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Whether you need to buy a wholesale submersible pump, a wholesale heat pump, or contact the market-leading drainage pump suppliers, you'll find them here in our marketplace.

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  • The electric household BW 0,18-40 - U5 "BOSNA 1 "
    The electric household BW 0,18-40 - U5 "BOSNA 1 "

    This pump has a diameter of 92mm , can therefore be used for pumping water from wells and wells with a diameter of 100mm or more, as well as from other reservoirs , in which the water level is at a depth of about 40 m and above.

  • Water Supply Station
    Water Supply Station

    Station maintains a stable constant pressure in the water mains.

  • GRUNDFOS pumps for sewage
    GRUNDFOS pumps for sewage

    Drainage pumps, sewage pumps Fundamental differences between domestic drainage pumps and pumps for Sewerage (sewage pumps) is the ability of one or other for liquids containing solids and fibrous material.

  • Wilo Pumps for Water Supply
    Wilo Pumps for Water Supply

    The pumps required to move the fluids and overcoming the flow resistance on the part of pipeline systems. In the case of pumping systems with different fluid levels also included to overcome the difference of geodetic heights.

  • Pump for pools Saci Optima
    Pump for pools Saci Optima
    Industry UA

    Pump Saci Optima - self-priming electric pumps for swimming pools, with built-in large-size pre-filter, which has excellent filtration properties in addition to high hydraulic characteristics.

  • Wilo-Yonos MAXO
    Wilo-Yonos MAXO
    Wilo Central Asia

    Design: Glandless circulation pump with threaded connection or flange connection, EC motor with automatic power adjustment.

  • Wilo-Stratos GIGA
    Wilo-Stratos GIGA
    Wilo Central Asia

    Design: High-efficiency inline pump with EC motor and electronic duty adaptation in glanded construction. Version as single-stage low-pressure centrifugal pump with flange connection and mechanical shaft seal.

  • Surface pumps UNIPUMP series JET L
    Surface pumps UNIPUMP series JET L

    Centrifugal surface pumps JET L - centrifugal pumps with internal surface ejector are applied to supply clean water from boreholes, wells and other water sources, in addition they can be used in automatic water systems.

  • Submersible pumps UNIPUMP ECO VINT 1
    Submersible pumps UNIPUMP ECO VINT 1

    Submersible pumps UNIPUMP series ECO VINT - are designed for home use and are used to supply fresh water from wells, boreholes with a diameter of at least 85 mm, and from various tanks.

  • Pumping station UNIPUMP AUTO JET 80 L
    Pumping station UNIPUMP AUTO JET 80 L

    Stations of automatic water supply series AUTO JET L (based on centrifugal surface pump with extended built-in ejector JET L and hydraulic accumulator) are used to supply clean water from wells and other sources and to maintain water pressure in the water system in an automatic mode.

  • Universal pump station AKVAROBOT JET 80 L
    Universal pump station AKVAROBOT JET 80 L

    Universal pump stations AKVAROBOT Series JET L - are designed to deliver clean, cold water that does not contain abrasive particles and long fiber, from shallow wells and boreholes, storage tanks and other sources of water supply in the automatic mode (switched on and off depending on consumption of water), and to increase the pressure in the water mains.

  • Circulation pump VRS 25/4-130
    Circulation pump VRS 25/4-130

    The pump is based on classical design with wet rotor and three-stage speed control, which has proven outstanding for mass use. This device has further advantages due to the used materials and implemented technical solutions.

  • Pump equipment
    Pump equipment

    The range of pumping equipment includes: circulating pumps, pumping stations, surface pumps increase the pressure, drainage, sewage, vibration, downhole pumps, screw pumps, hydraulic accumulators and expansion tanks. The company is in the top three importers of pumping household equipment in Russia.

  • Wilo-Stratos PICO
    Wilo-Stratos PICO
    Wilo Central Asia

    Design: Glandless circulation pump with threaded connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic power control. Application: All hot water heating systems, air-conditioning applications, industrial circulation systems.

  • Pumps Grundfos KPL
    Pumps Grundfos KPL
    Grundfos Kazakhstan

    Pumps are designed to handle large volumes of raw water and it's ideal for: - control of flood and storm water; - water catchment of large volumes and irrigation; - water intake; - circulation of large volumes of water; - filling or emptying of tanks and others.

