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Look for a professional air filters supplier, HVAC air filter manufacturers, and air purifier manufacturers on WorldBuild365 – a product directory designed especially for this purpose.

Source Air Purifier Manufacturers

  • OS 800 Air Dryer
    OS 800 Air Dryer

    OS 800 Air Dryer is with fresh air mixing and without radiator. The Air Dryer is specially created for pools.

  • Gree GCF300CKNA Air Purifier
    Gree GCF300CKNA Air Purifier

    The air cleaner Gree is a powerful device with a fan and a set of filters inside the case. Air purifiers are used in rooms, where special hygienic conditions are necessary.

  • Gree GDN24AH-K4EBB2A Dehumidifier
    Gree GDN24AH-K4EBB2A Dehumidifier

    Air dehumidifiers are used to control the level of air humidity. With the Gree GDN24AH-K4EBB2A dehumidifier you will accurately control the humidity, without spending much time.

  • Brat Air Chiller
    Brat Air Chiller

    The Brat air chiller is designed for outdoor installation and is equipped with axial fans, hermetically sealed scroll compressors and the Full Floating system.

  • HumiDisk Humidifiers
    HumiDisk Humidifiers
    Premium Climate

    A compact and durable humiDisk humidifier uses a rotating disc that turns water into millions of tiny droplets that are picked up and sprayed with the built-in fan.

  • Bioprom Exhauster
    Bioprom Exhauster

    The Exhauster H-0160 Exhauster is designed to operate on a 160 mm diameter chimney. The smoke exhaust system is widely used in heating systems for the uninterrupted operation of the boiler and for maintaining the optimum output of flue gases.

  • PM2,5 Air Filter
    PM2,5 Air Filter
    Shining Dynasty

    PM2,5 is an easily recognizable product in many countries of the world. A distinctive feature of the filter is the use of infrared LED technology.

  • KVT Smoke Exhauster
    KVT Smoke Exhauster
    Lika Svit

    KVT Smoke Exhauster is designed to operate on a 160 mm diameter chimney. The smoke exhaust system is widely used in heating systems for the uninterrupted operation of the boiler and for maintaining the optimum output of flue gases.

  • SOU Multi-Cyclone Economizer
    SOU Multi-Cyclone Economizer
    Lika Svit

    SOUs are universal devices for gas cleaning and heat recovery, used to separate dust from gases and air during heat recovery. SOS are used in the following technological processes: drying, burning, burning fuel, etc.

  • SVS-Klima Cassette Air filter
    SVS-Klima Cassette Air filter

    The cassette air filter is made of high quality polyester. The cassette filter features a large area of filter material folded in the form of an accordion. With its small dimensions, the air filter has a high dust capacity.

  • SVS-Klima Steel Chimney
    SVS-Klima Steel Chimney

    Today, many consumers are convinced that a chimney made of 2 mm steel is a reliable choice for removing gases and fumes from heaters such as "fireplace" (cassette or fireplace), from stoves and solid fuel boilers.

  • Filtration
    Fibertex Nonwovens

    Fibertex offers a wide selection of needlepunched and thermally bonded filter media. Many years of experience and manufacturing excellence combined with a wide range of surface treatments enable us to provide our customers with efficient filter media.

  • Air filter
    Air filter

    Used to solve the problem of toxic air pollution. Provides comprehensive air cleaning of all types of pollution simultaneously.

  • Aircleaner HFE
    Aircleaner HFE

    The HFE is a very effective and efficient system for filtering dust particles in industrial buildings.

  • Aircleaner HFC
    Aircleaner HFC

    The HFC is an industrial air cleaner that filters odours and gases mainly through activated carbon filter cylinders with bayonet catch.

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Air conditioning systems allow for energy efficient heating and ventilation whilst also regulating levels of humidity.

Environmental regulations must be adhered to.

Industry standard requirements must be met.

Ventilation systems must provide adequate air flow.

Look for a professional air filters supplier, HVAC air filter manufacturers, and air purifier manufacturers on WorldBuild365 – a product directory designed especially for this purpose.

Air Filters

Filter and protect the environment.

Kitchen air filters can capture tiny particles of fat, so are highly suitable for industrial kitchens. Capacity and power of the units vary according to requirements. An integrated oil reservoir allows for easy oil removal, and the air flow is two-way. Proper commercial kitchen ventilation can reduce running costs alongside providing an improved working environment. Buy from air filters manufacturers listed in our online directory.

Comprehensive air filters from expert housing manufacturers can be used as a solution to toxic air pollution. This unit destroys many types of microorganisms as it cleans major pollutants from air with high concentrations. Low noise levels and non-emittance of pollutants back into the room makes this a safe addition to any environment. The interchangeable elements don’t have to be disposed of in any special way, and the effective life span is up to five years.

Air Purifiers

Remove air contaminants safely.

Air conditioners provide the ideal solution for air conditioning large areas that have high levels of heat. This unit features an anti-dust filter, auto restart function, and a timer program. Cooling comfort will be guaranteed, and a healthier indoor environment created.

Air humidification systems are easy to install and can adapt to various conditions and needs. The power consumption is very low, and the operation is silent. The unit eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi, so is microbiologically safe. It’s completely automatic featuring an anti-scale function. The built-in micro-carbon filter eliminates the need for external filters to remove chlorine.

Smoking cabins are automatically controlled by a motion sensor. The smoke flows down through six different filter stages that remove all the particles and gasses. The fan then pushes clean air upwards to the top outlet. The cabin can cope with cigarette smoking from up to 24 people, and so is the perfect solution for high traffic areas such as airports and train stations. Cabins will need to be professionally installed, maintained, and regularly serviced.


When keeping the workplace healthy is a necessity.

Kitchen aircleaners absorb odors and gasses out of the exhaust system. Grease deposits in air ducts can cause severe cleaning costs, odor nuisance, and increase the risk of fire hazards. Mounting of the aircleaner is easy with a bayonet catch. Filter cylinders are disposable, and the unit has a low pressure drop.

Dental aircleaners effectively eliminate pollutants and mercury vapors, as well as porcelain and ceramic particles, chemical disinfectants, and bacteria and viruses. Easy placement allows cleaning of rooms with a low noise level. The unit has space saving dimensions, and is environmentally friendly with a disposable filter. A simple one-button operation gets it working.

Construction aircleaners are designed specifically for construction and renovation use. The unit is portable and lightweight, and a convenient size. There’s an interior hepa filter, and it cleans effectively with low energy usage. Durability is also a key feature. Get more details regarding a suitable hepa filter housing manufacturer right here on our digital platform.

Smoke aircleaners contain a unique filter system which cleanses the air in three stages. The pre-filter captures any bigger particles of dust, hair and skin, and then the main filter attracts smaller pollutants. Finally the activated carbon filter absorbs any unpleasant odors and smoke from cigarettes or cigars. This unit is especially designed for smaller rooms where smoking takes place occasionally, and would be suitable for whole house air purification.

Air Coolers

Reduce the temperature internally.

Air coolers designed for the oil industry are able to cool and condense vapors, gases, and liquid media used in the production of various other gases. Size, constraints on the specific environmental conditions, and designs are all accommodated to adapt to different configurations of heat exchange sections. Features may include manual or electric blinds, electric motors, and automatic fan blades.