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Surfaces for storage or display can be provided by shelving manufacturers, shelving suppliers, and racking suppliers sourced through the WorldBuild365 online directory. A trusted cabinets manufacturer will ensure the cupboards they stock offer - Quality, Symmetry, Proper.

Get Shelving Supplies From WorldBuild365

  • Oceana glass shelf
    Oceana glass shelf

    Corner bath products F5005201 Oceana.

  • CLS1405 Closet
    CLS1405 Closet

    Stylish, high-quality CLS1405 closet.

  • Moovit MX Drawer
    Moovit MX Drawer
    Hafele Russia

    The Moovit MX drawer is a universal solution for your home. It can be used both in living rooms, and in office - baths and kitchens. A simple and convenient extension mechanism, and overall comfort from use will not leave you indifferent to our furniture.

  • Ares-2 System for sliding-door wardrobes
    Ares-2 System for sliding-door wardrobes

    The Ares-2 system for wardrobes will fit in many types of interior due to its minimalistic design, executed in light colors. Ares-2 is a robust system designed for doors weighing up to 70 kg with a guide length of 800 to 3000 mm. The manufacturer guarantees the use of the system for 25 years.

  • Shelf Boards
    Shelf Boards

    Wall shelves by the Vishera company are a strong products that will perfectly fit into the interior of your house - in the living room, office, bedroom, other rooms. Shelves are made of chipboard, with laminated coating.

Surfaces for storage or display can be provided by shelving manufacturers, shelving suppliers, and racking suppliers sourced through the WorldBuild365 online directory. A trusted cabinets manufacturer will ensure the cupboards they stock offer:

Quality, with hinges and accessories to match.

Symmetry to increase appreciation.

Proper layout design to ensure lightness and brightness.


Cupboards with drawers and shelves for storage...

Frameless kitchen cabinets manufacturers can provide flexibility and endless design variations to create a seamless kitchen with clean lines. In frameless construction, cabinets don’t have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. After installation, only the flat door and drawer fronts are visible, making a sleek, simple aesthetic that works with many design themes.

Drawers in frameless cabinets tend to be larger because of the space saved by not having the face frame attached. There is no center stile in the middle of the cabinet doors either, so this provides easier access to the items inside, as well as more storage space. Frameless cabinetry is perfect for contemporary cabinet designs, and is becoming extremely popular as it offers such great accessibility.

Similar products include storage cabinets, display cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wall cabinets, and bedside cabinets. Get more details on where to buy cabinets wholesale, and of a trusted cabinets supplier, with a quick search through the WorldBuild365 directory.


Ledges for displays...

Wall shelves that are decorative come in many styles and finishes. Floating shelves are an elegant way of displaying collectibles, photos, and other decorations. This type of shelving uses a special construction that makes the shelf look as if it extends directly out of the wall without any support. Glass shelves can be produced with clear or frosted glass, and with different edges such as seamed or beveled. These shelves are pre-fabricated and easy to install.

Shelf boards are practical storage systems for all around the home. Unfinished boards are supplied ready to paint, stain, or varnish. Boards are durable and versatile. Cube shelving contains mountable cubes, perfect for decorative displays or storage. Built in shelving can use existing alcoves to support shelves with screws into the walls, and adjustable slotted shelving systems allow the fixing of rails and brackets to suit the height and width of the shelving required.

Holders for wooden shelves are readily available from shelving supplies found on this digital platform. There’s a wide range of shelf supports to choose from, to suit any interior décor.

See where to buy shelves wholesale, and find a trusted shelves supplier or a shelves manufacturer, here on this site.


Frameworks for holding and storing...

Racking needs to be set up, operated and maintained safely. Durable and secure systems provided by a rack supplier are strong and made of high quality materials. Solutions for space, layout, and features needed are all taken into account.

Quality steel racking is corrosion resistant, and is extra strong for heavy duty builds. Boltless assembly makes the racking quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Modern systems also have front and back supports that are easy to adjust without having to re-align angle posts. Racking can be chosen based upon load capacity and storage capacity.

Chrome wire racks are finished with hard wearing nickel chrome, and have an open wire design for easy cleaning. They have excellent strength to weight ratio, and good air-flow. Anti-bacterial racks are also available with anti-corrosion features.

Other products of interest include commercial racking, pallet racking, and racking systems for shops, sheds, and warehouses.