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These three benefits have been achieved by all the water meter manufacturers, temperature controller suppliers, and ultrasonic heat meter manufacturers in WorldBuild365’s directory. A detailed breakdown of the types of products they can offer is listed below.

Temperature Controller Suppliers and More Can be Found on WorldBuild365

  • Gauge

    Devices are used for measurement of gauge pressure of liquids, gases and steam.

  • Thermohygrometer Testo 608-H1
    Thermohygrometer Testo 608-H1
    Testo Rus

    Standard hygrometer testo 608-H1 for measurement of humidity / temperature / dew point temperature, with battery

  • Compact thermoanemometer Testo 425
    Compact thermoanemometer Testo 425
    Testo Rus

    Thermoanemometer with permanently attached probe, hot wire, for measurement of speed and temperature, with battery and calibration protocol, with telescopic handle (max. length is 820 mm)

  • DM 05 Manometers
    DM 05 Manometers

    Used for measurement of gauge pressure of liquids, gases and steam.

  • Ultrasonic heat meter
    Ultrasonic heat meter

    CF ECHO II is a compact ultrasonic heat meter. Electronic data processing gives high precision throughout the measurement, providing a dynamic range exceeding class C.

  • Electronic single-phase meter Neva 101
    Electronic single-phase meter Neva 101

    Electricity meter electronic single phase is used in residential and public buildings, cottages and garages. The device is mounted on the screw 3 and is suitable to replace the inductive meters.

  • The household diaphragm gas meter
    The household diaphragm gas meter

    Household diaphragm gas meters Vector M / T is designed for measuring the consumption of natural gas, propane gas, butane or mixtures thereof, and other non-corrosive gases. Counters can be used as a means of commercial metering of gas in the domestic sector, as well as in various industrial processes.

  • Multifunctional device power NEVA- Test 7304 C
    Multifunctional device power NEVA- Test 7304 C

    Multifunctional three-phase power unit meets the latest global trends in the field of power industry development. The device is available in two models 7304S and 7304K; and it is designed for a wide range of tasks as a professional power engineering major power grid companies, as well as simple electrical utilities

  • Thermostat TK24
    Thermostat TK24

    Thermostat ТК24 (DIN EN 60730-1) is a temperature sensitive device, with cyclic operation. It is designed to maintain the needed temperature between two predetermined temperature limits, automatically controlling the on-and-off of the electrical circuit. APPLICATION: This thermostat is widely used in a broad range of temperature control applications for consumer, industrial and commercial product.

  • Counters of Heat and Water SVTU-10M (M1, M2) RP
    Counters of Heat and Water SVTU-10M (M1, M2) RP

    Counters of heat and water SVTU-10M (M1, M2) the RP are designed to measure the released or consumed thermal energy in several (up to 2) circuits of consumption of heat or water with up to 2-channel ultrasonic flow measurement.

  • Moisture Meters VIMS-2.1
    Moisture Meters VIMS-2.1

    Designed to measure the moisture for solid materials (wood, leather, concrete, brick, screed, slate, etc.), and for bulk materials (sand, gravel, ash, etc.).

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Metering, automation, and control systems enable the accurate regulation of a variety of liquids and gases in a household or industrial environment. In order to be of the highest quality they must be:

Precise, so they can give an accurate, in-depth reading of any gas or liquid they measure

Robust, so they can withstand both low and high temperatures, and last for a long period of time

Uncomplicated, so they can be used easily

These three benefits have been achieved by all the water meter manufacturers, temperature controller suppliers, and ultrasonic heat meter manufacturers in WorldBuild365’s directory. A detailed breakdown of the types of products they can offer is listed below:

Metering Systems

This category comprises the subsequent units and more:

Water meters that can be utilized to measure the consumption of water in residences, as well as the temperature and volume of a certain amount of liquid. There are various different types of water meters available from a range of suppliers in this catalogue. They include, but aren’t limited to, those with jet meters, pulsar sensors, as well as digital and radio output. All are easy to install and can determine whether any leaks have taken place. Furthermore, all interfaces are simple and can be easily understood.

Ultrasonic heat meters provide very high precision measurements, and come in a compact form suitable for wall mounting. These meters have long lasting batteries that can last for up to 11 years. They feature an easy-to-use interface, as well as an automatic self-diagnosis system – ideal for most properties.

Manometers can be used to measure the gauge pressure of various liquids, gases, and steams. They’re suitable for low pressure and low differential pressure applications, and are highly accurate and sensitive. Note: manometers suppliers found in this directory can offer products which can be equipped with flanges without the integrity of the mechanisms being disturbed.

Moisture meters can determine the level of moisture in a variety of solid materials such as wood and leather, as well as bulk materials including sand and gravel. Moisture meters manufacturers in this directory can offer products which are lightweight, highly accurate, and quickly charged due to their in-built lithium batteries.

Gas meters are ideal for measuring the consumption of natural, propane, butane, and other non-corrosive gases. These meters are suitable for not only industrial use, but domestic environments too.

Level sensors enable constant, accurate measurements of almost all liquids. They have wide ranging applications and can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, gas processing, shelf oil and gas, as well as shipbuilding industries, to name but a few. The level sensor manufacturers on WorldBuild365 can offer units that are robust, reliable, and easy to handle.

Automation Systems

This covers the following, and much more:

Self-regulating cables which automatically detect changes in ambient temperature and adjust their power consumption accordingly. This ensures stable heat distribution. These cables can be applied to areas such as water and sewer pipes, as well as drains and wells.

Gas signal devices detect potentially dangerous concentrations of gas in a property and set off an alarm. The reaction time of this alarm is no more than 15 seconds. What’s more, the power consumption of this device is relatively low even when this sound and light alarm is triggered. A full reset will occur automatically after an event.

Electronic water dispensers automatically distribute a predetermined amount of fluid at a predetermined time. These devices enable accurate volumetric dosing, feature spill counters, and have a simple interface. Additionally, the system’s storage always contains the last ten doses it was required to dispense.

Control Systems

These include, but don't extend to:

Thermostats that give users the ability to control the heating system of a property. The temperature controller manufacturers featured on this site can offer units that are both tried and tested, as well as energy saving. These thermostats can be mounted on the surface of any indoor wall in a premises. When they’re used to make temperature changes, an LED light will be activated.

Optimizing and compensation controllers that are designed to adjust heating system in the event of a change in outdoor temperature. They’re light, compact, and durable.