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    Complete equipment for field measuring of leakage in duct systems, e.g. for handing over measuring according to EN 12599. Also for serial testing of production or in laboratories directly connected via USB.

Getting a radiation detector wholesale has never been easier – WorldBuild365’s directory is full of specialist measuring tools suppliers, electric drill suppliers, as well as measuring instruments manufacturers, and precision measuring instruments manufacturers. These experts know the importance of items which are...

Able to make precision readings.

Suitable for wide ranging applications.

Durable, and which feature long lasting batteries.

Customers can find more details about these units below:

Measuring Systems, Meters, and Detectors


Ventilation leakage measuring systems suitable for both small and large size residential duct systems. The main device comes in a plastic trunk and the accessories in an aluminum one. This makes these products easy to both transport and store. They can be easily handled and have an automatic measuring cycle. What’s more, the units provided by the measurement equipment suppliers on this site install a detailed user guide into the system, as well as a micro printer. Further management of this system type can be carried out via a supplied PC program.

Digital handheld dose rate meters designed for a wide range of applications, including detecting abnormal radiation levels. These items are perfectly suited for use in field conditions, and their batteries can be expected to last for up to one year. In addition, the various radiation detector suppliers and manufacturers on WorldBuild365 will deliver different types of radiation detectors wholesale. These units will be compact, lightweight, waterproof, and easy to use.

Sets of measuring tools, including highly durable turnout calipers, levels with magnets, and much more. These sets are provided by experienced professional manufacturers, and can be supplied in large quantities.

Voltage detectors used to check for live voltages on various AC switches and outlets. They’re very easy to use, durable, incredibly accurate, and will last for a long period of time.

Electric drills are compact, very powerful, and have a capacity of up to 650 watts. They can be used to drill through concrete up to 15mm thick, steel up to 13mm thick, and wood up to 30mm thick.

Other items in this online directory you might also be looking for include standard duct measuring systems, standard measuring tools, precision voltage detectors, strong electric drills, small electric drills, and large electric drills.

Thermometers and Pyrometers


Infrared thermometers produced by various precision measuring instrument suppliers who know the importance of reliability, compactness, and ease of use. They’re suitable for a host of different applications.

Infrared pyrometers come in a wide range of models. They offer unmatched versatility – it doesn’t matter whether it's a two-color ratio, or one-color spectral range that’s required. The features of these devices include accurate through-lens sighting, laser target markers, analogue input, a digital interface, USB slots, and more. And the test and measuring instruments manufacturers who make these units will guarantee that they’re strong and wear-resistant.

Similar items to these cover standard thermometers, precision thermometers, large thermometers, small thermometers, and standard infrared thermometers.


The measuring instruments suppliers featured in this online directory can provide quality items such as:

Laser levels have a warranty of up to 24 months and feature a special laser lock mode for marking angles. Laser level suppliers and manufacturers will deliver items that can be powered simply by four AA batteries.

Tri-levels are modern and innovative. They have a stable high profile design that can be easily checked and aligned – these items can be provided by the majority of the measuring tools manufacturers listed on this site.

Users searching for these particular products may also be interested in items such as standard levels, large levels, small levels, precision levels, levels for construction work, and brick levels.