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Oil & gas equipment manufacturers can be sourced on WorldBuild365. Find gas installations & equipment requirements for both commercial & residential needs.

Get Gas Installations Wholesale

  • Block-type gas control point
    Block-type gas control point

    Designed to reduce gas pressure, which is supplied from gas distribution stations to consumers in gas supply systems, automatic shutoff of gas supply, with emergency increase and drop of the initial pressure that exceeds the permissible values, as well as commercial metering of gas consumption.

Installation of pipework to convey gas and oil for consumers must be professionally approved. WorldBuild365 will have access to certified oil and gas equipment manufacturers, gas equipment supplies, and know where to get gas installations wholesale. All installations must be:

Safe, adhering to all current regulations.

Performed by a registered technician.

Ventilated sufficiently.

Natural Gas

Gases rich in hydrocarbons...

Natural gas consists mainly of methane and other hydrocarbons, and occurs naturally underground. It’s formed when layers of decomposing plants and animal matter are exposed to extreme heat and intense pressure under the surface over many years. This energy is stored in the form of chemical bonds in the gas.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and for the generation of electricity. In days gone by unwanted gas was burned off at the oil fields – today injection wells return it to the reservoir to be kept until needed. Wells and pumps bring the gas to the surface, and the gas is then sent through gas mains buried underground.

Gas Installation

Fitting and connecting pipework...

New meter installation and supply connections are quick and simple. If the property is new, a supplier will need to be chosen for it to be connected to the mains. The meter will then be installed, and a tariff signed up to. Natural gas equipment suppliers ensure smaller pipes bring the gas into properties. Meters supplied by a reliable gas equipment manufacturer measure the usage from gas appliances like the cooker, boiler, and central heating.

Gas Stations

Establishments for re-fueling...

Gas station equipment suppliers may offer complete in house casting, welding, machining and assembly. Typical market applications are high volume retail fueling, commercial fleet fueling, and car rental fueling - pumping units are selected due to individual requirements. Fuel technology and integrated solutions are two key factors for all gas station equipment needs.

Fuel management services will ensure all logistical details of the fuel inventory are recorded. Forecourt merchandising and payment systems will also need to be addressed. Local regulations and environmental concerns will have to be taken into account for new builds.

Oil and gas equipment manufacturers can supply fuel dispensers, refueling equipment, cylinder tanks, and professional storage tanks.

LPG gas equipment suppliers can provide an advanced range of gas pipe fittings to suit the liquid petroleum gas and natural gas industry. Nozzles, gas meters, and gas meter fittings are all readily available. All fittings are fully approved and have been used in the industry for many years, and so are quality assured.

Fittings also cover gas compression adapters, compression elbows, gas meter unions, coil contractors, and hoses.