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Trusted screw suppliers are featured in Worldbuild365’s product directory, as well as stainless steel fasteners manufacturers and many more.

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  • Pipe clamp
    Pipe clamp
    NTG Plastik

    Pipe clamp NTG Plastik Rerounding and restraint during welding Suitable use in narrow trenches Suit any pipe and fittings configuration Robust lightweght base

  • Clamps BIS starQuick
    Clamps BIS starQuick

    Clamps BIS starQuick® guarantee fast and reliable fastening of the pipe. Clamp closed when the tube is pushed into it. BIS starQuick® system is suitable for fixing all types of pipes with diameter 10 - 65 mm. A wide range of elements makes the system versatile and allows to use it in many installation problems.

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All construction and repair projects rely on the correct hardware and tools.

Professional furniture fittings suppliers will have a wide range of necessary accessories.

Basic, good quality screws and bolts can be bought wholesale.

Trusted screw suppliers are featured in Worldbuild365’s product directory, as well as stainless steel fasteners manufacturers, and more...

Screws and Bolts

When price and value is important

Anti-corrosion screws made of stainless steel have great strength and are also reasonably inexpensive. They have an excellent life cycle, and are environmentally friendly too. They’re resistant to extremes in weather, and so are equally suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Self-tapping and sharp screw types are available - see our online directory for suppliers.

Hexagon screws and bolts are galvanized for corrosion protection, making them an ideal choice for use in the building industry. The six-sided head is easily worked with everyday tools, where speed and versatility is vital.

Dowel screws for roofing can be used to fasten thermal insulation boards, and fix layers of heating and waterproofing to the roof. Wall dowels complete with cuffs, studs, and jaws provide a strong, serviceable joint which can’t slip.

Double expansion bolts are used for mounting heavy constructions in concrete, brick, and natural stone. Due to two expansion sleeves, reliable assembly is achieved. Each type of expansion anchor has unique features and benefits.


For small repair jobs to major construction work

Building fasteners are available in over 2000 designs including anchors, screws, and dowels. Special fasteners cover bits, rods, and rivets, as well as sandwich panels for windows, and rigging ropes and chains. All goods are certified.

Connect fasteners designed for bonding parts of machinery and plants are strong couplings between the fastener and the basis.

Façade fasteners are stainless steel rivets that are used to connect inserts with brackets, mounting rails to insets, and to anchor façade brackets. Anchor fixings are corrosion resistant. A variety of fasteners can be supplied by manufacturers for installation in concrete – opt for metal screws and dowels, and bolts for greater load bearing capacity.

Stainless steel fasteners from manufacturers are resistant to corrosion and staining, scratching, and tarnishing. They're able to cope with extremes of temperature, and have a very high strength capacity. Proper design guarantees long term savings, and good finishes perform and look better. Minimal maintenance is required, and they have a prolonged life span.


Suitable for the home and workplace.

Glass partition fittings are made from high quality steels and special alloys, making them a safe choice for office partitions.

Hinges are available in a wide selection, all made from high quality materials. Choose from brass or steel depending on usage, lightweight and small box construction, or cabinet and flush types. See the complete range in the online directory here at WorldBuild365 for more details.

Aluminum corners are used in all types of environments, from home to office, in exhibition halls, and more. These aluminum corners are produced with a thin protective film covering that enhances the finished look. Furniture fittings suppliers will recommend them for use in many pieces of furniture, including wardrobes.