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Solar systems suppliers, rechargeable batteries suppliers, & a solar panel wholesale distributor are all featured in WorldBuild365's online directory now!

Buy Solar Panels Direct From Manufacturer

  • Solar Collectors by Tesy
    Solar Collectors by Tesy

    Flat plate solar collectors with selective absorber.

  • Solar Panel RT 2,2000016-2
    Solar Panel RT 2,2000016-2

    The solar panel SILE SOLE model RT model is a flat collector adapted to be positioned vertically or horizontally in parallel, in a built-in, flat roof, or for a free installation.

  • Solahart Free Heat Series
    Solahart Free Heat Series
    Bernadi Utama

    Water heating systems work on Indirect Series Solahart not directly, that the water in the tank is heated by distilled water rust amalgamated guard, the liquid circulates (thermosiphon) on a tank jacket (closed circuit). At the time of distilled water through the tank jacket amalgamated with rust guard that heats water stored in tanks as a mediator heating.

  • Solar Water Heater KAIROS CF 2.0
    Solar Water Heater KAIROS CF 2.0
    Ariston Thermo Indonesia

    The solar collector Ariston, size 2x1m, is constructed from a frame of anodized aluminum, weather resistant, anti-reflective glass tempered by 4mm and an absorber with highly selective treatment of titanium oxides. Designed for optimal operation with forced circulation system.

  • Solar collectors Hewalex
    Solar collectors Hewalex

    The design of its vacuum collectors HEWALEX company uses vacuum tubes made in Germany. These pipes have a special antirefleksnoe coating that allows you to increase the efficiency of the solar collector.

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Panels designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity and heating can be found in WorldBuild365’s online directory. This digital platform lists solar system suppliers, rechargeable batteries suppliers, and solar panel manufacturing companies.

Buy solar panels direct from the manufacturer that are:

Powerful to produce the maximum amount of electricity.

Efficient at generating energy.

Aesthetically pleasing and great for saving money.

Solar Collectors

Devices for the absorption of solar radiation. The solar collector suppliers you'll be able to quickly locate using this directory provide:

Flat type solar collectors can be mounted on or in the roof, vertically or horizontally. The sol-titanium coating provides long lasting efficiency. Frames are aluminum with seamless sealing glass, and the components inside and at the back are insulated to minimize potential heat loss. The glass is designed to withstand high thermal stress.

Vacuum tube solar collectors are constructed from pipes with a special coating that enables increased efficiency. They have a high degree of reliability, and are easy to maintain. They capture sunlight with their greater surface area, and are most efficient in transferring heat. Broken tubes can easily be replaced using the products of the residential solar panel manufacturers you'll find here. Corrosion issues are reduced, and excellent performance is still achieved in overcast conditions.

Aurotherm solar collectors are flat with a high-strength corrugated glass surface. They can be installed on inclined or horizontal surfaces, or even on the ground. The aluminum frames are anodized in black, and coated with highly selective absorbers. Low installation height and low weight are two more attractive features. These highly effective products are available from many a solar panel wholesale distributor.

Selective absorber solar collectors have selective coatings to ensure constant high efficiency. Prismatic glass retains the accumulated heat, and allows the maximum quantity of solar radiation to pass to the absorber. Glass wool insulation guarantees minimal heat loss even under extreme conditions. Frames are made from aluminum alloy, and are laser welded together.

Wooden frame collectors have been designed for roof integration, and are available as basic and extension modules. The specially developed roof lining system ensures optimum sealing against the roof surface.

Photovoltaic modules are available from photovoltaic cell suppliers. They can be used in both the private and industrial sectors, providing the ultimate solution for power supplies. The system uses solar panels comprised of solar cells to generate the electrical power. They don’t generate any pollution, and installations can be ground mounted, wall mounted, or rooftop mounted.

It's quick and easy to find out where to buy solar panels wholesale in this directory. You might also be searching for solar roof panels, solar roof tiles, or solar energy collectors - all of which are available from the largest solar panel manufacturers.

Water Heating Systems

Convert water into renewable energy.

Solar thermal systems capture the heat from the sun and use it to heat up water for the home or business property. The higher the usage, the larger the benefit that will be gained. Hot water is then pumped through a coil into the cylinder, which transfers the heat to the water in the cylinder. Source a water heater wholesale, or find a solar water heating system manufacturer here.

Rechargeable Batteries

Charge, discharge, and recharge.

A reputable rechargeable batteries supplier will offer batteries that are sealed and ready to work, and which are free from maintenance. Lead-acid batteries don’t have issues with reduction of capacity because of an incomplete charge-discharge cycle. As the internal resistance of these batteries is small, they are able to give great power to the load, and benefit from a wide operating temperature range at 100% charge. Buy rechargeable batteries wholesale with ease via this directory.

Solar Kits

No wires or cables required.

Bypass valve solar kits are made to connect to a solar panel and boiler for thermic integration, providing the user with a constant temperature of hot water. If the water coming from the solar tank is hot enough, it’s automatically mixed with cold water to guarantee the desired outlet temperature. If the solar temperature is too low, it’s diverted to an additional heat source to increase it. The distribution to the domestic water system is always controlled, and the complete combination valve kit is easy to install.

Solar Paints

When the sun doesn’t shine

Thermal paint is made of 100% silicone polymer to accelerate water heating. An insulating paint reflects heat coming from both directions, allowing a reduction of winter time heat loss, and an increase in summer time heat gain. Solar reflective paints extend the life of roofs by reflecting sunlight away from the surface, reducing heat transfer, by decreasing thermal contraction, and by helping to manage leaks. This in turn helps to lessen energy costs.