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The removal and treatment of waste water and debris by means of sewers is a vital part of infrastructure. Find submersible sewage pump manufacturers, wastewater pump manufacturers, and drainage pipe suppliers in WorldBuild365’s comprehensive product directory. The sewerage system must be:

Sanitary to ensure minimum health risks.

Maintained to avoid water contamination.

Regulated to meet all statutory requirements.

Sewerage Treatments

Reducing organic and bacterial content

Sewerage plants are intended for the treatment of wastewater in domestic households, and are readily available from many wastewater treatment suppliers. Treatment plants can be equipped with computer control systems that perform multiple calculations to identify optimal parameters. The removal of contaminants by chemical and biological processes produces environmentally safe treated wastewater.

See individual sewerage plants and specialized sewerage plants on this digital platform.

Pumps and Wells

Integral parts of collection systems.

Pump stations are used for pumping away domestic and industrial waste water. Stations are available in full operational mode, and can be installed and connected on-site immediately. The fiberglass body is mounted on pipework, with valves and control elements such as sun roof, staircase, and suspended platforms attached. The pump is controlled by a float switch and panel, mounted on a separate frame near the station, possibly in a nearby building.

Pump units purchased from most of the sewage pump suppliers in this directory are installed on metal pedestals with airtight sealing mounts. The trash basket is designed to collect large debris that could enter the pump and disable it. At the top is a vent pipe for air. The function of the pump is controlled by sensors – light signals sent to the remote automatic control, which are located on racks.

Distribution wells are used for distributing the flow of storm water into the treatment plant. They remain at relatively low temperatures and create low bacterial and viral pollution.

Alternative Solutions

For freedom and control.

Autonomous sewerage solutions are designed for cafes and restaurants, gas stations and car washes. The fine bubble aeration significantly reduces the duration of any biochemical processes, and has a purification result of up to 97%. It also uses a minimum amount of land area. Other solutions suitable for high water tables use a large primary chamber that works automatically – there are no unpleasant odors even when the unit is turned off.

Underground installations are intended for deep biological treatment of domestic sewage. Equipment is installed in underground tanks made of reinforced concrete, with a hydraulic system that can be placed above the tank or within 15 meters. Concrete bases and pits are used below ground level with concrete spacing between the cylindrical polypropylene bioreactors. Several submersible sewage pump suppliers are listed on this business platform.


Pipes carry waste matter away. The drainage pipe suppliers you'll find in this directory offer a wide selection, including:

Outdoor sewerage options, comprising a sewer pipe system designed specifically for the transportation of waste to the outer sewage network.

PVC pipes that are resistant to the influence of organic and inorganic acids and alkalis. They’re also cost-effective and corrosion proof. This type of pipe is easy to handle and install, and provide an environmentally sound, lifelong service.

UPVC pipes that are designed and molded for non-pressure pipelines. They deal with external and domestic sewage, alongside diversion of industrial waste water, and general drainage. These pipes are lightweight, rust resistant, adaptable, and the smooth internal finish offers less friction.

Iron sewerage pipes that provide unsurpassed fire resistance. They don’t burn, or give off gases when heated. The pipes are easy to install, and have superior durability – fittings can be assembled and disassembled very quickly. Cast iron effectively suppresses sound, which can be a major benefit for residential properties.

Other components that may be required include air plungers, airflow switches, filters, rainwater inlets, and cast-iron drain covers. You'll find options for these within this directory.