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Source Hardwood Flooring Suppliers

  • Old Venice Flooring
    Old Venice Flooring

    Old Venice Flooring called in honor of Venice is painted in deep dark brown color. It is created to be combined with period furniture, creating the atmosphere of respectability and distinguished luxury.

  • Grey Cashmere Flooring
    Grey Cashmere Flooring

    Keeping the beautiful natural drawing of wood of an oak, Grey Cashmere color favourably emphasizes nobility of gray color in combination with textural streaks of beige.

  • Parquet Varnish
    Parquet Varnish

    Transparent, two component, polyurethane varnish, for the coating and the protection of wooden floors. It is a product of excellent quality and endurance. Creates a strong but very flexible film with excellent chemical and mechanical properties.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Portland
    Solid wood flooring Oak Portland
    Ashton Rus

    Warm brown palette and easy Board design Portland, or highlight the natural wood floor. This design makes the house cozy and comfortable, giving rise to feelings of security, inner peace and relaxation.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Reykjavik
    Solid wood flooring Oak Reykjavik
    Ashton Rus

    The decor is a brushed oak with tinted grayish color and with a light white patina, as if the Board is covered with ashes. Noble restraint of the decor itself is very attractive and tells him the beauty and unique style.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Marseille
    Solid wood flooring Oak Marseille
    Ashton Rus

    Decor Marseille created specifically for the interior in the style of Provence. Beige tinted decor with a pinkish tinge, slight brushed and barely noticeable white patina – decor in pastel colors prevail. The decor reflects the aesthetics of style – simplicity and naturalness.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Valencia
    Solid wood flooring Oak Valencia
    Ashton Rus

    Decor Valencia is the perfect solution for finishing in a Mediterranean style. Deep brushed, tinted with a slight olive shade, white patina – all the colors are very saturated. The decor is bright character!

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Select
    Solid wood flooring Oak Select
    Ashton Rus

    Classic, simple pattern texture wood, indisputable strength and durability of this material make it an ideal choice for those who are building for the long haul and not after the fashion.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Montreux
    Solid wood flooring Oak Montreux
    Ashton Rus

    Montreux – the pearl of the Swiss Alps, the town where rest the soul. Scenic slopes of fairy-tale beauty of the lake and immersed in the greenery Lavrov Chalet. The Chalet-style has recently become very popular, because its atmosphere is always alive, real. Slightly stained oak, preserving the natural structure, surface is brushed with deep and black patina here could not be more out of place.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Anchorage
    Solid wood flooring Oak Anchorage
    Ashton Rus

    Anchorage, AK – Alaska, called the "city of light" in winter and "city of flowers in the summer. It is such a diverse established Oak anchorage ASHTON. Oak boards covered with white oil with a slightly cold tone, as if a veil covers so alive and natural wood pattern. Oak anchorage for those who do not tolerate the banality who for modern interiors chooses traditional materials with a new sound.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Sparta
    Solid wood flooring Oak Sparta
    Ashton Rus

    One of the main differences in Greek style in the interior – natural. This style is alien to Paphos and luxury. And Oak Sparta ASHTON – oak Board surface is brushed with a light, barely noticeable white patina finish with oil – absolute purity of taste. This decor is ideal for rational natures who appreciate the simplicity and strive for inner harmony.

  • Solid wood flooring Ash Bremen
    Solid wood flooring Ash Bremen
    Ashton Rus

    Decor Bremen reflects a cozy and warm is an old German town. Ash-toned, deeply Bashirova and intentionally made in a selection of ABC that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.

  • Solid wood flooring Oak Venice
    Solid wood flooring Oak Venice
    Ashton Rus

    Decor Venice made in the style of antique oak. Board stained stained oak. Easy stitching and silver patina give a bizarre combination that looks very elegant and original.

  • French oak Classic DIVA 184
    French oak Classic DIVA 184

    For the ultimate designer look. Use these long and beautiful French oak strips in combination with a variety of light sources, to create a thoroughly elegant floated finish.

  • US walnut satin ORFÉO 139
    US walnut satin ORFÉO 139

    Classic, elegant lines and a warm colour that catches the eye but isn’t too flashy: a convivial living space combining beauty with function, the perfect place to solve the world’s problems over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. And remember, the combination of a dark floor with white walls and ceiling also makes the room look significantly bigger.

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