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Interior Design & Decor Interior design is what transforms a property into a stylish liveable home. As homeowners turn to professional designers to help them decorate and furnish their homes, interior design services are becoming more and more popular.
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Interior Design and Decor products

  • Portal lux
    Portal lux

    Standard: 4 pcs to 2100 + 2 pcs 1000 Mezhstoevye plate - 3 pieces (2 sheets of hardboard and 2015 + 1 sheet 1700 fiberboard 4 mm) Locks Corner - 2 sets (4 pieces) Installation, rail

  • Kiper 14087-05
    Kiper 14087-05

    Reference: 14087-05 Name of design: Kiper Production: RF Thickness: 0.12 mm

  • Reference: 6008-1
    Reference: 6008-1

    Reference: 6008-1

  • Showroom Curtains Collection
    Showroom Curtains Collection

    Three books «Showroom collection» became the most thorough classical project in the history of Venesto. Major figures embroidered on a velvet cloth. They can see every stitch embroidery and appreciate its excellence.

  • Opera Curtains Collection
    Opera Curtains Collection

    One of the best-selling Espocada - ideally in a noble design. The basis of the collection of seven color trends - beige, mint, blue, green, gold, purple and white.

  • Skyline Curtains Collection
    Skyline Curtains Collection

    The collection is made in the technique of digital-printing and full-defying colors and mysteriously. Nine independent stories printed in ultrathin mesh organza, crepe, linen and tulle poliorganze.

  • Artificial suede
    Artificial suede

    The Adilet company represents a fabric imitation of natural suede. For clients, several collections of artificial suede are available in all variety of colors and shades. The material of artificial suede is soft and pleasant to the touch, practical and wear-resistant.

  • Hazelnut DC0309-14
    Hazelnut DC0309-14

    The PVC Adilet film is made of solid PVC, which does not contain volatile plasticizers. Due to this, the film has increased thermal and chemical properties, high degree of mechanical damage, exposure to ultraviolet and light.

  • Jacquard Fabrics
    Jacquard Fabrics

    Jacquard - thick, good-quality fabric with a complex pattern. Produced on a loom using a jacquard machine, invented back in 1801 by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

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Interior Design

Interior design is what transforms a property into a stylish liveable home. As homeowners turn to professional designers to help them decorate and furnish their homes, interior design services are becoming more and more popular.


Choosing Interior Design Materials and Finishes 

The selection of interior design materials involves choosing finishes for floors, ceilings, and walls. Materials selection for cupboards, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures is also part of the process.


Selecting the right products for interior design - reducing costs and effort

Well-chosen products for interior design make the design process much easier. Interior design products should be visually engaging and attractive, while the newest interior products have another specific quality – they are sustainable. Sustainable design generally uses natural products, or products made with as little impact on the environment as possible. As well as their eco qualities, sustainable design items and products add a touch of creativity and artistic expression to an interior with their natural appearance.


Design and Décor

Design and décor complement each other, so colours, materials, furniture and layout all need to work together to create the desired effect in a room.


The first step, for homeowners, designers or clients, is to look around the space and decide what to keep, what to remove, and what to base the design around – be it a theme, objects, colour or another aspect. Then, form a wish list of design and decor products and adjust to budget, time and the possibilities of the space.


Smart Interior Technologies

Great interior design is not just for visual effect – now, technology and appliances add just as much to the appearance of a room as the decorative products do.


Thermostats, video components, speakers are just some of the smart interior design technologies a modern home can employ. Home automation is now more desirable as it becomes more affordable – families are now using smart home technology solutions for control home security, temperature control and home entertainment. The good news is that all this cutting edge technology now comes with stylish minimalistic design so it can match the interior design and décor.