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Whether you need to buy a wholesale submersible pump, a wholesale heat pump, or contact the market-leading drainage pump suppliers, you'll find them here in our marketplace.

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  • MXS Calpeda Submersible Pumps
    MXS Calpeda Submersible Pumps

    High-strength multi-stage submersible pumps made of stainless chromium-nickel steel.

  • Altek Pump Stations
    Altek Pump Stations

    Pump stations are used to transfer working fluid from collectors to various heat exchangers or to storage tanks.

  • 6 Series 650 Jet Cleaner
    6 Series 650 Jet Cleaner
    Roots Multiclean

    High-pressure pump, able to supply a strong stream of cold water for effective cleaning of surfaces.

  • Water Energy Fire Control 2 NKP-G
    Water Energy Fire Control 2 NKP-G
    Water Energy

    The fire control pump station can be used in various facilities, office, residential, industrial complexes. The station consists of a system of pipelines, pumping units, an automation unit. Modifications are possible for fire hydrants, deluge and sprinkler systems.

  • Water Energy Wet Rotor Circulators
    Water Energy Wet Rotor Circulators
    Water Energy

    Wet Rotor Circulators are available in several variants - VA, VB, VD. They are designed specifically for individual air conditioning and heating systems. VA - is a single pump with threaded nipples, VB - single with oval flanges, and VD - double pump with flanges.

  • Sanicondense Plus Air Pump
    Sanicondense Plus Air Pump

    This pump model is used for pumping out air conditioners and boilers. Sanicondens Plus has a symmetrical shape and 4 inputs of 2 on each side. The pump is suitable for a variety of installations. The device will serve you long and good service.

  • Grundfos SBA well pump 3-45А
    Grundfos SBA well pump 3-45А

    Automatic pumps Grundfos SBA are used for water supply from wells, wells and reservoirs to collect rainwater, as well as to increase pressure in the water supply network, water supply, etc.

  • Vortex Pump Waterstry KBM WDP 750
    Vortex Pump Waterstry KBM WDP 750

    Vortex pumps KBM are used for pumping water or other liquids that are similar in chemical and physical properties. Pumps of this type are suitable for small mobile water supply sources, automatic water sprinkler systems.

  • Horizontal CNP Pump
    Horizontal CNP Pump

    CNP by the Karlskrona company is a single-stage, centrifugal, spiral pump. Due to the axial prefabricated structure, which makes it easy to remove the upper part of the housing, you gain access to the internal components of the pump without affecting the engine and pipelines.

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Use the WorldBuild365 directory when you need to locate the correct pump for the task at hand. We have listings of the top dosing pumps suppliers, oil pump manufacturers, and a vast range of others. We make it easy for you to find a unit...

For every purpose you could ever need a pump for!

Of different grades - certain systems need heavier and lighter grades of pump.

Along with all connectors and piping - you'll find a whole range of products in our plumbing and piping directory.

Whether you need to buy a wholesale submersible pump, a wholesale heat pump, or contact the market-leading drainage pump suppliers, you'll find them here in our marketplace...


Which particular purpose do you need a pump for?

Submersible pumps are designed for use underwater, specifically in wells and boreholes, as well as reservoirs and lakes. Using the products of submersible pump manufacturers usually means you need to be very sure of the diameter of the borehole they will be used in.

Magnetic drive pumps are used for acid transfer, water purification, and in pumping combustible liquids or organic chemical compounds. You'll find a wide range of magnetic drive pump manufacturers here in the WorldBuild365 directory.

Dosing pumps are usually monoblock units which are designed to change the direction and magnitude of the working fluid flow. Dosing pumps manufacturers tend to supply a variety of models for different system volumes.

Drainage pumps are designed to pump water which contains a large amount of air. Generally, this will mean artificial ponds, waterfalls, and fountains will see the most of the results of the drainage pumps manufacturer's art. These pumps are available in both toughened metal and lighter plastic varieties, for different purposes. Most come with attached float switches to allow for automatic operation.

Circulation pump manufacturers supply products which are generally used in domestic hot water systems which include closed-loop injection or open tanks, or in solar energy systems. Circulation pump suppliers usually provide these as complete units, made of bronze, aluminum, ceramic, graphite, stainless steel, and often some sort of technopolymer for the impeller.

Heat pumps are available through various heat pump suppliers here in our online directory. They're used to heat domestic and commercial properties, and are available in a wide range of models from a variety of heat pump manufacturers. Different models are rated by the temperature of water they can heat to, and by their energy efficiency. Most will not require a special cold room or similar, which saves both space and energy. They're generally very easy to install, and can be computer controlled.

Pumping Stations

These all-in-one units are designed for convenience and steady flow.

Water supply stations are used as standalone water systems. The best pumping station suppliers provide products which are essentially ready for use out of the box. They generally only need a power outlet to be ready to perform. A better quality pumping station will keep constant pressure throughout the system.

Miniature pumping stations are water supply stations which have been even further miniaturized. They tend to be made of a combination of stainless steel and brass inside a cast iron case.

Pipes and Other Network Components

You'll find materials made by reputable polyethylene pipe suppliers and more in our online marketplace. Refer to our section on plumbing and pipes for further details.