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WorldBuild365 has access to wholesale curtains & drapes, & allows you to buy shower curtains & curtain tassels wholesale! Find the right products now. Get wholesale curtains and window treatments at competitive prices.

Find an Affordable Curtain Bracket Manufacturer


    MAGAM is the largest Polish manufacturer of curtain tapes. We offer over 90 types of tapes made of the best polyester yarns and with all kinds of creasing opportunities. With our modern machinery, the best know-how of our specialists and rich designs following the latest trends in window decoration, MAGAM products meet all the requirements of our customers in Poland and abroad.


    MAGAM LIGHT - our new line of curtain tapes. Very good quality at very low prices thanks to new technical parameters. All MAGAM LIGHT tapes are made of the best Italian monofilament yarn and all of them are certificated according to Oeko Tex Standard 100.

  • Arttex 257 Tip for Eaves
    Arttex 257 Tip for Eaves

    High-quality tip Arttex 257 for eaves. This detail completes the external appearance of the cornice, so the perception of the entire structure depends on it.

  • 8029 Curtain Ring
    8029 Curtain Ring
    Piing Heh

    Piing Heh 8029 Curtain Ring.

  • Luxury Fabrics Collection
    Luxury Fabrics Collection

    LUXURY COLLECTION - the fifth selection of decorative accessories for curtains from the company DECOLUX. The collection includes large tassels, decorative pendants, soutache cord, combined fringe, tie-bands and rosettes.

  • New Trimmings Fabrics Collection
    New Trimmings Fabrics Collection

    Textile accessories of classic design are presented in this catalog, among them are: large and small tassel tieback, small decorative tassels of two kinds, soutache, cord, broad and narrow fringe.

  • Curtain tape
    Curtain tape
    5 Avenue

    A series of traditional curtain tape is represented as ribbons with different types of folds: pencil, triplex, diamond, free fold.

  • Hooks

    Hooks are used for hanging curtains. Before washing: pull out the corkscrew (remove end caps) and remove the curtains together with the hooks. To remove hooks with loops is not necessary, a special configuration of the hooks allows you to erase them together.

  • Roll hook Kleve
    Roll hook Kleve

    Used for hanging curtains, roller blinds allow you to move it effortlessly.

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Accessories are the key factor to making curtains more attractive and versatile. WorldBuild365 has a comprehensive list of curtain accessories suppliers, wholesale drapery supplies, and eyelet curtain rings suppliers. Find accessories that are:

Of the highest quality, and designed to last.

Classic or modern, to complement any interior.

Affordable, to suit any budget.

Textile Accessories

Trims designed for attractiveness.

Curtain tapes are widely available from most curtains accessories suppliers in a whole range of designs. Tapes for Roman and French curtains, tape-velcro, and tapes made from the best polyester materials. Light tapes are made from Italian monofilament yarn, and provide excellent quality at low prices. Ribbon curtain tape is available in different types of fold: pencil, triplex, or diamond, and in white or opaque varieties. 100% polyester curtain lace is also available from curtain supplies.

Curtain tassels bound at one end and hanging free at the other are used as decorative fringes on curtains. Find details for silk tassels suppliers and ways to buy wholesale leather tassels on this business platform. Classic tassel designs include both large and small tie backs with decorative features of cord in both broad and narrow fringes, available in a variety of basic colors.

Brackets, Rings and Hooks

Buy curtain accessories wholesale.

Curtain brackets, including fixed brackets in iron, can be bought from many a curtain bracket manufacturer you'll find in this directory. These brackets are modern and artistic, as well as being rust-resistant.

Curtain rings are small clips designed to hold the curtain in place. They’re available in a host of different styles and finishes. Search for eyelet curtain rings suppliers and curtain ring manufacturers on this digital platform.

Curtain hooks are essential to hang curtains, and are simple to use - pull out the corkscrew and remove the end caps. A special configuration allows you to take them apart and put them together easily. Roll hooks are available for roller blinds.

Shower hooks in zinc alloy are available from shower curtain suppliers, and are ideally suited for bathrooms. The alloys are strong, durable, and cost-effective.

Finishing Touches

Details to enhance any interior.

Curtain finials are used as decorative ornaments on the ends of curtain poles or rods. Materials used in their construction include zinc alloy finials, which provide a sparkling finish, and wooden and satin tipped varieties.

Hairpin circles are accessories that are used to drape curtains. For light fabrics and textiles this is a lovely finishing touch. Kugels are decorative tools to stylishly drape curtains on loops.

Grommets perform several tasks, such as creating uniform decorative folds in the curtain material. The plastic rings are usually circular in shape, and are comprised of two interconnected halves. Buy curtain grommets wholesale any time via WorldBuild365.

Blinds and Curtains

Get wholesale curtains and window treatments at competitive prices:

Flame retardant blinds are made from jacquard, and are of the highest quality as well as being non-flammable.

Mini blinds can be installed quickly and simply. These textured rolling shutters have a decorative patterned fabric, and possess good insulating properties, as well as being able to gently diffuse the sun. The mechanism is managed with a chain or string.

Blackout blinds can be installed on a wall, ceiling, or doorway. The solid material, which often has a metallic finish, is easy to take care of. It gives 100% protection from the sun with its light blackout properties. Chain management mechanisms allow the fixing level of blinds to be easily adapted.

Roman curtains can be used all year round, and give the added benefit of sun protection in the summer months and energy savings in the winter months, as they keep the heat in. Curtains can be installed with different types of control – manual, chain, electric drive, or via the cord.