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Shell & tube heat exchanger manufacturers & many others can be found on the WorldBuild365 online directory. Single & wholesale purchases are possible.

Identify Trusted Plate Heat Exchangers Manufacturers

  • Gasked PHE
    Gasked PHE

    Gasketed plate heat exchanger is a package of heat exchange plates installed between the fixed and movable cover plates. The package compressed by the plates and clamping screws is pressure tight. Plates and rubber seals mounted on the plates are used as two ducting systems for the flowing working medium.

  • Welded heat exchangers with split shell
    Welded heat exchangers with split shell

    This unit is a welded package of the heat exchange plates installed inside the split shell. The ducting systems used for the working media flow are made up of the weld joints and removable spacers. This type of design ensures access to the package of plates for the purpose of inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


    At present, condensing boilers are sales leaders in Europe when compared to traditional gas boilers. This is due to the fact that it is using condensing boilers achieve maximum cost savings in gas consumption and sootvetsivenno utility payments and maximum reduction of emissions.

  • SSD(R)-10 Heat Pump
    SSD(R)-10 Heat Pump
    Atmo Systems

    This type of heat pump uses an open type heat exchanger, as a low-grade heat source used groundwater.

  • Pellet boiler CTC EcoFlex
    Pellet boiler CTC EcoFlex

    CTC Ecoflex - This is pellet boiler for your home. It is convenient to operate in the same way as an oil boiler, but when wood pellets are burning carbon dioxide isn't emitted into the atmosphere and you don't contribute to the greenhouse effect, which is considered a major factor in global warming.

    Eko Air

    EKO AIR " COOL SERIES" HEATEXCHANGERS- series designed work pressure is 45 bar . Used as evaporators for refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The unit contains a distribution device that makes the heat exchangers more effective

  • Longtherm heat exchanger
    Longtherm heat exchanger
    Reflex Winkelmann

    Longtherm 85 (rhc und rlc), 150 (rhc), 200 (rhc) With capacity sizes of up to 1 MW, Longtherm with a dimension of up to 200 [] can supply large-scale residential complexes with heat and heated potable water.

  • Wall mounting PTC fan heater
    Wall mounting PTC fan heater

    PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating element is made by special metalized ceramic material (based on barium titanate) and it has self limiting temperature characteristics. The Ceramic heating element has two heating principles , working simultaneously: Powerful infra-red heat distribution and convection.

  • Froling layered tank
    Froling layered tank

    The sophistication is in the detail! With the Eco-cell layered tank, Froling provides a heat management concept that will impress you in particular with its special facilities for optimal intake and extraction of energy. The temperature layers, accurate down to the centimetre, guarantee maximum energy yield and low operating costs.

  • Heat exchanger NB 238
    Heat exchanger NB 238
    Eko Air

    Brazed plate heat exchanger. Application: refrigeration systems, heat pumps, substations and so on. Design pressure - 31 bar at +200°С.

  • Brazed plate heat exchanger NB 756
    Brazed plate heat exchanger NB 756
    Eko Air

    Brazed plate heat exchanger. Application: industrial technology, refrigeration systems, heat pumps, hydraulics, substations and so on. Design pressure - 31 bar at +200°С.

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Heat exchangers allow for heating and cooling of many types of liquid. They must be:

Highly efficient, and therefore able to exchange heat between large volumes of liquid consistently over a long period of time

Durable, and resistant to both low and high temperatures

Easy to maintain, and simple to keep operational for a long period of time

The advantages described above are priorities of the various heat exchanger manufacturers, plate and frame heat exchange manufacturers, and shell and tube heat exchanger suppliers on WorldBuild365. More information about the products they offer can be seen below:

Types of Heat Exchangers Available

The heat exchanger suppliers on our online directory can offer several different types of products...

Shell and tube heat exchangers are made up of two sets of tubes. In the first set of tubes is the liquid that needs to be heated or cooled. In the second set of tubes is the liquid that will start the heat exchange process. If cooling is needed the second liquid will absorb the heat from the first liquid. While on the other hand, if heating is required, the heat from the second liquid will be transferred to the first liquid. Note: this type of exchanger can be used in systems with high operating temperatures and pressures. And furthermore, leaks can be easily located and taken care of due to the simplicity of pressure tests.

Plate heat exchangers have large surfaces areas consisting of thin plates that are fixed together. The heat exchange takes place in much the same way as in shell and tube exchangers. However the process is performed between the fixed plates instead – the plate heat exchangers manufacturers on this site produce products that are known for their high thermal efficiency, durability, and performance levels.

Regenerative heat exchangers can either be plate heat or shell and tube units. But there’s one key difference – the liquids in each side of the exchanger is the same. As a result a near constant temperature is achieved and a large portion of energy is saved. Due to this fact, products bought from the heat recovery unit manufacturers listed in this directory should be expected to be highly energy-efficient.

Exchangers for Heating

The following are heat exchangers designed to heat certain structures and areas. They can all be found in our online catalogue...

Heat generators are designed to heat and ventilate livestock and poultry farms, as well as structures including greenhouses, garages, warehouses, hangars, and many more. Made of stainless steel, these devices are highly reliable, long lasting, and easy to both install and maintain. Additionally, it should be noted that the type of fuel they use can be changed according to individual requirements.

Heat pumps manufacturers provide units that make use of a combination of groundwater and aquifers to create relatively high temperatures. Wholesale orders of heat pumps can be made.

Pellet boilers manufacturers offer environmentally friendly heating for homes. They’re easy to clean and maintain, use renewable fuels, and have an efficiency of over 90%.

Floor convectors are quick and easy to install, save energy, and work almost silently. The heat they produce can be controlled with precision. Suitable for almost any type of residential property.

Thermal panels can act as flooring or walls, give off heat, and keep a property at a desired temperature. Like convectors, they can be used in most domestic properties.

Exchangers for Refrigeration

The subsequent units are heat exchangers that have been made to cool liquids, foods, and areas. They include, but aren’t limited to:

Air cooled chillers manufacturers offer units that can be installed on the outside of buildings. They are efficient, relatively quiet, and highly durable.

Air cooled condensers manufacturers provide units ideal for large-scale industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. They have axial fans which require low power input and have low noise levels. In addition, all units are durable and made to last for many years.