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No modern building can function without hot water. Choosing the right system for consumer needs is a vital decision. Options include boilers that will provide hot water only, or those which will also run a heating system.

Find Commercial and Residential Boiler Manufacturers

  • Tank battery and boiler series Alfa.
    Tank battery and boiler series Alfa.
    ANDI Grupp

    Boilers series Alfa - it's storage tanks, which are used to heat water / coolant for the heating system to heat sources that rely on diesel fuel, firewood, briquettes, and so forth. From termokuhon, fireplaces or solar collectors.

  • Danko Gas Boilers
    Danko Gas Boilers

    Steel gas boilers with open combustion chamber and vertical or horizontal connection to the chimney.

  • Danko-TH Solid Fuel Boilers
    Danko-TH Solid Fuel Boilers

    Danko-TH with stainless steel heat exchanger. The boilers are designed for heating any household purpose premises, where there is no possibility of connecting to the gas supply system.

  • Fuel boilers
    Fuel boilers
    Markoff & Co.

    We offer new fuel boilers for pellets and chips.THe range of capacity is up 25 till 2000 kw by one machine. It can be manual, semi automatic and full automatic systems. We can offer for all type of consumers ever solution of renewable heating energy.

  • High power boilers Cronos
    High power boilers Cronos
    Buran Boiler

    Three-way hot water boilers of CRONOS series with reversing torch, "wet back wall" and the horizontal flame tubes are suitable for use in both liquid and gaseous fuels

  • Electric boilers Cronos
    Electric boilers Cronos
    Buran Boiler

    CRONOS Electric boilers are designed for autonomous heating of residential, social and industrial premises. Electric boilers provide smooth regulation of the flow temperature from +30 to +85 degrees.

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Search the WorldBuild365 product directory to find burners manufacturers and electric and gas boilers. Buy directly from a heating equipment supplier and get boilers at wholesale prices. Here you will find:


Water Heaters

No modern building can function without hot water. Choosing the right system for consumer needs is a vital decision. Options include boilers that will provide hot water only, or those which will also run a heating system:

Instantaneous gas boilers - suitable for apartments and private homes, hot water flows as soon as the tap is switched on. Instant boilers are highly efficient, and some boiler manufacturers produce models featuring winter/ summer settings to maintain an even temperature year-round. Gas boiler suppliers on this site are able to provide products suitable for both natural and liquefied gas.
Condensing boilers - the most efficient boiler, water in the exhaust gases is condensed, thus recovering heat energy which would otherwise be lost.
Electric storage water heater - water is heated over time then stored until needed. When selecting an electric water heater check with boilers manufacturers for features such as multiple power adjustments, anti-frost settings, and thermostatic cut offs to ensure that water never becomes dangerously hot. Storage heaters are advantageous in situations where the power supply is weak and instant electric boilers may not deliver hot enough water.

Home and Commercial Heating Systems

Combi boilers - provide instant hot water and also supply water for the central heating system. Eliminating the need for a storage cylinder is a space saving solution, making combis a popular choice in apartments and smaller homes.
Electric Boilers - as with gas boilers, electrical appliances may be designed to heat hot water only, or to provide central heating to the home.
Wood burners - manufacturers of boilers intended for regions where gas is unavailable and electric supplies unreliable offer solid fuel boilers, including wood burners. Some wood burner manufacturers produce stoves intended to heat rooms alone. Other heating equipment manufacturers offer fires with back boilers which provide hot water or run central heating systems. Stoves are rated according to the kW of heat produced. Check the technical specifications to choose the correct size of appliance for the area to be heated.
Pellet boilers - pellets may be composed of fine coal, coal dust, sunflower husk pellets, or recycled wood refuse. Check the specifications from your boiler supply or manufacturing company to ensure that your chosen product is suited to the fuel sources most easily available to you. Pellet boilers may incorporate features such as automatic fuel feeds, allowing the hopper attached to the boiler to be filled just once every three to five days. Thermostatic control and fail safe cut outs which operate in the event of a power failure may also be options.
Underfloor heating systems - are efficient in use and suited to a variety of commercial and domestic applications. Underfloor heating may be electrically powered, but more usually depends on water heated pipes. In the latter case, water may be heated using a wide range of solid fuel, gas, or electric boilers.

Industrial Heating Appliances and Boilers Supplies

Components - such as resistors, storage or buffer tanks, replacement coils, or intelligent heating systems to control temperatures throughout a building, are all available within our product directory.
Complex heating systems - for applications such as curing concrete or cassette formwork. Heat is transmitted through a closed pipe network using either water or oil as the heat carrying medium.