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  • Air & water cooled Chillers
    Air & water cooled Chillers
    Jiuding Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

    JIUDING offers a wide range of water & air cooled chillers (refrigeration and cooling systems), cold/food storage, AHU - Air Handling Units as well as ice skatiing rinks, environmental simulation chambers and in general equipment in the HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry.

Good quality commercial refrigeration equipment is essential to ensure the smooth running of any business. Contact commercial refrigeration suppliers, cold storage machinery suppliers, and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers via WorldBuild365’s online directory. Check for:

Reliability, to guarantee optimum functioning.

Overall efficiency to save on energy costs.

High performance levels that are easily maintained.

Types of Chamber Cooling Systems

Cold storage equipment suppliers can provide two major types of chamber cooling systems – expendable or mechanical.

Expendable refrigerants use liquids or gases that are injected directly into the space. The gas is then vented out of the chamber and ducted outdoors. Gases are environmentally safe and temperatures achieved can be as low as -184°C.

Mechanical cooling systems use a compressor and circulate a refrigerant around the system. The ultimate low temperature required will determine which is needed: single stage for reducing the temperature to - 34°C, tundra to -45°C, and cascade for -85°C.

Contact a refrigeration equipment manufacturer through this business platform for advice.


Refrigeration equipment suppliers can offer:

Chambers for flowersthat are designed specifically to maintain the temperature and humidity for the storage of cut plants. The chambers are made of sandwich panels with shaped elements, which can be smooth or profiled. The ceiling and floor panels are all smooth, the ceiling panels have an outer galvanized steel finish, and inner galvanized steel with polymer coating. The wall panels are galvanized steel on both sides.

The chambers come complete with fitting elements, a pressure equalization valve, and assembly instructions. On request, the chambers can include a PVC curtain, aluminum sheets and waterproof sheets of plywood, as well as extra sealant, foam and screws. The unit is simple to install, and easy to operate and manage.

See also: industrial cold chambers, doors for cold chambers, and molded finishing accessories. You'll find them all on this business platform, as well as where to buy refrigeration equipment wholesale.

Low Temperature Chambers

The industrial refrigeration manufacturers you'll find here will supply:

Freezing chambers that are constructed from sandwich panels with rigid polyurethane foam filler. The sandwich panels are available in different metal options such as cold-rolled galvanized steel, stainless steel, and cold-rolled galvanized steel with varying coating options. These chambers are mainly used for the storage of food products, and are energy saving. For more details about where to buy cold storage wholesale, browse through this online directory.

Refrigerating chambers that are designed to maintain the temperature for the safe storage of foods including fresh fruit, meat, poultry, and fish. They can also be used for the storage of pharmaceuticals and wine. The chambers are constructed from sandwich panels with rigid polyurethane fillers, and are widely used in commerce. See more details about where to buy wholesale refrigeration products on this digital platform.

Cold prefab storage containers that are constructed from a light steel frame. They're quickly completed under dry construction, which is convenient and eco-friendly. Insulation and therefore energy savings are high. The roof and door are made from sandwich panels, and the units have a PVC single sliding glass window. Electricity supplies include two lights, with one switch and two sockets. These containers are ideal for use in workshops, hospitals, hotels, and offices, and are readily available from the industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturers found in this directory.