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A new generation drill bits specially designed for applications that require work with brickwork and concrete. Find also Hand force pumps, Sets of screwdrivers, Wrenches and more.
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Reputable Hand Tools Distributors and Wholesalers

Specialist wholesale hand tools suppliers, drill bits suppliers, and other professionals sign themselves up to WorldBuild365 to provide wide ranging industrial tooling and supply. There's a huge variety of hand tool manufacturers list in this website’s massive directory. These tools distributors and wholesalers can supply items that are...

Produced with care, and using quality materials such as high-grade carbides.

Designed to last despite continued use in construction environments.

Made to be resistant to many different types of chemicals and other elements.

Users who need more information should look below:

Drill and Screwdriver Bits

Professionals can provide:

A new generation drill bits specially designed for applications that require work with brickwork and concrete. The manufacturing of these specific drill bits involves high-grade carbide being applied to the tips. This provides them with longer life spans, as well as smooth and round holes. Note: specialists can sell these robust drill bits wholesale.

Rock drill bits suitable for use in several different types of construction project. They’re high-powered, durable, and will work on many different types of rocks – the rock drill bits manufacturers featured in this directory know the importance of reliability when it comes to the products they sell.

Slotted drills made for use on iron and concrete. They can be used both with and without cooling. However, if they are used in conjunction with cooling procedures their penetration attributes will be increased, and they’ll have a longer life span.

Screwdriver bits of many types and models. The majority of which come packaged in a special box that’s been specially designed to contain them and keep them safe.

Similar items that can be found in this online directory include standard drill bits, large drill bits, small drill bits, robust drills, rock drills, concrete drills, standard screwdriver bits, and large screwdriver bits.

Pumps, Handles, Wrenches, Cutters, and More

The experts you'll find in the WorldBuild365 directory can produce:

Hand force pumps can be used to eliminate blockages in sinks and showers. These devices will clean pipes with pressurized water – they work essentially the same as air pumps, are compact and efficient, and come with two adapters. These units are all produced by a skilled hand pump manufacturer, and provided by several qualified hand pump suppliers.

Sets of screwdrivers consisting of products with various core lengths and tip sizes. The smallest has a length of less than 80mm, while the longest has a length of 370mm. Therefore these sets will facilitate the completion of all types of tasks that require screwdrivers.

Wrenches designed for loosening and tightening nuts, bolts, couplings, and other components. There are many different types available on this site – mini-impact wrenches, heavy-duty wrenches, gas-pipe wrenches, and so on.

Cable cutters ideal for cutting copper and aluminum cables and wires. They have crescent shaped blades made of hardened steel.

Pliers have high torque and are very tough. These specific pliers are made of chrome-vanadium steel.

Furniture handles made by a recommended furniture handle manufacturer and delivered by many excellent furniture handle suppliers. These handles are robust and can be used on many different types of furniture.

Customers looking for these items may also be in the market for other comparable items. This list encompasses large handsaws, strong cutters, standard cable cutters, large cutters, high-end wrenches, robust wrenches, durable pliers, large pliers, standard pliers, standard hand pumps, and quality furniture handles.


The expert brush suppliers on this site can offer:

Steel wire brushes,which can be used for grinding and polishing all types of stone, and other surfaces.

Bristle brushes made of a special mixture of bristles, mako-film, high-density wood handles, and brass plated bezel. This unique combination of artificial and natural elements is perfect for the consistency of modern oils and varnishes – the brush suppliers in this directory can fulfill large wholesale orders.

Paint rollers, tape measures, mounting tools, standard brushes, paint brushes, high-end paint brushes, and quality paint brushes.