  • Drainage Pump Unilift CC
    Drainage Pump Unilift CC
    Grundfos Kazakhstan

    Unilift CC is a single-stage, submersible drainage pumps which are designed for pumping drain water and gray wastewater. They can pump water from a level 3 mm above the floor at removal of the screen filter. These pumps are suitable for permanent and temporary installations, are fitted with a check valve with a rotary disc at the outlet.

  • Circulating pumps Grundfos MAGNA
    Circulating pumps Grundfos MAGNA
    Grundfos Kazakhstan

    Circulating pumps Grundfos MAGNA are designed to circulate the fluid in the following systems: - Heating systems; - Cooling and air conditioning systems; - Systems for the hot water supply. Moreover, this series of pumps can be used in the following systems: - Heat pump systems using the heat of the soil; - Heating on solar energy.

  • Circulation pump UPS
    Circulation pump UPS
    Grundfos Kazakhstan

    UPS pumps are designed for circulating liquids in heating and air conditioning systems. Pumps with bronze and stainless housings are also suitable for use in the hot water supply systems.

  • Pump system LIFTAWAY
    Pump system LIFTAWAY
    Grundfos Kazakhstan

    LIFTAWAY is a pumping unit for gray wastewater. It consists of a tank with all installation material needed for mounting the pump. Pump system LIFTAWAY designed for pumping wastewater without solid inclusions from floor drains, sinks, washing machines and so on, which can not be directly connected to the sewerage system.

  • EcoAir 406 Heat Pump
    EcoAir 406 Heat Pump

    Highly efficient, compact and easy to mount outdoor unit which is connected to a conventional hot water heating system at home, and heats it to a temperature of + 65 ° C, while consuming 5 times less energy than a conventional electric boiler or heater.

  • Pumping system "Granflou"
    Pumping system "Granflou"

    Pumping systems for water supply, fire fighting, sewerage. Head: 340 m Quantity of pumps: 1 to 6. The possibility of manufacturing plants with capacity up to 9600 m3/h.

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Use the WorldBuild365 directory when you need to locate the correct pump for the task at hand. We have listings of the top dosing pumps suppliers, oil pump manufacturers, and a vast range of others. We make it easy for you to find a unit...

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Whether you need to buy a wholesale submersible pump, a wholesale heat pump, or contact the market-leading drainage pump suppliers, you'll find them here in our marketplace...


Which particular purpose do you need a pump for?

Submersible pumps are designed for use underwater, specifically in wells and boreholes, as well as reservoirs and lakes. Using the products of submersible pump manufacturers usually means you need to be very sure of the diameter of the borehole they will be used in.

Magnetic drive pumps are used for acid transfer, water purification, and in pumping combustible liquids or organic chemical compounds. You'll find a wide range of magnetic drive pump manufacturers here in the WorldBuild365 directory.

Dosing pumps are usually monoblock units which are designed to change the direction and magnitude of the working fluid flow. Dosing pumps manufacturers tend to supply a variety of models for different system volumes.

Drainage pumps are designed to pump water which contains a large amount of air. Generally, this will mean artificial ponds, waterfalls, and fountains will see the most of the results of the drainage pumps manufacturer's art. These pumps are available in both toughened metal and lighter plastic varieties, for different purposes. Most come with attached float switches to allow for automatic operation.

Circulation pump manufacturers supply products which are generally used in domestic hot water systems which include closed-loop injection or open tanks, or in solar energy systems. Circulation pump suppliers usually provide these as complete units, made of bronze, aluminum, ceramic, graphite, stainless steel, and often some sort of technopolymer for the impeller.

Heat pumps are available through various heat pump suppliers here in our online directory. They're used to heat domestic and commercial properties, and are available in a wide range of models from a variety of heat pump manufacturers. Different models are rated by the temperature of water they can heat to, and by their energy efficiency. Most will not require a special cold room or similar, which saves both space and energy. They're generally very easy to install, and can be computer controlled.

Pumping Stations

These all-in-one units are designed for convenience and steady flow.

Water supply stations are used as standalone water systems. The best pumping station suppliers provide products which are essentially ready for use out of the box. They generally only need a power outlet to be ready to perform. A better quality pumping station will keep constant pressure throughout the system.

Miniature pumping stations are water supply stations which have been even further miniaturized. They tend to be made of a combination of stainless steel and brass inside a cast iron case.

Pipes and Other Network Components

You'll find materials made by reputable polyethylene pipe suppliers and more in our online marketplace. Refer to our section on plumbing and pipes for further details.