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Did you know that WorldBuild365 is a digital platform for a pipe cutting machine manufacturer, a circular saw supplier, & buying a hot air device wholesale?

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  • Weldplast S2 Hand extruder
    Weldplast S2 Hand extruder

    Leister presents a new extruder for the production of plastic products, has a unique functionality, impeccable reliability and high efficiency (up to 2.5 kg / h) at small sizes.

  • Welding machine MIG 350
    Welding machine MIG 350
    Steel Service Center

    Inverters for MIG welding in CO2 • Latest model with improved professional design, performance and high level of protection. Robust, transparent cover made of organic glass protects the panel from dust, moisture and mechanical damage, making it possible to work in demanding production environments.

  • Welding machine MIG 500
    Welding machine MIG 500
    Steel Service Center

    Inverters for MIG welding in CO2 • Latest model with improved professional design, performance and high level of protection. Robust, transparent cover made of organic glass protects the panel from dust, moisture and mechanical damage, making it possible to work in demanding production environments.

  • Astrum Stinger-1530H metal cutting machine
    Astrum Stinger-1530H metal cutting machine
    Steel Service Center

    ASTRUM STINGER-1530H - model of the console machine CNC oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, has a number of economic and structural advantages, are used in a wide cutting range for cutting thick plates, the operation of high-intensity load, to increase labor returns, as well as to save space requirements .

  • Astrum Hornet-1530N-SE
    Astrum Hornet-1530N-SE
    Steel Service Center

    ASTRUM HORNET-1530N-SE portal machine with CNC oxy-fuel and plasma cutting for cutting steel sheets of small and medium thickness. This machine has a high speed of movement, precision cutting, small dimensions. Portal profile is made of aluminum alloy, is separated from the guide table.

  • Grinding Cups
    Grinding Cups
    Niborit NPF

    Polishing basin "Dolphin"


    PIPE CUTTERS are professional tools, essential for the manual cut of plastic pipes up to Ø 315 mm. The TC 108, T1, TU 75, TU 140, T3 and T4 pipe cutters are made with the very best alloys, and are very manageable and practical to use.

  • Hot air device Hurricane
    Hot air device Hurricane

    Powerful Thermo Hurricane (Hurricane) is equipped with a built-in high-performance supercharged air and smooth electronic temperature control. The irreplaceable assistant in the processes of heating, drying, shrinkage, heat treatment, etc.The device is designed for the continuous operation, it can be easily integrated into the process of equipment.

  • Alpha-Plasma Robotic Complex
    Alpha-Plasma Robotic Complex

    These complex has beeb created to solve the problem of plasma cutting of a metal profile. The maximum size of a beam is 12000x1000x500 mm, the maximum thickness of metal the 6-25 mm.

  • HTS Polishing Head
    HTS Polishing Head

    Polishing/Calibratin heads with multipurpose attachment for all kinds and models of multi-head and single-head polishing machines. They are bought not only by end users but by lots of machine manufacturers all over the world as well.

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The success of any construction or repair project is down to the professional hardware that's used.

Specialist building tools are the backbone of the task.

High-precision pipe cutting machines from reputable manufacturers will produce great results.

Affordable machines from circular saw suppliers guarantee efficient outcomes.

WorldBuild365 is a business platform for plastic tray suppliers, purchasing a hot air device wholesale, and all of the following:

Power Tools

Achieve that professional finish.

Caulking guns from reputable manufacturers are competitively priced, high quality, and long lasting. They’re perfect for when sealant or adhesives require a gun. This tool holds a tube or cartridge that’s filled with the appropriate material, and will regulate how much caulk is released at one time. It’s also easy to operate and make the caulk come out precisely in the right place.

Pipe cutters are professional tools essential for the manual cutting of pipes. They can be fitted with various special blades with appropriate penetration capacities and cutting heights for different materials. Plastic tubing cutters can be used on thin pipes, and sharp wheels and adjustable jaws feature on thicker pipers. Pipe cutting machines from trusted manufacturers are used by a wide range of tradespeople.

Circular saws can be used with a variety of woods. The blades cut different materials with a rotary spinning motion and are specially designed for each intended resource. The right saw blade is a key part of a successful woodworking project. Universal circular saws from suppliers offer adjustable depth cuts and rotation speeds.

Sander polishers have speed controls, soft starting, and overload protection. They’re well balanced for extended use, and are great for rapid shaping, sanding, and final polishing. These multi-purpose machines are suitable for both repairs and preparation work.

Welding machines have high performance levels. They are designed to be robust and protected from dust, moisture, and mechanical damage, and so can work in many production environments. Suitable for welding of metals as they have a low spatter, and high quality penetration, these machines may be adjustable to meet different requirements. Dynamic characteristics ensure beautiful shapes and highly efficiency welding.

High Temperature Equipment

When the heat is on.

Hot air devices purchased wholesale are equipped with built-in high performance supercharged air and electronic temperature controls. The device is designed for the continuous operation of heating, drying, and shrinkage of plastic products. It can also be used for removing old paint and varnish, drying product surfaces, and welding membranes.

Multi-function lamps are blowlamps that are easy to use and ergonomic. Using butane gas in an attached canister, the flame control will allow you to ignite the lamp. The flame will adjust to allow heating of specific areas. All lamps come with a two year guarantee.

Gas forge furnaces can be operated with butane or propane gas, enabling you to heat up your work piece ends and forge them with an embossing tool. A gas forge furnace can heat many small bars at once, and is easy to operate without much training or experience. Operating instructions and spare parts lists are provided.


Pay attention to small details.

Professional brushes are a basic requirement for every painter and craftsman. This range offers solutions to all different performance needs, with combinations of high quality raw materials sourced world-wide. Flat brushes with synthetic filament heads are developed for interior and exterior work, giving a superior finish without marking. Floor varnish brushes are suitable for floors, indoor ceilings and paneling.

Plastic trays made in two standard sizes are ideal for dipping of paint rollers and brushes for painting. Paint can be poured into the tray; the roller or brush dipped into the paint, and any excess wiped off, before painting begins. Advantages of plastic trays include durability, versatility, easy of cleansing, and of course, they’re safe!