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Many top masking tape suppliers have taken the time to sign up to WorldBuild365. They list their high-end products so customers can find them easily.

Purchasing Paint Rollers Wholesale

  • Professional Brush
    Professional Brush

    Brushes are an inevitable tool for every painter and craftsman who works with colors and paints. In order to satisfy all the needs of the masters, Beorol products brushes of different performance requirements. We have developed a system of using and combining the highest quality of raw materials from around the world.

  • Paint roller HOBBY
    Paint roller HOBBY

    Best selling paint roller with winning combination of price and quality. olyester belongs to the polymers group and due to its characteristics (strength, resistance to expansion and contraction, chemical resistance, fast drying, tough and resilient when wet, wrinkle resistant, mildew resistant, abrasion resistant, easily washable) is the material that guarantees excellent results.

  • Flat Brush Platinum
    Flat Brush Platinum

    Anza Flat Brush Platinum for painting doors and wooden surfaces, durable and give excellent coverage.

  • Platinum Roller Set
    Platinum Roller Set

    Anza Platinum Roller Set consists of tray, frame and roller for super-smooth surfaces. The best option for those who are keen on the perfect coating structure.

  • Elite Angled Distemper Brush
    Elite Angled Distemper Brush

    Produced by Anza, Elite Angled Distemper Brush for beginners who want to achieve good painting results.

  • Technical Drawing Pens
    Technical Drawing Pens
    Faber - Castell International Indonesia

    It’s child’s play to complete and refine a lead pencil sketch with the precise, reliable and easy-to-use Faber-Castell drawing pens which are equipped with stainless steel tips. Archiving drawings and sketches over a longer period of time is unproblematic due to the light-fastness of the water-soluble, document-proof inks.

  • Basic Roller Set
    Basic Roller Set

    All that you need for high-quality paint is in one set: tray, frame and roller for medium smooth surfaces.

  • Roller Nature 70 Padded
    Roller Nature 70 Padded

    Roller Nature 70 Padded for facades and exterior surfaces. A lasting coating with a diameter of 70 mm ensures maximum performance and protect against splashes.

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The various highly regarded masking tape manufacturers and floor brush manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 sell all kinds of painting and decorating products, including masking tape and paint rollers, wholesale. But these aren’t the only items they can provide. All their decorating and preparation tools are, where required…

Strongly adhesive, enabling wallpaper and similar products to last for a long period of time.

Made to wide ranging lengths and thicknesses so that customers can get as much coverage as they require.

Durable and resistant to various chemicals.

Further information can be seen here:


This section covers:

Varnish brushes that can be used for painting floors, indoor ceilings, and paneling. The synthetic filaments of these brushes are of the highest quality and, as a result, they’re regularly used by professional painters. These products are durable and can absorb a lot of paint while still perfectly covering the surface.

Artist brushes are ideal for oil painting, watercolor painting, and various other crafts. Depending on specific user requirements, these brushes can come in one of more than six different sizes. They’re also very thin and microporous, and feature fine synthetic threads.

Pressed round brushes that have been designed for use with acrylic latex paint. They have wooden handles, are cost-effective, and contain a mixture of synthetic fibers and pure bristles in order to give the best results.

Floor brushes consist of beech pads and wear-resistant fibers suitable for factories and construction sites. Note: the floor brush manufacturers on this site only provide products that are highly durable and resistant.

Ceiling brushes that are beech blocks with removable plastic handles. They’re ideal for applying wallpaper, adhesives, and primers. Extension cords come included with the majority of the ceiling brushes featured on WorldBuild365.

Other items available in this directory similar to the ones described above include standard brushes, quality floor brushes, high-end ceiling brushes, acrylic brushes, artistic brushes, brushes for painters, bristle brushes, and paint sets.


This heading includes:

Standard rollers have many desirable attributes, including high strength, resistance to expansion and contraction, fast drying periods, and toughness, as well as resilience to wrinkles, mildew, and abrasion. What’s more, the material can be washed easily, and the suppliers on this site can sell these paint rollers wholesale.

Flocked rollers have been finished with solvent-based enamels, making them ideal for wet work. In addition, these products have rounded ends to prevent them from making marks, and they’re made out of 100% flocked foam.

Latex paint rollers have been designed to apply acrylic latex paint to rough and uneven surfaces. They offer a good quality finish and good covering power.

Padded rollers, which are perfect for facades and other exterior surfaces. The rollers have a diameter of 70mm, which will ensure excellent coverage as well as protection against splashing. The material these products are made of – this includes an internal polyurethane foam for better application to uneven surfaces – are very strong and will last for a long period of time.

Comparable products that you may also need include basic roller sets, handles for paint rollers, XL paint rollers, small paint rollers, high quality paint rollers, paint rollers for acrylic paints, paint roller sets, platinum rollers, and bicolor rollers.

Additional Products

This heading includes various products and companies, including those that sell masking tape wholesale:

Durable masking tape can be used for many different kinds of internal decorating tasks. The masking tape suppliers featured in this online directory will offer products that are highly resistant, and which offer strong adhesion.

Wireless paint sprayers that operate using batteries, and which offer complete compatibility with most solvents. Most suppliers will provide these paint sprayers wholesale.

Other products similar to these and also listed on WorldBuild365 comprise adhesive spreaders, and spatulas for wallpaper coating.