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These three benefits have been achieved by all the water meter manufacturers, temperature controller suppliers, and ultrasonic heat meter manufacturers in WorldBuild365’s directory. A detailed breakdown of the types of products they can offer is listed below.

Temperature Controller Suppliers and More Can be Found on WorldBuild365

  • Domusnext G4&G6
    Domusnext G4&G6
    Sit Group

    G4 & G6 gas meters use the "micro-thermal flow sensing" measurement principle and they are certified by NMI (Type Approval no. T 10362) in accordance with the MID Directive and in compliance with the EN 14236 for ultrasonic meters.

  • Valves and automation of Burkert
    Valves and automation of Burkert

    Products Burkert applies wherever the flow of liquids or gases to be measured and adjusted. Whether it's level, pressure, flow or temperature — valves and automation Burkert will always find its use.

  • Room Thermostats T4360/T6360/ T8360
    Room Thermostats T4360/T6360/ T8360

    The T4360/T6360/ T8360 range of thermostats are designed to provide automatic ON/OFF control for gas valves, circulation pumps, relays and zone valves in all heating, cooling, or heating/cooling installations where single or changeover switching up to 10 A (resistive load) or 3 A (inductive load) is required.

  • Wilo-Geniax
    Wilo Central Asia

    Design Wilo-Geniax - the comfort management system for heat distribution and cooling with decentralised pumps and room temperature control system Application Hot-water heating systems Cooling function

  • District Heating Controller TROVIS 5475
    District Heating Controller TROVIS 5475
    Samson AG

    On-off or three-step controller designed for wall or panel mounting. Controller for self-optimizing, weather-sensitive flow temperature control in hot water heating systems and hot water temperature control incorporating two control loops. Also applicable as district heating controller with variable return flow temperature limitation.

  • DOMOCAL thermal unit Watts (built-in)
    DOMOCAL thermal unit Watts (built-in)
    Watts Industries

    The multi-function DOMOCAL thermal units are designed to control the heat supply, coming from a district heating station or produced by a conventional heating system, to the individual apartments, whether for space heating or preparation of Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

  • Heat cost allocator Q caloric
    Heat cost allocator Q caloric

    Our electronic heat cost allocators represent leading-edge technology, and have proved their reliability millions of times. The Q caloric product family includes both one-sensor and two-sensor devices. These precisely record the amount of heat generated and save the data which is acquired.

  • Q Heat Meters
    Q Heat Meters

    QUNDIS electronic heat meters are the perfect system components for measuring and recording heat consumption in systems where heat is generated centrally. Because of their compact size and simple operation all Q heat 5 models have a wide range of applications. They are suitable for standard commercial underfloor heating systems, radiator systems and warm water separation.

  • Smart water meters Q water
    Smart water meters Q water

    With our smart water meters Q water you can reliably record the consumption of cold and hot water in your building. Among other factors this is ensured by a dynamic measuring principle in flow-through measurement.

  • Equicalor servo motor
    Equicalor servo motor

    The Valtec Equicalor radio-controlled servo motor for wireless regulation of heating devices is meant for controlling the wireless radiator head using the VT.DC1000 remote control.

  • Residential water meter MULTICAL® 21
    Residential water meter MULTICAL® 21

    MULTICAL 21 is an integral and hermetically closed static water meter intended for the registration of cold and hot water consumption. The water meter measures water with temperatures from 0.1°C to 70°C. The water meter uses the ultrasonic principle and has been constructed on the basis of Kamstrup's experience since 1991 with the development and production of static ultrasonic meters.

  • SE148K - SE148EC Central unit for 1 sensor
    SE148K - SE148EC Central unit for 1 sensor

    Control central unit suitable for 1 remote sensor. - "TEST" button and "RESET"; - LED bar indicates the gas concentration; - N° 3 positive safety relays with alarm memory; - N° 1 AUX input for electrovalves with magnetic sensor

  • Self-regulating cable F-10
    Self-regulating cable F-10
    Ebeco Vostok

    F-10 a self-regulating heating cable. This means that the cable is automatically detect the ambient temperature and accordingly adjusts its power. Working automatically cable provides a stable heat distribution and controlled consumption.

  • AM radiator thermostats
    AM radiator thermostats
    AM Group

    AM radiator thermostats are intended for temperature control in the buildings. Devices adapted for individual and centralized heating systems in a water media and can be installed in apartments and cottages, offices, country houses. According to standards EN 15232: 2007, modern heating systems have to be automated and equipped with a new generation of thermostats.

