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Find roller blind suppliers & buy wholesale curtain rods from aluminum rod manufacturers. Get functional & decorative elements for window treatments.
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Buy Wholesale Curtain Rods and Accessories Online

Buy window treatments directly from roller blind manufacturers through the WorldBuild365 digital platform. Here you'll find curtain rod manufacturers, roller blind suppliers, and all the functional and decorative elements needed to deliver practical and attractive window dressings.

Find a choice of materials - Including products from both plastic and aluminum rods manufacturers.

Keep costs down and maintain profit margins - By buying wholesale curtain rods and accessories.

Roller Blinds

A space saving way of covering a window that offers simple lines suited to modern decor trends. Blinds come in a range of sizes and materials, and serve multiple functions, being a decorative element, a way of limiting harsh sunlight, or functioning as a privacy shield.

Roller blinds - An inexpensive way of covering a window, some manufacturers offer more than 100 different plain colors so there's something to fit any decorative scheme. Patterned fabrics are also available.

Pleated roller blinds - Unlike the classic roller, this option allows for part of the window or irregularly shaped windows to be covered.

Slatted Plastic Blinds - Durable, washable, and suited to rooms with a high moisture content. Slatted blinds may be fully closed for privacy, twisted to allow light into the room, or fully opened for maximum light and ventilation.

Electrically operated blinds and roll curtains - The mechanism can be adapted to suit vertical rolling curtains or the more common Roman blinds

Curtain Rods and Rails

Whether you want to buy wholesale curtain rods or find bespoke products from curtain rods suppliers for a high end project, you'll find a wealth of choice. Be sure to select a rod or rail that's strong enough to support the weight of the curtains to be hung. Some possibilities include:

Wall mounted rails - Available in plastic or metal. In a conventional rail system the mechanism is hidden behind the fabric. Different strengths of rails are available to suit different curtain weights. Many manufacturers offer two or three line options.

Plastic ceiling curtain rails - From plastic rod suppliers who're responsive to modern trends in decor. Ceiling rails are inexpensive, efficient, easy to maintain, and available in two or three line system options. Especially useful in situations where there's little space between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Aluminum curtain rods - Many of the aluminum rods suppliers you'll find here offer complete systems, including rods, hooks, brackets, and end cups.

Wooden curtain rods - May be as simple as a wooden bar, with a series of rings to which the curtains are attached. Wooden rods come in a variety of colors, or can be painted to match the decor of the room.


Cornices are frameworks that house a curtain rod. Typically they're rectangular, but many cornice manufacturers also produce models suited for bay windows or in curved shapes.

Molded cornices - For a classic look, these cornices are embossed with a decoration of delicately intertwined gold and silver threads. These are integrated items containing a three-row curtain rod covered by a rounded end baguette.

Eco line wooden cornices - A modern twist on the classic cornice. The rod is contained behind the box, but the large wooden rings are a visible decorative feature. There are a variety of different woods colors available with all dyes used being water based, while the finish is a natural beeswax.