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WorldBuild365 is an online directory for water tanks wholesale & provides details of plastic water tank manufacturers & water tank suppliers - search now!

Find Local Plastic Tank Manufacturers

  • Underground tank. Fire fighting water tanks
    Underground tank. Fire fighting water tanks

    Reservoirs SPIREL - effective and flexible solution of underground water storage. SPIREL tanks are made of corrugated galvanized pipe spiralnovityh SPIREL - light and strong pipes, capable of carrying a load of roads of all categories

  • Cylindrical tanks KSC
    Cylindrical tanks KSC

    Capacity (barrels) are applicable not only in the home. Our capacity (barrels) have a wide range of applications from agriculture to industrial applications. Large plastic water containers, including food fluids, are used in industries. You can find them at beer factories, dairy factories, factories producing carbonated water etc

  • Expansion tanks Nema Makine
    Expansion tanks Nema Makine

    The company "NEMA Makine" (Turkey) has started its activities in the field of metal forming in 1998 in Gebze. Currently the plant for the production of membrane tanks has a closed area of 20,000 m2.

  • Storage tank
    Storage tank

    FloTenk-EN are used for wastewater collection of cottages, country houses in residential complexes, etc.

  • The water tank
    The water tank

    Flotenk-EV designed for storage of cold drinking water used for food in the future.

  • Lifting system nanoBOX
    Lifting system nanoBOX
    Zenit Group - Pumps and Water solutions

    nanoBOX is a high quality polyethylene tank intended for collecting water exclusively from domestic drains, including washing machines, showers and sinks (not suited for WC's). Thanks to its construction and small footprint, nanoBOX is very versatile and easy to install.

  • Topol 100 l Vertical Tank for Water Supply
    Topol 100 l Vertical Tank for Water Supply
    Imperial Santehnika

    Hydro accumulator with replaceable membrane Topol 100 L is designed for cold water supply system. Tanks for water supply of this type serve to maintain a given pressure in water supply systems, reduce the likelihood of water hammering, protect the pump, and accumulate a certain amount of water under pressure.

  • Diaphragm tank Inox 100 l
    Diaphragm tank Inox 100 l

    Inox 100 l Membrane tank is used to prevent hydrides in water supply systems. The tank body is made of stainless steel. The water in the tank only contacts the membrane, so it can be lime or contain impurities.

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The need for sturdy and reliable water storage tanks is constant. Explore WorldBuild365’s online directory for a trustworthy water tank supplier, a hemispherical head manufacturer, and plastic water tank manufacturers.

Water tank parameters include:

General design of the tank.

Choice of construction materials.

Efficient storage methods.

Water Tanks

Buy water tanks wholesale and source other containers for storing liquids.

Cylindrical tanks are produced in a solid state, which means they provide high water resistance. They’re protected against rust and mildew, and available in sizes from 150–500 gallons. The neck of the tank allows for maintenance inside, and the area for installation has de-mountable fittings. This makes it possible to connect additional devices, such as those needed for automatic water filling and draining, as required. One of the many benefits of purchasing from a dependable water tanks manufacturer is that a warranty of up to 10 years may be provided.

Vertical tanks are convenient for use both indoors or out, particularly where space is limited. They’re excellent for long-term storage of water, and can cope with extremes of temperature. An alternative vertical tank has a rectangular shape which allows maximum use of space for storage. This design of tank also has a health certificate, enabling it to be used for food products too.

Expansion tanks are designed for heating and cooling in conjunction with pumps for all types of buildings and structures. The quality control for these types of tank is rigid, and they’re constantly updated to meet the specific needs of the market. Closed water heating systems and domestic hot water systems both benefit from the protection of high pressure that these tanks provide.

Underground tanks allow storage of a large clean supply of water without taking up outdoor space. The coating thickness is 60% greater than a general tank, providing maximum protection against impact and pressure.

Storage tanks are sealed, and are used for the collection and storage of sewage in homes where the municipal sewage system isn’t available. These tanks require periodic cleansing, and so should be located in an area where a cleaning machine can operate freely. The size of the plastic container placed into the ground will be calculated by the amount of waste water that will be generated, and the expected frequency at which the tank will be emptied. A quality water storage tanks manufacturer will provide storage capacity guides.

Holding tanks collect wastewater, and keep it stored safely until it's ready to be taken to the municipal sewage plant for treatment. The tanks only need to be installed at a low depth, making them ideal for rocky areas. The shape of the tank - with the discharge nozzle located in the center - make them well suited for suburban locations.

Also see: Aquatech water tanks, firefighting water tanks, and water tanks for the storage of cold drinking water.

Water Containers

Capable of storing large and small quantities of water.

Plastic containers have exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance. They’re also lightweight, easy to install, and very durable. Plastic tank manufacturers will determine the best option for individual requirements with regards to the technical design, and the construction of the tank material from various polymers.

Water container manufacturers can provide highly selected stainless steel drums, in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs. These drums are environmentally friendly, durable, and safe.

Water Technologies

Well developed equipment suitable for specific requirements.

Hemispherical heads are located at the end of a cylindrical shaped pressure vessel. A hemispherical head manufacturer will promote the sphere as being the ideal shape for a head, as the pressure in the vessel can be divided equally across the head's surface. The radius of the head equals the radius of the cylindrical part of the vessel.

Lifting systems are made from high quality polyethylene, intended for collecting water exclusively from domestic drains. This includes washing machines, showers, and sinks, but they are unsuitable for toilets. The system is very easy to install, and thanks to its construction, extremely versatile.