  • Apartment heat meter Elf
    Apartment heat meter Elf
    AM Group

    Apartment heat meter Elf - is an accurate and reliable heat meter, equipped with a high quality meter with an electronic reading speed drill class flow transducer 2, and archiving large amounts of data that characterize the modern form, the water measuring up to 90 degrees at the maximum operating pressure of 16 bar (PN 16) .

  • Vane dry type heat meter  WS (DN15-50)
    Vane dry type heat meter WS (DN15-50)
    AM Group

    The heat meter for commercial metering of cold water with a maximum temperature of 30 ° C, the maximum working pressure - 16 bar (PN 16). The meter has a gated structure with full jet pressure.

  • SV-RTK water displacement meter DN15, DN20, DN25
    SV-RTK water displacement meter DN15, DN20, DN25
    AM Group

    The heat meter is intended for the commercial metering of cold water with a maximum temperature of 50 ° C, the maximum working pressure - 16 bar (PN 16). The construction of the water meter allows you to mount it in any position without loss of metrological parameters.

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Metering, automation, and control systems enable the accurate regulation of a variety of liquids and gases in a household or industrial environment. In order to be of the highest quality they must be:

Precise, so they can give an accurate, in-depth reading of any gas or liquid they measure

Robust, so they can withstand both low and high temperatures, and last for a long period of time

Uncomplicated, so they can be used easily

These three benefits have been achieved by all the water meter manufacturers, temperature controller suppliers, and ultrasonic heat meter manufacturers in WorldBuild365’s directory. A detailed breakdown of the types of products they can offer is listed below:

Metering Systems

This category comprises the subsequent units and more:

Water meters that can be utilized to measure the consumption of water in residences, as well as the temperature and volume of a certain amount of liquid. There are various different types of water meters available from a range of suppliers in this catalogue. They include, but aren’t limited to, those with jet meters, pulsar sensors, as well as digital and radio output. All are easy to install and can determine whether any leaks have taken place. Furthermore, all interfaces are simple and can be easily understood.

Ultrasonic heat meters provide very high precision measurements, and come in a compact form suitable for wall mounting. These meters have long lasting batteries that can last for up to 11 years. They feature an easy-to-use interface, as well as an automatic self-diagnosis system – ideal for most properties.

Manometers can be used to measure the gauge pressure of various liquids, gases, and steams. They’re suitable for low pressure and low differential pressure applications, and are highly accurate and sensitive. Note: manometers suppliers found in this directory can offer products which can be equipped with flanges without the integrity of the mechanisms being disturbed.

Moisture meters can determine the level of moisture in a variety of solid materials such as wood and leather, as well as bulk materials including sand and gravel. Moisture meters manufacturers in this directory can offer products which are lightweight, highly accurate, and quickly charged due to their in-built lithium batteries.

Gas meters are ideal for measuring the consumption of natural, propane, butane, and other non-corrosive gases. These meters are suitable for not only industrial use, but domestic environments too.

Level sensors enable constant, accurate measurements of almost all liquids. They have wide ranging applications and can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, gas processing, shelf oil and gas, as well as shipbuilding industries, to name but a few. The level sensor manufacturers on WorldBuild365 can offer units that are robust, reliable, and easy to handle.

Automation Systems

This covers the following, and much more:

Self-regulating cables which automatically detect changes in ambient temperature and adjust their power consumption accordingly. This ensures stable heat distribution. These cables can be applied to areas such as water and sewer pipes, as well as drains and wells.

Gas signal devices detect potentially dangerous concentrations of gas in a property and set off an alarm. The reaction time of this alarm is no more than 15 seconds. What’s more, the power consumption of this device is relatively low even when this sound and light alarm is triggered. A full reset will occur automatically after an event.

Electronic water dispensers automatically distribute a predetermined amount of fluid at a predetermined time. These devices enable accurate volumetric dosing, feature spill counters, and have a simple interface. Additionally, the system’s storage always contains the last ten doses it was required to dispense.

Control Systems

These include, but don't extend to:

Thermostats that give users the ability to control the heating system of a property. The temperature controller manufacturers featured on this site can offer units that are both tried and tested, as well as energy saving. These thermostats can be mounted on the surface of any indoor wall in a premises. When they’re used to make temperature changes, an LED light will be activated.

Optimizing and compensation controllers that are designed to adjust heating system in the event of a change in outdoor temperature. They’re light, compact, and durable.