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Conditioning Systems

  • Air conditioners, compact Airmate-4000
    Air conditioners, compact Airmate-4000

    Purpose Use of air conditioner Airmate-4000 is most advisable in the cottages, shops, restaurants, petrol stations, car washes, parking lots and other facilities depending on the amount of the served room.

  • Vans Fancoil
    Vans Fancoil
    VANS technology

    Fancoil is a device in which a heat exchanger with a carrier (usually ordinary water, chilled or heated) is blown by a fan.

  • Panasonic Air Conditioning
    Panasonic Air Conditioning

    Panasonic Flagman is an updated top model from the eminent brand, with a colored front panel

  • Air-cooled water chillers
    Air-cooled water chillers
    Gibca Group

    This series of GAMI air-cooled water chillers up to 350 Tons operating with refrigerants, R22 and Green refrigerant R407c has been developed for various requirements of air conditioning systems and industrial chilled water systems, where these equipment are operated under high ambient temperatures of around 50~52°C.

  • Air Screen Defender
    Air Screen Defender

    DEFENDER is one of the most modern air curtains on the market. It creates a protective barrier against penetration of cold air into the room in winter and in summer, protects from the hot air exhaust, dust and insects. Due to its excellent technical parameters and fully automatic control, DEFENDER makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency with greater energy savings.

  • Recuperator Prana
    Recuperator Prana
    Prana Platinum

    Recuperator Prana is a co-current supply and exhaust ventilation system (supply and exhaust occur at the same time without mixing air flow) made in the body from food ABC plastics with high performance copper heat exchanger - air heat exchanger.

  • Convector forced convection STANDARD
    Convector forced convection STANDARD

    Convector for heating dry interiors. It can be used as stand-alone in areas with low demand for heating, and combined with other heating devices. The device has a high heating efficiency, thanks to the tangential fan assembly. Also it provides work instruments in natural convection mode.

  • Air Sakata
    Air Sakata

    Domestic air conditioners Sakata made in the form of a split system.

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Buy air conditioner parts and suppliers, or purchase wholesale central air conditioning units. In the WorldBuild365 product directory you'll find all the water cooling supplies needed to maintain existing systems, and have the opportunity to compare different central air conditioning manufacturers.
Choose an air cooler supplier - or purchase direct from an air conditioning manufacturer to get an air conditioner at wholesale prices.
Find the right system for your needs - from budget priced single room units through to central air conditioning systems from air con suppliers who specialize in commercial buildings or industrial scale heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions.

Direct Expansion or Water Cooled Air Conditioning

In the direct expansion, sometimes called DX system - the air used for cooling passes directly over the cooling coil of the refrigeration plant.

In water cooled systems - water or a freeze resistant solution is chilled. The air is then passed over the chilled water to cool it. 

Single Room Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning - comprising an outdoor unit which houses the compressor, condenser and expansion valve, and an indoor unit comprising of the evaporator or cooling coil and fan. Manufacturers of these types of air conditioners may also include particle filters or carbon filters to remove dust and absorb pollutants, and an ionizer to saturate the air with anions, which are believed to improve lung function and promote blood circulation.
Wall conditioners - provide both heating and cooling options for a single room, comprised of an internal and external unit and inverter which brings greater operational efficiency - and so power and cost savings - compared to non-inverter models. Purchase wall conditioners from a wholesale AC supplier for large scale projects such as installing air conditioning into hotels - without the extensive disruption that would be involved in retrofitting a ducted system.
Forced air convectors - used as standalone systems to heat or cool areas that have low demands, or to supplement other heating systems at times of need.
Recuperator heat exchanger - a supply and exhaust ventilation system where incoming and outgoing air does not mix. Dusty, smoky, or stale air is removed from the room while fresh air enters. The two air flows pass through a high performance copper heat exchanger so that heat is returned to the room by the fresh air inflow.

Whole Building Air Conditioning Supplies

Narrow type air conditioning units - used for heating, cooling and ventilation. These come in sizes allowing for flow rates from 1.000 to 4.000 m³/h
Roof type air conditioning units - as the name applies, these units are installed on flat roofs to provide air conditioning to the whole building. Available in a range of cooling capacities from 10 kW to 130 kW.
DX VRF Outdoor air conditioning units - used to bring fresh air into buildings equipped with variable flow rate conditioning systems, air flow is modulated according to the needs of the individual room or area. Air cooler manufacturers offer a range of unit sizes, so there's a suitable choice to supply sufficient air and cooling to any size of building.
Air conditioning monoblock - designed for outdoor installations and comprising both water chilling and heat pumps. Water cooler manufacturer designate this unit as suitable for both residential and industrial use, and it's available in a range of 25 different sizes and capacities.
Water cooler - designed for use in a ducted air conditioning system and incorporating a copper-aluminum heat exchanger.

Industrial Scale Solutions

From water and air conditioning equipment suppliers who think big!
Air cooled water chillers - in sizes of up to 350 Tons and using specialist refrigerant fluids, suited not just to air conditioning systems but also industrial chilled water systems. Powerful enough to operate in ambient temperatures of around 50~52°C.
Air cooled screw chillers - chillers equipped with semi-hermetic screw compressors and two independent refrigeration circuits to minimize disruption during maintenance.