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WorldBuild365 is the comprehensive directory of ventilation suppliers, ductwork manufacturers, & more. All available in one convenient online marketplace.

Find a List of the Top Ventilation Systems Manufacturers

  • ECO110P/110/500 ROOF FAN
    ECO110P/110/500 ROOF FAN
    SK Tuote Oy

    Insulated energy-saving roof fan with a DC motor and protective coating. Inner pipe diameter 110 mm, outer iameter 225 mm , height 500 mm. The fan needs to be adjusted when installed depending on the circumstances.

  • ECO190P/125/500 ROOF FAN
    ECO190P/125/500 ROOF FAN
    SK Tuote Oy

    Powered roof fan with Ø 125 mm inner pipe. Made of polypropylene Outer diameter 225 mm, height 500 mm. Energy-saving roof fan with a DC motor. VILPE® ECo fans can be controlled with remote control, which uses a standard 0 – 10 V voltage message.

    SK Tuote Oy

    Insulated Ø 125 mm exhaust ventilation pipe with cowl. Outer Ø 160 mm, height 400 mm. The inner pipe is made of galvanized steel. Screws for fixing the pipe to a pass-through are included. Pass-throughs for different roofing materials sold separately.

  • NG40
    Sit Group

    NG40 series is specifically developed for condensing boilers with premix burners. Fitted with brushless DC motor, the design of the blower allows to be used in appliances with zero governor and positive pressure air-gas systems. The blower delivers high pressure (up to 3,000 Pa) and can guarantee wide modulation range up to 10:1

  • Air Handling units KOMFOVENT DOMEKT
    Air Handling units KOMFOVENT DOMEKT

    Residential ventilation with KOMFOVENT DOMEKT series air handling units is an ideal solution for flats, houses and renovated systems. There is a wide range of units for premises from 40m² up to 250m².

  • Air Handling Units Kompakt
    Air Handling Units Kompakt

    KOMFOVENT KOMPAKT series offers standardized range of air handling units with heat recovery by rotary or plate exchanger, low energy EC motors.

  • Air Handling units KOMFOVENT VERSO
    Air Handling units KOMFOVENT VERSO

    KOMFOVENT VERSO units have 9 main sizes for the air flow from 1000 m³/h to 34 000 m³/h. Units can be with heat recovery or just supply air units. VERSO ensures best performance and required operation parameters being design in very compact dimensions: each section size allows bringing it through the standard 900 mm width doors’ opening.

  • Air Handling units KOMFOVENT KLASIK
    Air Handling units KOMFOVENT KLASIK

    KOMFOVENT KLASIK is customized ventilation equipment for various types of premises. Air handling units are available in 11 sizes with airflows ranging from 1 000 to 60 000 m³/h (0,3 to 17 m³/s). Units of bigger capacity are also available and can be selected according to individual inquiries. For special request can be produced up to 100 000 m³/h. Air handling units are available as common casing

  • Titan Air VSV 120
    Titan Air VSV 120
    Titan Gaztehprom

    Heaters used indirect regenerative type heating, in which heat from the flue gases surrenders air through the furnace wall and the tube convection portion.

    Eko Air

    COOPER SERIES Brazing material is cooper LB - designed work pressure is 16 bar. Used in district heating, hot water supply and ventilation NB- designed work pressure is 31 bar. Used in hight pressure systems.

  • Venduct® universal tile vent
    Venduct® universal tile vent

    The ideal ventilation solution under a roof-mounted solar system. Under solar energy or photovoltaic system panels, the Venduct® Universal Vent Tile fits the majority of roof tile profiles. The flexibility of Venduct® Universal Base Tiles provides problem-free weatherproof installation to the roof covering.

  • Ballu BFL-24HN1 Column Split System
    Ballu BFL-24HN1 Column Split System
    Climat Prof Kazakhstan

    The company offers a range of powerful BALLU column-type air conditioners. The new series of column split systems 24 000 or 48 000 BTU has become almost a half times more compact and economical. Wide air flow and vertical automatic blinds are rotated 160 ° and allow to cool and to heat quickly a large area.

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Ducted heating and air conditioning systems are used in a huge number of buildings. Wherever you're fitting yours, use the WorldBuild365 directory to make sure you get access to parts which are:

Of the highest quality from industry-leading ductwork suppliers and fan manufacturers.

Suitable for your requirements, with many companies offering you custom builds and huge products ranges.

Long lasting and efficient, so the systems you install will last a lifetime.

You'll be able to buy a wholesale diffuser, as many as you need, as well as wholesale ductwork, and the products of many of the best air handling units manufacturers. All in one convenient place...

Air Handling Units and Fans

Most ventilation systems manufacturers design their products to be silent or near-silent in terms of function. Here you'll find a broad array of fans and air handling units from a wide range of ventilation manufacturers...

Air handling units are customizable units which provide energy recuperation, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, filtration, sound attenuation, as well as functioning as air supply or exhaust units. They can be supplied in varying sizes ranging from 1000 to 60 000m3/h, and even larger for special orders.

Diffusers come in multiple formats, including multi-directional ceiling-mounted designs which are amongst the most popular. Many have a removable central section in case of blockages or other maintenance issues. All of the products of the diffuser suppliers on our online directory are designed for air intake and delivery. They come in various materials, including anodized aluminum.

Ventilation grilles are a more basic version of the products offered by many diffuser manufacturers. They're usually ceiling-mounted units, and come in various patterns and models.

Wall-mounted fans come in many different shapes, sizes, and are made from may different materials. Some ventilation suppliers make chrome or even gold-plated fans, while others provide more regular designs constructed from plastic.

Window fans have an outdoor grill and vent with a gravitational valve. They're designed to be mounted in window spaces, and to be used continuously. These fans are usually perfect for both domestic and commercial spaces.

Centrifugal fans are often designed to disguise the air intakes, making them a less obvious presence in most environments.

Designer fans are available from many air blower manufacturers. They usually have decorative casings, and are most commonly designed to be wall-mounted in plain view. They provide continuous operation, and easy maintenance.

Axial fans are heavier duty units usable in a wide variety of structures. They're commonly used in both ducted heating and air conditioning systems, and often come in low pressure models with an air capacity between 1000 and 12 000m3/h.


Buy wholesale ductwork in a wide variety of formats and specifications, including products by industry-leading dampers manufacturers...

Ductwork manufacturers typically use high-precision systems in order to allow the creation of ducts of any complexity. Most ducts are made of stainless steel with a galvanized steel overcoat.

Dampers suppliers make products which are designed to be used when you have lower demands for shut-off capacity. They have a turning, circular blade, which can be set at any angle between 0 and 90°. 90° is the closed blade setting. 0° is fully open.

Full ventilation systems can also be supplied. Manufacturers like Lunos supply everything required ready for instant installation. This means the initial investment, and often the long-term running costs, of the system can be reduced.