain systems, mini curtains, lurex curtains, curtains without tape, tulle and veil curtains - all available on this digital platform.

Curtain Accessories

Define the look of your windows.

Tape for curtains is available in many different styles. Choose from pleat tapes, Velcro-tape, tape for Roman and French curtains - all with varying fullness and folds.

Decorative rings for curtains help fabric to hang better. Modern and luxury designs made from high quality materials are readily available when you find a dependable curtains manufacturer through this directory.