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On WorldBuild365 there are specialist gas meter manufacturers, gas detector manufacturers, and water purification system manufacturers which can provide all of the above advantages, and so much more. More information on the units they can supply is given here.

Get Introduced to Water-Purification System & Gas Meter Manufacturers

  • 848 SIGMA
    848 SIGMA
    Sit Group

    Multifunctional gas control with two automatic shut-off valves, servo pressure regulator and pneumatic modulator with 1:1 air-gas pressure ratio.

  • 710 MINISIT
    710 MINISIT
    Sit Group

    Multifunctional control with thermoelectric flame supervision device with restart interlock, modulating ON-OFF thermostat with temperature setting knob, pressure regulator or, otherwise, flow adjuster. It is also possible to mount a piezo igniter. Pilot outlet gas flow, minimum and maximum main outlet pressure (flow) adjustments are available.

  • 630 EUROSIT
    630 EUROSIT
    Sit Group

    Single-knob multifunctional control (OFF, pilot, temperature selection) with thermoelectric flame supervision device, restart or, otherwise, ignition interlock, modulating ONOFF thermostat, pressure regulator or, otherwise, flow adjuster. It is also possible to mount a piezo igniter; in this case the ignition interlock is available as alternative to the restart interlock.

  • Gas Combustion System Sonnenblume
    Gas Combustion System Sonnenblume
    Sit Group

    Sonnenblume is an innovative integrated and extremely compact gas combustion system for condensing boilers with capacity range up to 40 kW maximum and 10:1 turndown capability. The heat engine is designed to be applied in the heart of the most advanced condensing boilers.

  • Sonnenblume kappa
    Sonnenblume kappa
    Sit Group

    A unique solution which combines the modularity, flexibility and compactness of Sonnenblume Kappa with the high performances of Vestasit combustion control system with its very wide modulation range.

  • Gas Detector 300-HC
    Gas Detector 300-HC

    300-HC GAS DETECTOR FOR COMBUSTIBLE GASES. Perfectly suitable to locate gas leakages in installation areas. The sensor can be introduced to areas with difficult access using the flexible sensor neck. Alarm: acoustic signal and flashing display.

  • Process Gas Analyzer SWG 200-1
    Process Gas Analyzer SWG 200-1

    The SWG 200 utilizes both IR and electrochemical sensors in one flexible platform. This multi-gas analyzer is a cost-effective solution to a high-$$ CEMS. This fixed analyzer system uses dual sensor technology (IR & EC) to continuously and precisely measure gas components in ppm (low) and % (high) ranges.

  • Flammable gas analyzer AN400/I
    Flammable gas analyzer AN400/I

    The unit has been planned to be a control and prevention system against dangerous,coming from the presence of flammable mixtures in combustion chamber before a burner is switched on.

  • BETA SE330-SE333-SE396 Gas leak detectors with replaceable sensor
    BETA SE330-SE333-SE396 Gas leak detectors with replaceable sensor

    BETA detectors warn the gas presence in the environment where they are installed with an optical and acoustic signal. They are equipped with an output relay for controlling a solenoid valve for intercepting gas. After that period, an optical signal warns to replace the sensor, simply by removing a front plate and using the sensors parts supplied in blister packs.

  • Remote Control System
    Remote Control System
    Zenit Group - Pumps and Water solutions

    Nowadays, microprocessor remote control systems are an essential tool for the managing of water treatment plants. There are many benefits to be had from the use of remote control systems, due mainly to the capability for receiving and sending data to and from remote positions in real time.

  • Gas-pressure regulating valve FE series
    Gas-pressure regulating valve FE series

    A two-stage Gas-pressure regulating valve FE series is widely used as a domestic equipment as well as in the industrial field for the reduction of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, as well as other non-corrosive gases. It is mounted in any position in areas protected from precipitation. It has a built-in filter. The complete set of built-USC and PUK.

  • SG16MT-P AIP Gas meter
    SG16MT-P AIP Gas meter
    Arzamas Instrument Plant

    SG16MT-P is designed for volume measurement of smoothly changing flows of purified non-corrosive mono- and multi-component gases when used in installations of industrial and municipal enterprises.

  • The electronic gas volume corrector
    The electronic gas volume corrector

    Compact electronic volume corrector gas CORUS Compact is designed for installation in small kiosks on the commercial units of the account of gas consumption of various companies and is used to bring the measured meter of gas volume to standard conditions. Concealer is an archive large data base. Thanks to a wide communication capabilities corrector can be easily integrated in automatic dimming

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Gas and water leakage control units are vital to the integrity of any building. They must be:

Precise, and therefore able to measure gas and water levels accurately

Robust and able to function in high temperatures

Effective and able to stop leaks

On WorldBuild365 there are specialist gas meter manufacturers, gas detector manufacturers, and water purification system manufacturers which can provide all of the above advantages, and so much more. More information on the units they can supply is given here:

Gas Leakage Control Units

The various gas meter suppliers and gas detectors suppliers on this site can provide:

Gas meters designed to perform volume measurements of natural gas, air, argon, and other non-corrosive mono and multi-component gases. These meters can measure the temperature of gasses from -20 to +50°C. They can be installed in most types of industrial, residential, and municipal buildings. Note: wholesale orders of these gas meters can be made.

Gas detectors ideally suited to locating gas leakages. They have compact, lightweight monitors that are easy to both use and maintain over a long period of time. Additionally, their flexible sensors necks can be inserted into hard-to-reach areas. When a leakage is detected they emit an audible beep and visible flash – the measurement of the leak can be saved to a detector's internal data memory as well as printed.

Gas combustion systems which have been made to be inserted directly into the majority of advanced condensing boilers. These systems act as an all-in-one fan, gas mixer, burner, and heat exchanger. They can be fitted during the manufacturing process and will reduce the amount of packaging, handling, and transportation required to install boilers.

Gas analyzers that utilize infrared and electrochemical sensors in order to precisely and continuously measure gas elements. These units are standardized and should be mounted in a steel metal enclosure on a wall. All parts of the analyzers are easily accessible, and therefore can be easily serviced and properly maintained over a long period of time.

Gas volume correctors that have been specially manufactured to precisely measure specific gas volumes and then bring them up or down in order to meet standard regulations. It should be noted that they are compact, easily installed, and feature a built-in lithium battery supply.

Gas pressure regulating valves that are widely used in both domestic and commercial environments. These valve keep natural, liquefied natural, and other gases safely contained.

Thermostatic gas valves that feature multi-functional controls, modulating thermostats, temperature setting controls, pressure regulators, and much more. They allow for total control over gas regulation.

Remote control operation boilers that allow for the parameters of any one gas boiler to be changed from a separate location up to 200m away, by way of a special module mounted on the boiler’s wall. The remote control monitor shows all pertinent information and has a built-in receiver and external power supply.

Water Leakage Control Units

These include...

Water purification systems that remove mechanical impurities, as well as a wide range of undesirable elements including, but not limited to, sand, silt, and rust from water. They can be installed in almost any residential property.

Water sealing valves that ensure that no water leaks occur in appliances such as washing and coffee machines, as well as dishwashers. They should be installed directly in front of the water supply. They’re very easy to use and are highly durable.