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Garden equipment suppliers can be found in the vast catalogue of specialist products that is WorldBuild365! Wholesale orders can be fulfilled on request.

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  • Hoses Gamrat
    Hoses Gamrat

    grey walls made of soft PVC, white spiral made of hard PVC, smooth internal surface.

  • Garden Tool Ryobi RHT2660R
    Garden Tool Ryobi RHT2660R
    Tekhnosistema MR

    Blade length of 600 mm made by laser cutting technology and hardening of knives from high-alloy steels with subsequent diamond ground

  • Truper Bent Rake
    Truper Bent Rake

    The bent rake is a universal, indispensable tool for garden works. The rake is produced by the famous brand "Truper" (Latin America).

Water hose manufacturers, in addition to garden equipment manufacturers and suppliers, can provide many different types of outdoor garden supplies and wholesale garden products. These items are all listed on WorldBuild365, and are...

Made of high-end materials such as reinforced plastic.

Constructed for a wide range of applications, including everything from carrying green waste to cutting back plants.

Built to last for many years.

If you require further details regarding these products, look below:

Shovels, Wheelbarrows, Rakes, and Shears

Garden equipment suppliers can help you when you require:

Robust shovels, developed and produced by experienced and highly recommended shovel manufacturers – they’re constructed using a unique stainless steel rail technology. These units will be covered by long time warranties that will last for up to ten years.

Reinforced plastic rake fans are more durable than standard models. The plastic teeth on these fans are perfect for a wide range of different gardening chores, and are 2mm thick. What’s more, the lawn and garden wholesale distributors featured in this all-inclusive online directory will ensure that every single rake fold will be strong enough and resistant enough to last for a long period of time.

Strong wheelbarrows, usable for many daily tasks. These aren’t limited to gardening chores such as transporting green waste - in fact, they're perfectly suitable for carrying construction materials as well. To find out which resources can be transported in the specific units they purchase, customers should contact their particular wheelbarrow manufacturer.

Heavy-duty shears, strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs which are up to and over two centimeters thick. These shears can be used not only for basic gardening needs, but also in farming, flower arranging tasks, arboriculture, and so on.

Other products in this online directory with comparable attributes to these items include standard shovels, standard rakes, large rakes, large wheelbarrows, small wheelbarrows, heavy-duty wheelbarrows, standard garden shears, regular garden shears, and powerful garden shears.

Full Tool Sets

The following gardening tools and supplies can all be delivered in large orders:

Full garden tool sets, including a comprehensive array of industry standard equipment. This covers heavy-duty shears, gardening shovels, ratchets, weeding knives, durable and comfortable gloves, pruning shears, self-storage cases, and many other items. Note: the professionals you'll find here on WorldBuild365 can sell these landscaping tools wholesale.

Similar products to those above that are also on WorldBuild365 include: standard garden tool sets, sets for aspiring gardeners, garden tools, and expert garden tools.

Watering, Irrigation, and Garden Vacuum Hoses

The subsequent products are available from flexible hose pipe suppliers and other experts:

Short reach watering hoses are durable, long-lasting, and will be packaged securely in order to prevent damage.

Medium reach watering hoses are perfect for users who need their hoses to go a little further. For example, when wanting to hose something outside of their garden’s gate.

Long reach watering hoses can be used for almost any purpose. Despite their long length they’ll still be able to convey water quickly and effectively. In addition, the lawn and garden equipment manufacturers featured in this directory have ensured that the tubing on these hoses are particularly flexible to compensate for their size.

Garden vacuum hoses consisting of grey hose walls made of a combination of soft yet durable PVC and hard PVC. They can be used for removing dust and fumes in a variety of environments and aren’t restricted to backyards. And garden wholesale suppliers can fulfill large orders of these items.

Customers searching for these items might also be looking for standard watering hoses, small watering hoses, large watering hoses, powerful watering hoses, and garden vacuum cleaners.