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Buy Wholesale Gutters from a Gutter Supply Company

  • Gutter System 125
    Gutter System 125
    Cell Fast Rus

    125 mm gutter with a 90 mm or 110 mm down pipe Single and multifamily houses apartment buildings, warehouses, public utility buildings - use system 125.

  • Open culverts channels
    Open culverts channels

    Drainage and collection of surface water and construction of culverts open channels in rural areas - a problem that can be solved by the use of prefabricated corrugated trays of corrugated metal structures.

  • Gamrat Gutters
    Gamrat Gutters

    Planning the purchase of building materials, it is worth paying attention to the finishing elements that have a direct impact on the safety of their use. That is why, our gutters and down pipes are perfect solutions. They are characterized by high durability, excellent capacity and reliability.

  • Gamrat Drainage Channels
    Gamrat Drainage Channels

    Drainage channels covers a wide range of applicable loads - from a15 to c250, which makes it suitable for a wide range of projects from residential to infrastructural. The ribbed structure of the channels (a total of 58 ribs) and numerous side chambers contribute to the optimal strength and durability of load operation and installation.

  • Gutter systems
    Gutter systems
    Marley Deutschland

    Keep your house dry: Marley gutter systems are mature, professional solutions to drain your roof – high quality, inexpensive, easy to fit. Marley gutters offer walls and foundations secure and reliable protection against rainwater.

  • Drainage points for home, yard and garden
    Drainage points for home, yard and garden
    Marley Deutschland

    Marley drainage points made from temperature-resistant, impact-proof plastic are lye and acid-resistant. Different designs for every situation: with vertical or horizontal connection to the sewer pipe, with or without odour stopper.

  • Grease trap Flotenk-OJ
    Grease trap Flotenk-OJ

    A grease trap FloTenk-OJ intended for kitchens (canteens, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, etc.). Grease trap used for mechanical separation of fat vegetable and animal origin from the bulk of drains.

  • Drainage PVC pipes
    Drainage PVC pipes
    Standart Park Kazakhstan

    The main function of drainage systems is supporting the optimal level of underground water and the timely removal of excess water from the roads, foundations of various buildings in the sewers. Drainage PVC pipes for arrangement of underground drainage. The range: corrugated tubes with perforated pipe, with the geotextile or coconut filter from, fiber connectors.

  • Spark drainage tray with plastic grid
    Spark drainage tray with plastic grid
    Standart Park Kazakhstan

    Drainage trays (ditches, channels, troughs) with a width of 100 mm cross-section - the most cost-effective solution to collect and drain rainwater. They are used in places with light traffic cars transport and pedestrian areas - construction of cottages, garages, car parks, multi-storey car parks, pedestrian walkways, sports facilities.

  • Shower drain APZ1
    Shower drain APZ1
    Alca Plast

    This drain is designed to take perforated grids. The stainless steel edge makes an elegant border between the tiles and the grid. Water flows into the drain both at the edges and through the perforations in the grid. It can therefore be positioned on the floor or near the wall of the shower area.

  • Self-acting drain system SANI
    Self-acting drain system SANI

    6 arguments for an autonomous sewer SANI: Installation for 1 day The service life is more than 80 years Service 1 times a year Placing a parking spot No odors and threats,pollution of water and soil

  • Longwall set of equipment LOS-R
    Longwall set of equipment LOS-R

    Longwall set of equipment LOS-R is necessary for bringing the household dying of water to standards fit for discharge in fishery pond. Its performance is from a minimum of 30 to 5000 cubic meters of water per day.

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Preventing rainwater from entering buildings is one of the most essential of maintenance tasks. Within our product directory you'll find everything you need to keep water from penetrating roofs, flowing smoothly into gutters, back to the ground, and away from properties.
Connect with waterproofing manufacturers - select the right waterproofing for the roof type and the location of the building.
Choose metal or plastic guttering for new constructions or retrofitting - buy wholesale gutters from a reliable gutter supply company.
Prevent water from accumulating around industrial or residential properties - using floor gratings from the drainage channels suppliers featured here.

External Guttering

Complete gutter systems are suitable for new constructions or retro fitting. Gutter materials suppliers will also provide replacement parts for existing guttering. Gutters suppliers produce a range of different size systems for differing needs, and gutters are available in a variety of materials.

Gutter system 75 - 75 mm gutters are suited to small residential buildings, garages, balconies, or other areas where the anticipated water flow is relatively low. Available in a range of colors to fit the appearance of the building facade.
Gutter systems 125 - Larger 125 mm gutters may be connected to 90 mm or 110 mm down pipes. They're suitable for the greater water flow to be expected when installing gutters into multi-level homes, high-rise apartments, warehouses or public utility buildings. As with the 75 mm system, 125 mm gutter supplies are available in various color finishes.
Polymer coated steel gutter systems - Can be fitted without soldering, and have superior weather resistance. Come with a 30 year warranty.
PVC and acrylic guttering - Simple to install, and resistant to solar radiation, temperatures extremes, heavy snowfall, and acid rain. This low maintenance guttering is available in a choice of six colors.
Rain hopper - fits onto roof-line guttering, and may incorporate features such as leaf and debris strainers. Rain hoppers are always functional, and may also serve as an architectural feature.
Drainage grating - Galvanized steel floor grates allow ground water to flow into drainage channels and prevent standing water or flooding in car parks, loading bays, or other outdoor areas.
Drainage pipes - Drainage pipes manufacturers produce products intended for construction sites, or for agricultural use. The pipes are laid underground and joined together in a series of channels to prevent the ground becoming saturated.

Waterproofing Materials

Waterproofing materials come in various thicknesses and have different degrees of resistance to environmental conditions. See the specifications of products from your waterproofing suppliers to ensure a given product is suited to its intended location and purpose.
Asphalt mastic waterproofing sheets - designed for superior performance in climates with extremes of heat and cold.
PVC waterproofing membrane - look for a membrane with high UV resistance for long life. PVC waterproofing may be reinforced with textile or scrim for increased tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. And, being thermoplastic, is suitable for hot-air welding to form a seamless finish.

Internal Drainage Pipes and Accessories

Drainage traps - fit into the the internal plumbing drainage system and act to trap debris. Drainage traps may serve single or multiple pipes. They're generally made of ABS plastic for strength and durability.
Shower Drain - installed into the floor of the shower area. Check the specifications of your drainage pipes suppliers to make sure that the drain will suit your floor thickness, and that the size and flow rate is adequate for your shower type.