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Find seawater desalination plant manufacturers & water pipe welding machine manufacturers. Buy water purification chemicals from online reagents suppliers.

Connect With Water Purification and Water Softeners Manufacturers

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Find everything needed to ensure high quality, potable water for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial use too. Use the WorldBuild365 business platform to connect with water treatment plant manufacturers, including manufacturers offering seawater desalination plants, and water softeners manufacturers. You can even buy from welding machine manufacturers offering tools to weld polypropylene water pipes.

Products from Water Treatment Plant Suppliers

Water treatment systems for preliminary purification - an industrial system for the initial cleaning of water from rivers or sea. The unit can be extended to include reverse osmosis, EDI mechanical compression, and multi-stage steam distillation.
Seawater desalination plant - choose a small scale or industrial usage desalination plant designed by water treatment system manufacturers to suit a range of situations, including producing drinking water in dry areas, for use after natural disaster, or to produce potable water on a yacht or ship. Desalination is achieved by converting seawater into steam using an evaporator and injection system and a ceramic heater.
Mobile water purification system - designed for use in temporary situations such as field hospitals, construction sites, or for remote locations. Can be used for any surface water and will produce up to 6000 liters of purified water a day, which meets the standards of drinking or cooking water laid down in DSanPіN 2.2.4-171-10.
Pool Filters - consist of a pump and filter drum which is filled with quartz sand to trap impurities in pool water.
Oil separators - developed by manufacturers to comply with European standards EN-858, and used to clean stormwater and industrial wastewater before returning it to the water supply. Separators are easy to transport, quick to install, and come in a range of sizes for different volumes of water.
Water softeners - reducing the hardness of water will reduce scale and extend the life of all plumbing pipes, valves, and appliances. Water softeners suppliers offer products for home drinking water and for water treatment systems for central heating.

Water Filters

Ecosoft commercial use filters - recommended for commercial and industrial enterprises where a continuous supply of clean water is essential. For the treatment of water against hardness, iron, manganese, ammonia, and organic compounds.
Pre-treatment filter cartridge - designed to remove particulate impurities such as sand, silt, or rust, protect the main water treatment equipment, and extend the life of plumbing valves, pipes, and appliances.
Carbon filters - choose from the range of carbon filter manufacturers represented on our digital platform. Carbon filters are highly efficient in the removal of natural organic compounds, chlorine, organic chlorine, petroleum products, and pesticides,

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water softening agents - formulations available from reliable reagents suppliers are designed for water softening, including the removal of manganese, iron, and organic matter, and also to purify artesian and well water.
Reagents for membrane cleaning - for use in reverse osmosis systems. Products produced by the reagents manufacturers represented in our product directory include biocides for rapid cleaning, and chemicals to reduce chlorine or protect against corrosion.
Antiscalant agents - designed specifically for use in RO systems, use of the most appropriate anti-scalant at the correct dosage will reduce costs by saving energy, reducing the frequency of cleaning required, and prolonging the life of the membrane.

Water Technology

Electrofusion welding machine - sold by welding machine suppliers specifically for the purpose of joining polyethylene pipes.
Pipe butt welding machine - another option to form secure bonds when working with polyethylene water pipes.