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Listed on WorldBuild365 are numerous professional PVC ball valve suppliers and manufacturers, as well as brass pipe fittings suppliers, and many more. These experts can deliver all the benefits above. A selection of their products they offer can be found below.

Buy Quality Goods From Reliable PVC Ball Valve Manufacturers

  • Plumbing bolt
    Plumbing bolt

    Plumbing bolt is used for mounting various plumbing equipment (sinks, pipes and etc.) into concrete, stone, brick with plugs. Plumbing bolt is a rod with metric and screw thread, in the middle part – hexagon under the wrench for mounting.

  • Plastic Fittings
    Plastic Fittings

    Cast polyethylene HDPE fittings are used for installation of polyethylene pipes and help to implement: - Turning the pipeline on the 45 and 90 degrees (via taps); - branching the pipeline with access to different diameters (using equilibrium nonequilibrium migratory tees, crosses); - To move from a larger pipe diameter to a smaller (via transitions); - Switch off the pipeline, etc.

  • Titan N30E
    Titan N30E
    Titan Gaztehprom

    Safety device to automatically lock the boiler cause the gas to the burner in the case of: - The extinction of the flame of the pilot burner - Exceeding the temperature of the water leaving the boiler - Breach of draft in the chimney of the boiler - Short-term cessation of gas supply. The service life of the heat exchanger is 25 years

  • The steel ball valve "Bival"
    The steel ball valve "Bival"

    Ball valves are available in a range of diameters from DN 15 to DN 1200 mm in full flow or standard design and with different types of connections. A wide range of valves includes cold-resistant performance of governing cranes, for mineral oils, with a series of elongated rod, insulation of reinforced type, and others.

  • Valves and piping water cooler
    Valves and piping water cooler

    The Comisa company produces the widest range of valves and piping for the water cooler. The nodes connect water cooler, manual valves, thermostatic valves, shut-off valves. All products are made of nickel-plated brass CW617N European standard UNI EN 12165.

  • Globe tap
    Globe tap

    The Comisa company produces a wide range globe tapss. The range offers various options for the globe taps:full bore, standard-continuous, standard and enhanced, with different handle (butterfly or pen). Dimensions taps from 3/8 "to 2". Globe taps are made of brass CW617N on EN 12165. Guarantee term of exploitation is  10 years.

  • Ball valve Comtek
    Ball valve Comtek
    Kashira Plast

    The cock body is made of hot-forging nickel-plated brass CW617N brand EN 12165. The coating nickel faucet provides an aesthetic appearance and protection from external influences. Chrome ball valve CW617N is made of  brass it provides a perfectly smooth working surface with a high degree durability.

  • Butterfly valves "Granvel"
    Butterfly valves "Granvel"

    ADL produces valves DN 25-1600 mm on the pressure for water, heat, gas and industrial lubricants, as well as valves for abrasive environments, sea water and food.

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Good quality fittings and valves will enhance the efficiency of a water delivery system. These components must be:

Resistant and able to withstand high temperatures.

Versatile, and therefore available in various shapes, sizes, and widths.

Durable and not easily cracked.

Listed on WorldBuild365 are numerous professional PVC ball valve suppliers and manufacturers, as well as brass pipe fittings suppliers, and many more. These experts can deliver all the benefits above. A selection of their products they offer can be found below:

Quality Fittings

There are brass, compression, and plastic fittings manufacturers in this online directory. They can offer the following products:

Brass fittings which are highly durable. Once installed, the components will remain in good condition for many years and never rust. What’s more, they don’t easily crack or disintegrate, and when used in hot water distribution systems they last longer than other metals. It should be noted that these brass fittings can be sold wholesale.

Compression fittings which can be used to connect both copper and plastic piping to fixtures and valves. They’re very easy to assemble, fix, and take apart. And are also ideal for connections to toilets and bathroom vanities.

Plastic fittings which are stronger and lighter than the majority of those made from other materials. As a result of this they’re also easier to install – the plastic can be easily cut and is very flexible. In addition, there are fewer joints required along the pipelines, meaning there’s less potential for leaks. Furthermore, those that want their fittings to suit a certain style can also have effects applied to the plastic. For instance, they could be made to look like cast iron without in any way negating the benefits described here.

Industry Standard Valves

Specialist valve suppliers and manufacturers have added these items to this product catalogue:

Air vent valves that prevent undesirable liquids and odors from entering a property. These products are durability tested throughout the production process, and are of the highest quality. Also, once installed in a water system there will be fewer issues overall – meaning it will work more efficiently and there will be less clogging.

Angle valves that can offer large flow rates and operate with zero differential pressure. Consequently, they’re a good choice if the liquid that needs to be regulated is either viscous or very dirty. That being said, they also handle water and steam exceptionally well.

Ball valves that give very tight seals and are well suited to regulating gas. They have a long lifespan, and the ball valve suppliers you'll find here can provide them in PVC, steel, brass, and more, according to your specific requirements.

Butterfly valves that provide more precise flow control than most other valve types. Moreover, they’re lighter than ball valves, and as a result require less structural support. Note: the butterfly valves suppliers featured in this directory supply products that are reliable and require very little maintenance.

Globe valves that can be used for a variety of different applications, including water cooling systems and many more. They have good throttling and shutoff capabilities, are easy to maintain.

Needle valves that let users precisely regulate a flow. They’re best used in flow-metering applications, such as when a constant low flow rate must be maintained for a certain period of time.

Pneumatic valves that are highly efficient due to their power source. Additionally, as a result of their design, the items provided by the expert pneumatic valves suppliers on this site have fewer mechanical parts. This reduces the amount of wear and tear they incur, and therefore how much maintenance they require. This in turn extends their lifespan.